Asthma Education for the Community Health Worker

This is a free program that includes five separate teaching modules as well as comprehensive evaluation.  Each module contains instructional content and interactive learning activities to reinforce the learning objectives.  This course has been adapted to be on-line so the interactive experience includes videos and downloadable materials.  

The first 25 participants in 2020 will receive a manual with enrollment.

There are downloadable documents available in most modules to assist you when you are teaching asthma skills to your clients.

Special Instructions

To receive a certificate of completion you must do the pretest and posttest in each module.  This helps us know if we presented the material in a clear manner and it is also is letting you know how well you have understood the modules.

Each module is between 30-45 minutes long.  You can watch it multiple times before the posttest or any time as a refresher.

For each module you will have resources to download to share with your clients at no cost.

You will also have an opportunity to provide us with feedback so we can make improvements.

Table of Contents

Lessons - Asthma Education
Introduction to this Program
Module 1: The Scope of Asthma
Module 2: Triggers and Environmental Control
Module 2A: Supplemental Lesson
Module 3: Medications
Module 4: Medication Delivery Devices
Module 5: Assessment and Monitoring
Module 6: FAQ
What's Next?

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