Vishoka Meditation® Course

The Promise of Vishoka Meditation®

Imagine a life free from pain and sorrow—infused with joy and tranquility.
The ancient yogis called this state vishoka, and insisted that we all can reach it. The key is a precise set of meditative techniques designed to unite mind and breath, and turn them inward.

Inherit the Wisdom of a Living Tradition

Vishoka Meditation® is grounded in the authentic wisdom of ancient, yet living, tradition embodied by luminaries including Buddha, Patanjali, and a long line of Siddha masters.

Drawing upon both yoga and tantra, Vishoka Meditation® shares the essence of ancient source texts including the Yoga Sutra, Lotus Sutra and Shiva Sutra.

Experience Vishoka Meditation®

The heart of Vishoka Meditation is a technique that is spiritually-grounded, yet highly systematic and experiential. But Vishoka Meditation is more than technique—it is a living practice supported by a rich body of wisdom, refined over countless generations.

This Course fulfills the pre-requisite for the Vishoka Meditation® Teacher Training!

  • ‘The dedicated Vishoka Meditation practice I’ve developed through practicing with Natalie has absolutely been life changing. This beautiful, ancient practice shifted me from a place of uncertainty with meditation to a place of joyful devotion. Natalie guides her students with honesty, knowledge and love. I’ve taken this series at least 4 times now and it continues to evolve and deepen.’

    — Liesl Maggiore

Vishoka Meditation® Course

Master the practice of Vishoka Meditation® in this in-depth, experiential training

Learn key foundational practices, explore the spiritual origins of Vishoka Meditation, and receive direct guidance from an officially certified Vishoka Meditation® Teacher.

Vishoka Meditation® is the perfect complement to your existing yoga practice, as well as a powerful stand-alone meditation practice.

Join me for our upcoming Vishoka Meditation® Course (Level 1) and dive deep into the profound teachings and practices of Vishoka Meditation: The Yoga of Inner Radiance!

  • ‘The guidance Natalie provides is full of gentle and warm unconditional love. Natalie's teaching is the best of the best. Through WE RISE, I have been able to have the most consistent meditation experience I've ever had. The practice of Vishoka Meditation, in particular, is subtly life changing - which may sound dramatic, but is absolutely accurate. The practice slowly melts away inner junk which makes room for patience, joy, love, kindness, and hope. My experience has been nothing short of excellent and I cannot recommend joining this community/practice more.’

    — Holly Pipkin

What Can I Expect?

We will gather and practice via livestream on Zoom Monday-Saturday, with Sunday off for integration.

These practices will include 

  • Prana-oriented Asana
  • Savasana with Systematic Relaxation
  • Pranayama
  • Vishoka Meditation
  • Journaling, Reflection + Conversation

In addition to the daily practices, we will go over each of the techniques in detail, and gather Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for discussions on the Wisdom Body of Vishoka Meditation® and more.  

Dates, Times + Investment

Friday, November 12 - Thursday, December 2, 2021

Mondays - Saturdays 6am-9am Pacific Time

 $500 Investment

Joined by my beautiful friend, Chrissie Chung

Chrissie Chung is a sister in tradition and an all around magical human being.  Guided by grace, I have asked Chrissie to lead us once each day for a Complete Traditional Tantric Yoga Practice. Her practices will incorporate some of the techniques, as well as the contemplations which are integral to Vishoka Meditation. Trust me when I promise, you are in for a treat!

Chrissie began her love affair with yoga in India six years ago and it has since then brought her all around the world to both study and teach. What started as a purely physical practice, gently evolved into a spiritual journey home. Her heart is firmly rooted in sharing the incredible potential of the practice, as a path towards uncovering our innate joy, and reclaiming that rich inherent space of wholeness.

Enjoy this Yoga Nidra practice as a taste of what's to come...

Table of Contents

Welcome to Vishoka Meditation
Prayers of the Tradition
Sadhana Sankalpa
Week One
The Wisdom Tradition of Vishoka Meditation
Tantric Hatha Asana Practice
Restoring the Mind's Pristine Nature
Tantric Hatha Asana Practice
Cultivating Healthy Breathing
Tantric Hatha Asana Practice
Cultivating Pranic Sensitivity
Discovering our Inner Space
Tantric Hatha Asana Practice
Prana Oriented Asana
Pranic Sensitivity through Relaxation

Frequently Asked Questions

What will this Course qualify me for?

The Vishoka Meditation Course® primarily nourishes your own experience with your practice. It also serves as a pre-requisite for the Vishoka Meditation® Teacher Training offered through the Himalayan Institute.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have! You can reach mevia email at