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This is a one off mini course with 3 videos!  All on one page.  

Here you will quickly feel confident about drawing animal eyes which are the focal point of any animal face. Using pencil, pen, sharpie, watercolour pencils, AND watercolour palettes, you will experiment and create and choose what you like best. These are for artists aged 5 or 6+ through to adults. Fun for the whole family, honestly!

Naturally each artist will work to their ability and desire to take what they like from each lesson. Try what I show you, and then put your own spin on my lessons if you like. 

You will feel so empowered to try any kind of animal face by the time you get to the last lesson!

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You will need pencil, pen, vivid, paper, water colour pencils and if you can get water colour pallettes, grab those too. 

There are 3 videos included: 

1. Looking at real animal eyes     2. Drawing animal eyes      3. Creating an animal face.

Just get this freebie and take your time with it, and then feel free to grab the whole course on 

Animal Faces 

and get more bang for your buck.

Animal Eyes x 3 lessons
Looking at Animal Eyes, Try Drawing Some, Then Create a Whole Face
Free download PDF - Cat sketching

What do I need to create my art at home?

A sketchbook or paper, regular pencil, regular ball point black pen. Most of my lessons in the Animal Faces package include using water colour pencils or water colour palettes. The inexpensive but good kind. Alternatively you can add colour with whatever you have at home.

What age are your lessons for?

All ages. It really depends on the artist. Since these lessons encourage you to try new techniques, and make your own choices in how you want your art to look, you can adapt them to any age and ability. You can come back to them again and again.

How long do I have access to your video lessons in this course, Kim?

Lifetime! Just sign up with your email address and password. You will get an email notification from Course craft confirming your enrolment.

Will you add more lessons to the course?

I often do add in more lessons to the courses that I have created. You will be notified by Course craft by email so keep an eye out.

How do we get feedback from you, Kim?

Simple. Once you've completed your art from the lesson shown, just take a photo of it, and attach it to comments section that you will see at the bottom of each lesson page. You can also ask questions there. I will reply to your post as soon as I am able. Remember, I am in based in New Zealand, so we may even be in a different time zone.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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  • "Kim, you blow me away with what you've done for my son's confidence! Before we found you he was a real perfectionist and would get very upset when his drawings did not turn out like a picture of the animal he was looking at. Thank you so very very much for showing him how to love drawing and think like a real artist! You replying to him meant the world to him too, so thank you again!

    — K. Walters, Melbourne, Australia talking about Animal Faces
  • I have just signed us up for the 6 month package and am feeling so excited. The 4-week drawing challenge has been such a neat experience, sitting down for a short, directed art lesson with my young kids once a week - I was feeling sad it was coming to an end! This is the perfect way for all my kids (and me) to do an art lesson (not just chose one child) and they're always more enthusiastic and willing to give it a go when I sit down with them. I just LOVE to see everyone's very different creations given the same directive. You have made the course so affordable Kim, it was a no-brainer - I won't stress have to if we're having an off-week or if its only 1 or 2 of us that participate. I so want my kids to grow with a love of drawing and creating that they will take into adulthood, and this course will help me to more easily facilitate it instead of putting 'doing art together' into the 'not-today'/too-hard basket. Thanks Kim, and can't wait to see what you'll have us making over the next 6 months :)

    — M. Challies, Hamilton, NZ talking about the Drawing Challenge and the Art Club 6 months

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