Would you love to learn a potent powerful pathway to more self-acceptance, self-understanding that includes yet goes way beyond toning your pelvic floor?

Would you like to know real pleasure, like effervescent bubbles that rise in your body?

How about learning to connect to the part of you that so many are out of touch with or don't talk about? 

Yoni Yoga isn't just a course about pleasure, orgasm or using a Jade Egg - Yes, these are some of the amazing benefits, however...Yoni Yoga is the inner Yoga inviting you deeper into a portal of exploration within the holy portal of your body. Here you embody your energy that quite simply brings you back to your natural feminine essence.

Michelle created Yoni Yoga because her existing yoga practice wasn't nurturing her feminine soul. She yearned for deeper connection. Yoga means union, yet she found the more dynamic practices didn't offer the union within her feminine body because Yoga was originally taught by men for men. 

In her longing she connected quite naturally with her inner womb wisdom and her Yoni (aka vagina!). She released the abundant energy that resides between her legs in her 1st two chakras lotuses, in her roots and this like all flowers, rooted in the earth offered Michelle the nourishment to blossom in her body. As Maya Angelou says :

“Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise? 
That I dance like I've got diamonds,
At the meeting of my thighs?"

Let Yoni Yoga teach you how to polish your diamond Ladies! 

Who's Michelle and her story ?

Michelle has nearly 30 years experience as a Yoga, Tantra Coach and Teacher, as well as a Healer and Bodyworker including Tantra Massage, who lives in the tropics with her gorgeous husband, dog, cat and turtles - that's the surface story. 

The deeper story is when Michelle couldn't walk in 2009, she couldn't 'do' the normal yoga asanas, even breathing eventually was painful! This most painful trauma eventually transformed her life! As she healed and learnt how to walk again, the path she chose was Tantra, specifically Feminine Tantra. 

Yoni Yoga was born.

Michelle marries sexuality with spirituality. This is the key in Tantra, especially the Shakti Tantra that she embodies. Michelle offers her years of spiritual practice of inner yoga through Yoni Yoga. Yoni Yoga awakens and heaps to heal your first two chakras (energy centres) that happen to be in your pelvis and sex centre. 

The beauty of Yoni Yoga is you can practice on a yoga mat or sitting in a chair at work, on the bus or in the office, or standing in a queue, or ritualise the practice at home for your self. Yoni Yoga (re)introduces you as a woman to fluid, flowing cyclic movements that invites your body to naturally open up. It's as if your body has been craving this for a long time, and then you begin you drop into the rhythmical movements just to relax. 

Then of course as you learn these techniques and the theory behind them, if you have a partner you might like to practice with them in or out of the bedroom!

Yoni Yoga is less performance and more pleasure!

🔻 You don't need to practice yoga before,  or do difficult yoga postures

🔻 You don't have to be flexible

🔻 You won't find a downward facing dog in the course (even though in my classes/retreats I offer a very feminine downward facing dog vinyasa!)

🔻 You do need to have a Yoni

🔻 You might be feeling there's something you are missing?

🔻 and it'd be fabulous if you have a yearning or a longing to to connect with your feminine frequency, and awaken to her within your magical body

Blossoming From Within

Through the practices of Yoni Yoga you come into a self-love that is so transformative, your whole state of being (a woman) shifts! 

🔻 You understand your true feminine nature, what she longs for, what she needs.

🔻 You connect with your Tantric Feminine Energy that becomes the rocket fuel for your life

🔻 You definitely tone your pelvic floor in a juicy feminine method.

🔻 You become magnetic, alluring, sensual and any inhibitions release

🔻 and your sex life (with self or partner) has a new lease of life!

Here's a little taster of Yoni Yoga

...If this arouses you - g o o d.  That means Shakti, your primal creative energy has woken up. If you shy away, I invite you to contemplate why? Have you been taught a story around being sensual and enjoying it is wrong or shameful?

🔻 Yoni Yoga is about awakening your senses as a woman so you feel great!

 🔻 Yoni Yoga invokes your inner Goddess of beauty and sensuality, who marries the holy with the erotic. 

🔻 Yoni Yoga is the ultimate Divine Union within you.

🔻 Yoni Yoga releases endorphins (feel good hormones) that elevate your mood and boost your confidence. 

🔻 Yoni Yoga helps you to get your sexy on, just for you. Then it's your choice if you share this with another.

This could be you and you could be feeling like me and all the other women who practice Yoni Yoga.

Reclaim your feminine and awaken to your sensuality...

What others say :

"I love Yoni Yoga! I feel a deeper sense of connection with my body, which has been really beneficial to me. It's been particularly helpful when trying to get my body back on track post-pregnancy"  Tanya Gudgin, London

"I've never practiced yoga before, but I so needed to connect with myself as a woman after a divorce. Yoni Yoga was easy to follow and has empowered me to feel sexy again" Naomi Styles, Birmingham 

"If you are a tiny bit curious, enrol now! I am so happy I did! I feel like a different woman and I love my Yoni!" Kate Shaw, UK

"I always feel a perceivable positive mood shift after Yoni Yoga, which often translates into a more permanent improvement in my attitude in my life. I love Yoni Yoga" Alessandra Pierandrei, London.
" I had no sex drive, I'd turned off totally and I so wanted to have feelings of arousal again. Yoni Yoga woke me up to more than I could've imagined. I love the ball practice so much. Thank you Michelle!" Susan, London

I had no idea how Yoni Yoga would ripple into all the areas of my life. It's like I turned on to my sexuality and everything else turned on too! YES!" Marcia, New York, USA.

"Greatest Yoga I've practiced! "  Laurene, Paris

What do I receive?

In a nutshell a practice that awakens you to you and profound intimacy. Intimacy means into-me-I-see....

  • You'll receive 9 theory behind Yoni Yoga
  • Practice Tips 
  • 8 Yoni Yoga practice video tutorials 
  • BONUS Breast Massage - which is great foreplay for yourself (or maybe a lover will give you ! ) you'll learn this is the most essential gateway for a woman and why!
  • BONUS Sacred Touch Practice for self or with Partner 
  • BONUS Yoni Yoga harnessing Sacred Touch and Vinyasa Flow Yoga

You'll also receive;

🔻 An experience that words cannot express. 

🔻 A ritualised practice that roots come from ancient India and carries a lineage that has been proven over 1000's of years to work.

🔻 An awakening into the ecstatic, orgasmic energetic realms of being a woman. 

🔻 A spiritual practice that touches you from within. won't find a downward facing dog here, but you can apply the principles to your existing yoga practice. Let Yoni Yoga awaken you to the intimate journey with your Kundalini Shakti.

Reclaim You Power as a Woman...
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Table of Contents

Introduction – What does Yoni Yoga do?
Yoni Yoga – the etymology and Yoni Magic
Benefits of Yoni Yoga
Yoni Eggs
Brief over view of the Chakras
Anatomy and Physiology of Pelvis and Pelvic floor
Three Tenets of Tantra
Practice Wisdom
Warm Up
Yoni Yoga
Practice Muse
Music Choices
It's the end, yet truly it's just the beginning...
BONUS Sacred Touch
BONUS Breast Massage
BONUS Yoni Yoga
BONUS Kundalini Awakening and Orgasms
Yoni Magic

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Reclaim You Power as a Woman... Half Price Sale was £108, 

now just £54