Beautiful Baubles

Sew a set of festive baubles

Beautiful Baubles will be open in November 2021. 

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Join me to learn how to sew a set of unique and beautiful machine-embroidered, beaded baubles to decorate your own tree - and perfect to give as a gift this holiday season. 

You'll learn an easy way to make a richly embellished embroidery using your sewing machine, fabric and lace scraps, snippets, threads, sequins and beads.

You'll also learn how to create an embroidered ribbon for your baubles from just some yarn, embroidery thread and your sewing machine.

I'll show you how to finish your baubles with a beaded edge, and if you make a teardrop bauble, why not add a beaded tassel for a touch of bling? I'll show you how to make three different tassels*. 


For experienced machine embroiderers, I'm offering the chance to purchase my Beaded Tassel Masterclass when you sign up for Beautiful Baubles. You need to be confident with free motion embroidery for these lessons, with excellent control of your sewing machine! 

Please make sure you read the FAQ "How proficient do I need to be" before signing up. 

I may offer the Masterclass as a separate mini course at a later date, but for now, this is the only place to access these lessons. 


These baubles are not toys. 

The baubles and the tassels have small bead components, so very small children should NOT be allowed to play with them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Beautiful Baubles be open again?

November 2021. Make sure you've signed up to my newsletter to find out when the doors are open next.

How do I sign up to the Masterclass?

When you click "enroll now" there's an option to add it at checkout. There's another chance to sign up later once you have started the main course, if you want to see how you get on with the baubles first.

What do I need?

You'll need: a colour scheme, a base fabric (dress cotton is ideal), a matching piece of acrylic felt, stitch'n'tear, fabric strips and snippets, narrow ribbons and trims e.g. ric-rac, machine embroidery threads including metallic, a size 90/14 topstitch machine needle, thicker threads and yarns including sparkly novelty yarns, size 8 perlé cotton, size 7 crewel needle, rocailles beads size 9/0, a few bigger beads, quilting clips, toy stuffing, and of course your sewing machine - including a free motion embroidery foot.

How long do I have access to the course?

Approximately four months - make some for this year, and get ahead for next year?! I'll be available to answer questions and to help you until a few days before Christmas (I need to decorate my own tree!)

Can I sell my baubles?

No! But you may give them as gifts.

You may use the techniques in the optional Tassel Masterclass in your own work, but you may not sell or teach the instructions.

Will there be a Facebook group for this course?

Yes! And at the end of the course when it's archived, you can join my private alumni group.

How proficient do I need to be to be able to take the Beaded Tassel Masterclass?

You need to be very confident with free motion embroidery - there is no tuition in the extra lessons on how to set up your sewing machine for this.

It will also help massively if you are able to take one stitch at a time with your sewing machine i.e. one quick press on the foot pedal = one stitch. If your machine always stitches two or three stitches, you may find it trickier - we will be stitching very precisely. You may be able to get around this by using the flywheel to take one stitch at a time, but this doesn't always work as well. Please be aware of this if you decide to join the class.

IMPORTANT: you must also be happy to stitch without an embroidery presser foot, to stitch very close to beads, and be prepared to accept the risk of stitching like this. I cannot stress strongly enough, you stitch without a presser foot and near/into beads at YOUR OWN RISK. If you are not happy with this, then please do not sign up for the extra lessons! That said, if you follow ALL my advice and safety precautions, and do exactly as I say, then it's highly unlikely that you will encounter problems. But it's your choice.

Are the classes weekly or can I have instant access to all the lessons?

The first few lessons are available immediately on enrolment, to enable you to gather your materials. All the other course material is available from the first official day of the course.

It is self-paced; you can complete it when you have the time. You could finish a set of baubles in a couple of days!

Just remember that the course material is only available for four months, so make sure you watch everything before the end and download any PDFs you want to keep.

Can I share content, videos or PDFs from the lessons?

As I am sure that you will appreciate it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare online courses. Please do not share any of the content. All the information is for the sole use of the individual subscriber and not to be used in any form without written agreement from Isobel Moore. This includes direct teaching to others. I am happy for you to share your work on social media so long as you tag/give me a mention.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Click my name at the top or bottom of this page to email me.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

I'm sorry but once you are enrolled I can't offer any refunds, but if you are really unhappy please contact me as soon as possible.

Why can't I have access to the course indefinitely?

While the videos may be pre-recorded, I am at the end of an email and available throughout the course to advise and comment on your work right up until a few days before Christmas. I check in several times a day, to reply to everyone's comments individually and promptly. I try my hardest to make sure nobody is left hanging waiting for a response. The course materials will be available for four months in total, so you will still have a couple of months access after the interactive element of the course has finished. This is ample time to make many, many baubles and tassels!

A little bit about me

Hello! I'm Izzy Moore and I've been teaching machine embroidery for over ten years. I love teaching people how to make beautiful things with their sewing machines, and to help open the door to the magical world of machine embroidery.  

I love colour and pattern, and I'm a real magpie - I save the tiniest scraps, and love beads and sequins. These festive baubles combine all my favourite things and some of my favourite embroidery techniques!

This is my second online course - there will be more. To find out more about me and to sign up to my newsletter please visit my website here