Becoming a Better Wife

Is your marriage hard right now? 

Are you and your husband experiencing a growing rift?

Are you tired of the arguing?

Do you feel hurt, disappointed, alone, forgotten?

Are you frustrated that nothing seems to change? Trapped in a rut, wanting more for your marriage? 

Or maybe, you are looking for a way to encourage your walk as a Christian wife. Maybe bring a little more purpose or spark back into your marriage.

Hello, I'm Kaylene. I've been in those pits of discouragement. Exhausted from the demands of trying to be what a good wife looked like, but never seeming to get anywhere. 

This study was born during one of those times. I decided to make it my mission to find out what God's heart is toward a woman's role in marriage. 

And, girlfriend, let me tell you, I was surprised. 

I was surprised at the beauty, the tenderness, the thoughtfulness, the design and the potential of everything He made a woman to be.




Do you believe all that? Would you like to understand more about God's plan for marriage and your role as a wife?

I don't know what brought you here, so I'll be very honest. This 7-session study will not save your marriage. It will, however, transform the way you think about and do womanhood. 

It is loaded with wisdom, designed to encourage, equip and strengthen your mission to be a godly wife.

The 7-Session "Becoming a Better Wife" study will encourage you, no matter what state your marriage is in!

What to expect from the 7-Session "Becoming a Better Wife" course:

  • 3-4 minutes of daily reading material, followed by a
  • Daily "Action Plan",
  • Printable "Going Deeper" study, which includes 45 pages of in-depth study, 
  • Scripture writing prompts
  • Journaling prompts,
  • Prayer prompts,
  • Fill in the blanks,
  • Prayers for your husband, and
  • an optional fasting challenge

Each session's reading material and study should take only 15-20 minutes. 

There are no live classes to attend. You have access to all the material upon enrollment, enabling you to go through the course at your own pace.

To get the most out of this study, I encourage you to take it one lesson at a time. Complete each lesson before moving on to the next.

The 7-Session "Becoming a Better Wife" study will shed new light on God's design for womanhood.

How long will I have access to the course?

Always. you will be able to re-access all the material here, during and after finishing the course.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. I am confident that you will be encouraged in your walk as a wife. However, in the event that you find no value in this course, I am offering a 14 day money back guarantee. To receive a full refund you must provide proof of completion of all assignments.

When can I start the lessons?

As soon as you enroll. This is a self paced course, enabling you to take as much time as needed to complete each lesson. No rush! Just learning!

May non-Christian wives participate?

Absolutely! There are no restrictions on who may join. This course is written from a biblical perspective, so there is a liberal peppering of Bible verses. You will need a Bible to fill in many of the study prompts.

I'm ready to do this!