Vision Rising: Embodying our Message, Medicine and Magic

You can take 394 845 courses in strategy for your vision, but unless you step into the container of the deeper, inner work, the subconscious mind will stop you at every corner. And that'a scientific fact (spiritual science nerd over here! lol) These patterns keep you starting, retracting and stopping and doubting if 'it's going to work'. No more building a vision only to burn it down to the ground or continue holding yourself back from unearthing it in the first place.

The truth is: You would not be called to this work if you were not ready to shift who you believe you are, heal old patterns and disrupt the loops keeping you playing small. 

Your amazing vision has come to you because the collective needs it; Your guidance, your purpose, YOU. All of you. And playing small is not what you came here to do. 

It has never been safer to express your truth than now. Old paradigms are breaking faster than we can see. Time to upgrade our own identity to match the collective shifts.  

This course in transformation gives you the exact process you need to become the leader that your mission requires of you. You get to have it all. More freedom, travel, clients that love you, relationships that support you. Through the process, you gain a confident and clear voice for your work, so that you can create programs that light you up, work in your magic and get paid.

Soooooo many times I see new entrepreneurs (and even seasoned ones!) trying to solve the wrong problems and spending $$$ where they don't need to. Taking a course for effective marketing strategies won't do anything if you can't implement them while using your OWN intuitive marketing abilities. This is what a transformation program gives you. Our marketing works only when our whole being is 100% behind the process, and not because someone told us we 'had' to follow their steps. Too many cookie-cutter courses leave us feeling disconnected to the very thing leading our vision--our intuitive knowing. 

Some of the HUGE gaps I see in most courses that teach both business strategies and basic visioning are this:

>>Trying to teach the business strategy without the spiritual embodiment. In the end, you aren't able to actually apply the strategies, show up consistently and are left believing something is 'wrong with you'. And there isn't. #fullstop

>>Sharing the spiritual teachings without practical ways to apply it in real life and real-time in your vision. (What does 'unattachment to the outcome' ACTUALLY look like when we are launching a new program? Or getting our first paid client?)

>>Courses that are spiritually watered down and don't speak directly to your own relationship with God, Source and Creator. Your alignment in faith can quantum leap your actions and results

>>Courses that might teach you HOW to get your vision off the ground but not actually learn to manage it once it's flowing. This is where so many of us lose our footing, retract and seemingly go back 10 steps. We need to learn how to HOLD vision, not just create it

>> Courses that are trying to cram waaaaaay too much in a short period of time, not giving you the deep container and space you know you need to have the inner transformational experience required for your vision to evolve (my philosophy is mastery in one area first)

Your Vision Gets to Rise

Vision Rising is a 5 Month Group Container for Leaders and Visionaries ready to fully learn and transcend into confidence, clarity and trust so that you can unleash your Intuitive Leader within and get moving forward. I know you want the inner work because it is essential. I also know you want to T.R.U.S.T that it will lead to practical application for your actual vision and business.  

In this course, you get both. I bring in guests to add divine value in sharing their own journey, soul-strategies that work (everytime!) to support the container. You are a visionary with powerful medicine. This work is: Experiential, Spiritual and Practical; You will get actionable steps and results through spiritual healing and embodiment work. You will learn how to bring your work out into the world, hold the momentum of creation and expand it out. You will learn how to make it simple. Because it is.

Show up. Lead. Learn. #IveGotYou

What you learn, experience and transform

If you're anything like me you want to know what the H-E-Double-Hockey-Stick we'll actually be learning and doing in this journey. I got ya! 


Intake Process; connecting to needs, desires and current realities in all parts of our life to establish focal points for the work

CORE Work; Core Identity, Core desires, guiding lights of values, truths and beliefs,

Unfolding Identity; learn how your identity is currently formed so that you can shift what no longer serves you

Opening the Timeline of Desire: Getting clear and fully open to the depth + truth of our desire so that we open up the most aligned timeline for our journey together

Learning + Embodying CORE Teachings of Transformation
--> the energetic body, accessing intuitive energy so that you can tap into your core truths/knowing that support your vision
--> understanding ego+truth in your vision so that you can quickly shift through ego and into truth for less energy leaks
--> building ritual + practise for alignment into new standards/behaviours/boundaries for self so that you being to embody your next level self


Establishing the Core Values, Beliefs + Purpose of your work Messaging: Begin Clarifying our mission statement, sacred why and who our work is for. 

Begin aligning into what we are really here to do, empowering our messaging and truth

Visibility: Continue Clearing and shifting visibility fears, trauma, or wounds we may carry around being seen as we move forward

Module Two: Repair+Reclaim  

  • connecting our patterns to our current results; so that you know exactly where the inner work is to get the results you actually want
  • deep diving into healing + pattern disruption; so that the negative pattern loops are shifted towards your goal not away from it 
  • time and energy management in life+biz; so our energy and focus is aligned with the sacred priorities that lead to the results we want (dropping the distractions and internal motivators to retract energy from the goal) 
  • getting clear on exactly how our current patterns run loops and scripts of fear, overwhelm and doubt; learning to directly rescript and shift the behaviour with the deeper subconscious work (mentor lead exercises + healing sessions) 

Module Three: Express + Expand 

Communication Upgrade: Aligning our messaging and language to connect with soul clients and sisters to serve using our new upgraded language, now that we embody our essence and confident AF self (again!)

Access the Quantum Field for faster results and manifesting with more ease, now that we have a foundation and new programming installed in our beautiful body (pssst, more mega magic here!)​

SIMPLIFYING + INTEGRATING; our journey so far; focusing our direction, responding and recalibrating ourselves to stay towards our goals so that we are connected/open rather than in fear/closed and retracted 

BIZ CONNECTion + Integration
Packaging + Pricing: creating offers that light you up, magnetize the right people and sell with more ease
Backend SetUp: set up payment plans, contract setups, all the kits and caboodles you'll need to share your magic with organized ease
Branding: Tapping into the magic points of branding (psst, it goes WAY beyond your logo, sister!)

    Module Four: Expand Self 

    • uplevel any packages, offers or programs to match out fully expressed and expanded self
    • with this new identity we have created together, mindset and inner shifts we are 100% ready and open for expansion; we feel safe, grounded and abundant 
    • learn how to balance and sustain this vision through expansion
    • learn how to scale and grow our vision and business; so that we tap into our most abundant self while being able to move through doubt and fear with grace and ease

    This isn't your regular biz-aligned course

    This is a course on leadership and embodiment first. We need to learn how to BE the person running the successful show we play in our minds. 

    Each module has application first into your inner transformation and then we see how it directly aligns with your vision, your relationships, your business--all of it. Everything is everything. 

    The circles will hold space for powerful exercises, direct shifts in energy and the accountability we all need to make the changes we want. 

    I also use powerful techniques and exercises that work on the deeper, subconscious level so that you can shift out of fear, doubt, overwhelm and scarcity like *POOF that! I use a blend of woo+science to get us the results we came for. 

    The Qualifications of Mind+Body+Spirit

    I've been in this work of transformation, healing and personal growth for 20 years. 

    One of the teachings I share is that you don't need a piece of paper to qualify you- you are qualified in your experience + conviction. With that said, I personally value working with coaches who embody their work and take the time to invest in professional development. That matters to me, and I'm gonna bet it also does for you! 

    I use certified modalities I have spent time and energy to learn, practise and master over time. Life+Sucess coaching along with the power of Neuro-Linguist Programming (one of the most POTENT modalities to deep shifts), Inner Engineering Level I through Isha Foundation, YTT200 and more than I have space to write here! Bottom line. I take time and space to intentionally uplevel my teaching, coaching and own healing. 

    You are getting a CURATED and professional experience to give you the true transformation you need. This will be my third year running sisterhood courses and by far the most POWERFUL one is this one. 


    So, how does this course actually work?

    Great question!
    I'd want to know that too before clicking 'enroll' ;) So, here's how it goes down. Each week we meet for our gathering circle in our secret zoom room (online) for 90minutes. Each call covers a teaching related to the module we cover. There are FOUR modules and the course runs 6 delish months. 

    What if I'm scared to commit to 5 months? 

    Sister, I hear ya. A few years ago I would have said the same thing! The truth is we are so used to quick fixes, bootcamp-style changes, instant everything. And babes, you've been running these patterns for years and you've been committed to a fudge ton of things in your life. THIS commitment just feels edgy because you're being asked to commit to YOU and to undoing the programs, patterns and learning how to truly honour yourself. This is a process and you need the full experience. 

    What do I actually GET with this course? 

    • Weekly 90-minute teaching circles + direct coaching
    • Curated meditations for the group
    • Regular exercises to guide your learning+process (I am a FIRM believer in less is more, so you are given ONLY what you need. #NoThanks to courses with 4954835 hours of videos and 453845 exercises!) 
    • Weekly Office Hours for extra support 
    • 1:1 Intensive Support 
    • lifetime access to all course materials
    • secret + secure facebook group to ask questions + get support 24/7
    • weekly journal prompts (totally optional!) 
    • Guest Experts to support direct soul-aligned business development
    • Integration Weeks to absorb and implement the learning 
    • A tried, tested and true pathway to getting the results you are meant for

    How much time to do I need to set aside each week, what if it's 'too much'?

    I strongly subscribe to the less-is-more philosophy. We also host integration weeks, where you are simply given time to let the teachings settle into your system and there is no new material to cover. AND here's the #truthbomb around your time. If you're here, chances are you're already spending energy and time in your spiritual journey. I would also hazard a guess that part of you would like to be more intentional and efficient with your time. Right? So, this course helps you with this! 

    I'm not sure I can afford this course right now?

    I get ya, loves. Here's the thing. When I sat down to create a course I made sure that each monthly payment felt manageable for those that want to show up for the work. Money carries loads of emotional memory and story. I totally get that. I would truly invite you to sit in your body and trust your process. You will always have the money for the things that matter to you. (For some, this investment may be the point of reevaluating where your investment habits lie) And, most importantly, you need to BE the person to take the right action to HAVE what you want. (Collapsing time+space 101) Would your future desired version of you value this investment? Would they see personal growth and transformation as non-negotiables? Would those successful people around you, the ones that have what YOU want, invest in themselves?(plot twist, yes my loves, yes they would) 

    How will I know if this is the right move, that this course is a good fit?

    A couple of guiding questions I lead clients through (and myself) when I'm not sure right away. First off, if you're already a yes scroll down and hit ENROL (duh?! lol) Next: Ask yourself--> Do I believe the inner transformation will support my business? 

    I'm READY, where do I sign up?

    I knew you were! Yesss, sister, scroll down and click on the payment options that feel good for you now. 

    what the sisters are saying

    I'll leave you with this...

    The deep knowing that you are ready for a transformation, the knowing within you that the current way isn't working for you won't go away. This doesn't mean you have to take this course to get the results you want. Heck no. Selling this way ain't my style.

    But it would be out of integrity for me to pass over this truth.

    If we want to enjoy a deeper change in our life, we must show up to the work that will support this. We must get ourselves the support we need, beyond our family, beyond our friends and directly into someone who can powerfully hold that space. And dear sister, this is exactly what I do. XO 

    Don't miss out
    It's the best course ever

    Payment Plan-Extended 2

    6 payments of $425/month

    Payment Plan Extended

    3 payments of $850/month

    Payment Plan

    2 payments of $1,250/month

    One-Time Payment

    $2,450 once

    How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need.

    I still have a question, how can I contact you?

    I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

    Don't miss out
    It's the best course ever

    Payment Plan-Extended 2

    6 payments of $425/month

    Payment Plan Extended

    3 payments of $850/month

    Payment Plan

    2 payments of $1,250/month

    One-Time Payment

    $2,450 once