Abstract Mini Collage Landscapes

Enrollment is Open, Class starts June 1st - August 10th, 2020

The course craft site is a platform and gateway to enter an amazing class session available to you each week. Scroll down and read all the information. You will log in and come to classes dashboard. This may be new to some, though it makes it available for all. You will only be able to received the supply list now before the course starts on June 1st. 

There will be two section to this class, first we will make the papers, build a collage palette. This will last from June 1st till July 6th. 

Second section will be the assemblage of the abstract mini collage landscape. That will state July 13th till August 10th.You will have access to the whole process of assembling at once so you can work through it at your own pace. I find myself moving spontaneously through the steps that's why it will be offer all at once.  The class will closes after August 10th but you can continue to share long after on the Facebook private group-Lonecrow Collage Studio 

You will receive an abundance of information on art materials, links, videos and downloadable handouts to save and use again.

The simple steps will be illustrated and you might find yourself becoming very prolific with it soon after. 

Read further as I hope I can answers some of your question about what this online Course will be about. 

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I've made it available online 

Abstract Mini Collage Landscapes

Repurpose Papers-Vertical Landscapes

Here are a few sample images of My Abstract Mini Landscapes.  The size is about 6 x 12 inches, makes for a nice piece of artwork for a small area.  Their playful, fun, imaginary with a bit of whimsy. Our emphasis will be to defined the middle ground and distinguish a landscape verses the stratus composition, which is fun but can go on and on whereby losing the visual sense of the landscape.  

We will learn how to define this in a few simple steps. Please read through the information and see if this is a fit for you. Creative souls have been asking for me to teach this online way too long and I'm so happy to offer it to you now. 

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Stratus Composition

The Stratus Composition isn't a bad composition, but a challenging one. It doesn't always show what we relate to or understand a landscape to be, It's more abstract in style. Our main agenda and focus of this course will be to distinguish the horizon line. Where the Earth and Sky meet, that space we will embellish and focus on detail. Some like to call it the "Belt" but it's really the middle ground. 

Abstract Art

Abstract art has the power to show us something we may not have seen before. It implies both thought and no thought. Thriving on unconventional tools and a unique sort of energy, it's also a collaboration of mind and spirit. As a form of wizardry and magic, an abstract may speak both to you and for you more than anything abstract art can be a conversation piece. 

Collage with a house iron or heat seal iron

During this course the method use is a bit of a lengthy process of coating paper on the front and back after they have been made or altered. The papers are dried when assembling them and you use a safety release silicone paper or parchment paper between the iron and you will heat seal it together.  "No Wet Gluing, Just tack them in place."

You can use your house Iron-Cotton setting no steam. 

Or you can purchase one of the Heat Seal Irons through Horizon Hobby. 

Please look over the FAQ's below for more answers to how this eCourse works. 

Table of Contents

Creating a Collage Palette
Supply List for this Course
Your Packet
Stained Tissue Paper
Resist Papers with Gesso
Adding Acrylics to Gesso Resist Papers
Sanded Magazine Papers
Drawing Paper Resist
Preparing our Collage Papers
How to Assemble Your Abstract Mini Collage Landscape
The Safety Release Sheet
Steps for Abstract Mini Collage Landscapes
Lesson 1 Taping off your Substrate
Lesson 2 Arranging your Landscape
Lesson 3 Glazing and Gestural Marks
Lesson 4 Stenciling and Splattering
Lesson 5 Final Touches

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

The course will be up for total of 10 weeks from the day it starts, then closed down and offered at another time of the year.

What if I can't get on or in ?

The thing to remember is you have to login first to Coursecraft. When you purchased the class you should have been sent an email to confirm your registration. You can always go to after you are registered and login...then you should be brought to the class site and the course you signed up for.

Where are the lesson?

Always look for the Downloadable tab in each section you are in, if one is available. You can save it in you files or print out the pdf.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

When will this course be available?

Very soon, working on all the lesson plans now.

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