“Not Tonight” to Up All Night

You Will Want Sex Again, Feel Free in your Body, Be Erotic with your Partner, Get the Pleasure and Connection you Want and Deserve.  

Are you ready to go from a dreaded, disconnected, miserable sex life into wanting sex, experiencing erotic pleasure, improving your body image, and  more connectedness to your partner with amazing and expert support all in just 7 weeks?
7 weekly online transformative courses, 7 video coaching calls.

Are you Ready to Transform your Sex Life?

This course is perfect for you if you’ve been experiencing

  • The risk of losing your marriage/relationship by avoiding sex. (physically and communication wise)
  • Being fake, having obligatory sex. just wanting to ‘get it over with’
  • Feeling miserable about what’s happening in your bedroom.
  • Judging, rejecting, feeling crappy in your body
  • Rejecting your partner and having more and more conflicts
  • Squelching your partner’s self-esteem/feelings of worth

This 7 part series will help you overcome your sexual avoidance, self-judgment, hiding your body, being too tired for sex and not feeling horny anymore.

It is not your fault because you shut down and avoid sex and discussion about sex, judge yourself as being the main cause of the problem, hide your body, feel ashamed and focus on old school beliefs of horniness as a gauge for being sexual with our partners.  Many women experience this very common pattern.

The truth is you CAN open up and want sex, feel good in your body, have confidence to say YES to good sex and pleasure, empower your partner and improve the connection in your relationship!

You might’ve read a book about recreating that spark, tried to have sex to please them, focus on it as a task or duty so that your partner doesn’t get to grouchy and blame you. You might have even been able to discuss it calmly with your partner and you keep trying yet dreading it all. You keep trying yet nothing makes you feel horny anymore. Where has this trying gotten you?

It’s like: faking a smile to your boss that you really don't like, cooking a meal that takes too long, doesn’t taste good or you can’t even taste it and saying ohhh how delicious it is.

It is time to end this cycle!

I used to believe I had to feel horny to have sex, or I had to have a lot of energy and time to please him, or have just plain old obligatory sex.  I used to shut down when I didn’t feel well (which was a lot because of my heart condition) try to be asleep before he came to bed and said no no no, one too many times. Sex seemed like the last thing on my mind and just another chore.  After learning a different way to view sex and actions that brought me closer to my husband, our sex life flourished.

Now I help women just like you to go from dread to desire with a streamlined system that gives you the result of better sex now in just 7 video sessions and coaching calls.

"Not Tonight" Up All Night, is the absolute best way to take you from the dread, judgment, self blame to an amped up sex life that flourishes!

This course is the absolute BEST way to get to

  • Say YES to good to great sex, with openness to a variety of ways to experience pleasure and touch
  • Strengthening your marriage with erotic connectedness and improved communication about likes, dislikes, sexual exploration within your relationship and more
  • Feeling confident, secure, and happy in your sex life
  • Embracing your body, cherishing it, reveling in your beauty and sexiness; sharing your body and mind with the one you love the most
  • Connecting with your partner and effective problem solving when conflicts regarding sex arise
  • Empowering your partner to feel worthy, sexy and confident

Client Testimonial:

"I took some of your advice this weekend and ended up having unplanned sex in the middle of the day! 😛 I sound like a prude (I’m not I swear) but my sex drive has been low so this has not happened in a long time. It was great and I needed it. So thank you! My BF thanks you too 😂"

"Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable, understanding and solutions-oriented. She makes even the most uncomfortable topic fun! She really helped put me at ease. She ensured I felt supported, acknowledged and informed. She’s the best!"

"Had an awesome sexual experience with my partner tonight. After I was done watching Tiffany's live training, I went to my husband and asked him if he'd like to get cleaned up and play in about an hour. . .  I worked on some of the mindfulness techniques I read in the articles Tiffany pointed out to me. I was surprised how much it helped for me to be more present in the moment and focusing on my body rather than trying to conjure up sexy images in my mind while other thoughts raced around... I kept my eyes open and my brain focused on him and the pleasure and I felt a lot more euphoria and connectedness during and afterwards.

The clients that I work with have experienced incredible results like:

  • Sexual frequencies were aligned with their partners
  • Increased feelings of arousal and interest in sex
  • Improved body image
  • Comfort and openness in discussing their sex life
  • Being sexual in a relaxed, playful and prioritize way


Here’s what you can expect when you join -----"Not Tonight" to Up All Night: Reenergizing your Physical Relationship with your Partner 

  1. 7 weeks of online education and training that is designed to bring you to the transformative sex life you deserve even if your time is limited, you’re nervous or doubtful it will work, your finances tight, and believe your partner won’t support you
  2. Handouts and exercises for you to complete all in the privacy of your home on your time.
  3. 7 weekly video coaching sessions to provide you with the accountability and a full-on hand holding support; I will be with you step by step to support you.
  4. A private community of women just like you who are all working towards to better sex life.

Sign up now as the doors close on February 13th.

You don't’ want to miss out on the amazing, transformative experience.

See you in the course.

I'm Ready to Transform
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Table of Contents

This course will cover: 

  • Creating a healthy positive sex life
  • Feeling good in your body, change beliefs of not being good enough/sexy enough
  • Complete handouts that provide at home exercises to: challenge negative thinking related to sex, self judgements, communication tips, love languages, how you turn ourselves off & on, and more...
  • Action steps to lower your sexual avoidance and/or anxiety
  • Become touch receptive
  • What you need in a relationship to share yourself sexually with our partner
  • Ways to validate your partner
  • Explore ways to initiate sex 
  • How to communicate calmly with your partner about sex, sexual needs, and relational needs to create and maintain a healthy sex life: "I" language, Love Language and more
  • Learn When- Win strategy
  • Education about the health benefits of sex 
  • Get out of the rut of routine or rigid sexual patterns with exploration, open mindedness and positive esteem
  • Focus on pleasure not performance as well as pleasure of the full body not just intercourse
Loving Your Body
Body Image Part 1
Body Image Part 2
Self Compassion Part 3
Tapping Into Our Erotic Energy
Our Body: Biology, Social Messages and Eroticism
Erotic Energy (Part 1 & 2)
Being Open to a New View
Arousal and Barriers
Turn Me ON
Let's Talk About Sex
Interests, Needs, Communication
Relationship Success
7 Principles for Making Marriage Work - John Gottman
Important Questionnaires/Forms to Improve Your Relationship
5 Love Languages
"I" language
Creating A New Sex Life
Module 6 video - good to great sex
Podcast: Health Benefits of Sex And The Risk of Not Having Any

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take this course when I have (no time, limited resources, uncertain I can make the changes, lack so much confidence)

• You can take this course in the privacy of your home, on YOUR schedule. • A payment plan is offered for enrollees • I’m here to help hold your hand in this process to have you take your sexual obstacles down one by one • Lack confidence? I’m your girl! Rah Rah Boom Boom (actual cheerleader growing up) I’m here to empower YOU

Now is not the right time for me, will you offer this course again?

• I’m uncertain when I’ll offer this course again, as my coaching practice is getting larger plus I’m planning on creating a course for men. So, if you want in, now is the time to join this group. • Plus, this group will be offered a reduced rate for signing up so quickly and I will NEVER again be available at this price.

How is the course delivered? What's the time commitment

• Weekly videos to watch in your home, on your time • Handouts to work on to assist in your process towards positive change • Weekly video coaching sessions to provide support and help you through your obstacles

How do I sign up?

Click the Ready for Action Button

Do you have payment plans?


Do I have lifetime access?

You will have continued access to the pre-recorded material-Yes. The live video coaching calls are only available during the first 7 weeks of the release of the program.

P.S. You can only join this course until the doors close February 13th

This course "Not Tonight" Up All Night: Reenergizing your physical relationship with your partner, is the best way I know to go from this place of sexual and emotional pain in your relationship to the sex life you want and deserve.  I want to support you 100% in this transformative process. 

It is only open for 10 people and ends soon, I'm certain it will fill up!

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