E-Course Advent Calendar

**UPDATE: Even though the advent calendar is over, you can still join! You'll get all 31 days of tips right away. Pretty sweet!**

For the month of December, get a daily dose of inspiration and tips with our new E-Course Advent Calendar. Each day we'll give you a new tip or goodie to help you with your e-course. In the 2+ years that I’ve been running CourseCraft, I’ve seen almost every kind of course you could imagine. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. These tips were developed using my experience with CourseCraft as well as being a participant in too many e-courses to count. You'll be able to take these tips and immediately make noticeable improvements to your course.

Sign up today and the tips will begin on December 1st. The best part? It's all totally free!

But I don't have an e-course yet!

You definitely don't need to have an e-course already started to benefit from this course. If you have an idea kicking around, that's great! If not, some of the tips will help you narrow down your focus. If you do have a course, you'll be able to immediately apply that knowledge.

What do you mean by 'tip'?

When I say 'tip', I don't mean a tiny paragraph of text stating some basic or vague idea. Each day I take one idea and go in depth with it. The advice will be specific and actionable. In fact, most lessons will have a bit of homework to go with it. You'll be able to immediately apply these concepts to your new or current courses.

Ew Homework

After you read the daily tip, you'll sometimes have homework to do. The homework is completely optional. If you come across a tip that you're just not that into, you can skip it and wait til the next day. Pick and choose which tips you'd like to apply to your course, there are plenty to choose from!

About Me

I’m Sara Funduk and I’m one half of CourseCraft. I do everything from promotion to design to helping people with their e-courses. I don’t know if there is such a thing as an e-course expert, but I know a bit about it!