Biohacking with Baths

Biohacking with Baths

2 week Biohacking Baths program it is a time to Reset and Renourish. 

Wouldn't you love some tools on how to make your relaxation time the most efficient time. I know it sounds a little like an oxymoron relaxation and efficient.. But with this program you will learn to access what you are feeling in the body and what you want to shift - then you will build the tools to take appropriate action and you can do all of this while relaxing - Yay!

 I refer to this program lovingly as - The Bath that Changed my Life. At the height of my Auto Immune issues I felt like everything was hard and took discipline - these baths made it so that I could support myself in a way that felt fun, easy and accessible and that was exactly what I needed!

Included in the program:

💜 a one on one consultation with me to determine the optimal product type for you along with body and face reading session.

💜 learn about water - what water temperature helps to create what effects

💜 how to body brush - moving the internal water (lymph) system

💜receive your 14 day supply of customized product

💜Practices - Grow your own self knowledge and learn how best to support your innate constitution.

💜 Facebook Group and Bath training course

It's important that you can commit 30-60 minutes daily to taking the baths and doing the work. I promise it will be time well spent.

Cost $250.00 (includes $150.00 in product and shipping - there are no additional costs.)

send me an email today if you still have questions!

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It's the best course ever

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How can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Don't miss out
this is an amazing way to press that reset button you have been hoping for!