The Wild Feminine :: Sacred Sexuality


Powerful. Creative. Intuitive. Fierce. Passionate.

The Wild Woman is a sexually sovereign Woman. She embodies the Tantric Priestess, a woman who has reclaimed her sexual energy from past lovers, past pain, past shame, and past stories. She is a keeper of the sacred sexual mysteries that has been stored in her soul lineage and activated through her remembrance of initiation. She is a portal to natural empowerment, through which we inner-stand that we don’t have to “become someone else” to be loved, that who we and all that we are is ENOUGH, and that each of us is born with a natural God given gift of beauty that can be revealed and will bloom with the help of our body’s natural rhythm. Each of us has a native, embodied wisdom—a wild, untamed, undomesticated body-mind and heart that know what is true for us. 

☥ She is the part of YOU that lives life out loud. BOLD and UNAPOLOGETIC, she honors herself, asks for what she needs, and isn’t afraid to claim what belongs to her.

☥ She is the woman within you that creates RADICAL transformation not only for herself but for those she loves and inspires.
☥ She is not afraid of intimacy; she allows herself to be vulnerable and share her truth in her rawest form, bare ass, unmasked, without shame, without hiding..

"I feel a strong desire, a wildly deep soul calling to be a midwife to myself and to other women looking to fully step into their innate Shakti Power." - Priestess of the Goddess, Jedaya Barboza

I invite you to re-claim her and not run away from her any longer.

This course is my invitation for you to midwife the rebirth of your wild feminine self. To tune in and engage with the innate wisdom of your womb soul. To peel back the layers of yourself like a juicy red onion until all there is left is your soul. To release the heartache, grief, trauma, and unhealthy emotional attachments that has been crowding your womb space. Please come back to home to yourself, wild, glorious, GOD-DESS. Come back home to re-claim the pleasure that is your birthright, Queen. This is an invitation for you to engage with yourself—with your living, feeling body as a portal to unlocking who you truly are.

Now... imagine a life where your WILD WOMAN is free to live in her truth. Reclaimed, nurtured, accepted and brought into balance and harmony so that you can live LIFE ON YOUR OWN TERMS.

​The Wild Feminine :: Sacred Sexuality

Self Study // 3 Modules of 

Ritual & Ceremony  

Light Code Activation Meditations 

prompts & sacred practices on how to activate the Wild Feminine Archetype within you. 

Guide/Instructor: Priestess Jedaya Barboza 

Sacred Energy Exchange:  $111 

Enrollment opens:  Summer Solstice 2019 

Together we embody the Archetypes of ourselves to transform our inner and outer worlds  The gateway through archetypes – cross-cultural images that embody different aspects of the Divine Feminine - allows for us to deeply dive into our inner work and healing. We will work with 3 main archetypes, listed below, followed by the qualities or benefits they help activate when we can live out that energy fully.

The First

I N I T I A T I O N  // honoring the Shadow Queen

  • Tune into the rhythm of your cyclical nature. Connect more deeply with your body through an exploration of menstrual // lunar cycles  to be able to navigate, and see clearly where you are, in the cycle of your own life and of the projects you are involved in. ( We dive deep into the blood mysteries )
  • Identify your SHADOWS, your self-imposed limitations, beliefs and behaviors that stop you from stepping into your radiant fullness.
  • Get comfortable with cutting away what no longer serves you in your life-including habits, relationships, or ways of being that are not aligned with your greatest expression.
  • Dive deep into your body, shake it all out, cry, laugh, HOWL, and let your energy run in creative leaps and bounds. You will be surprised how much this can fuel your life and your leadership!
  • Let go of being so concerned with what anyone else thinks of you – Develop a " I never asked for your opinion " type attitude. Embrace being bold and unconventional and RADICAL AS FLUFF. Color outside the lines. Release energy so that your projects and life can be vitalized and led with your passionate heart.
  • Participate in a freedom ceremony // giving love to your darkness + liberating yourself from those limitations and obstacles that are blocking your RISING!

The Second

I N I T I A T I O N  // embodying the tantric queen of unconditional love + compassion

  • Awaken practices of forgiveness and self-acceptance, and open to an increased sense of worthiness.
  • Activate the Sacred Red Rose through your higher heart chakra and feel the ripples of Self-Love pour through you, from you. Transmuting all that you thought you ever were. 
  • Womb Healing + Womb Clearing // Heart + Soul Retrieval
  • Dive deep into the inner-standing of the Sun and the Moon
  • Learn the tools to set up lovemaking as a ritual art // tantric + Yogic breathing, Mantra (using sound vibration & mantras to unlock energy centres in the body).
  • Participate in a inner marriage ceremony // Align your inner masculine and inner feminine to create a potent alchemical force of creation and manifestation in the world.

The Third

I N I T I A T I O N // become a symbol of Rose Alchemy 

  • Hold the full spectrum of all your experiences, wounds, gifts and challenges.
  • Become the dark and light of the deep feminine mystery
  • Learn to turn any challenge into opportunity.
  • Learn how to express & transmute emotions into your creative fire
  • sexual desire used as fuel to have our wildest dreams come true. 
  • Claim the feminine super power of speaking your truth in a clear, direct, clean and clarifying way.
  • Practice being able to call others into authentic being through your astute clarity – use this skill to free yourself and others to be more potent, powerful and embodied.
  • Participate in a Alchemical Rose Ceremony // Stepping fully into your power with the dark and light aspects of you, turning everything you create into gold. 

Priestess Of The Goddess

Jedaya Barboza is a self-intiated Magdalene Priestess of the Rose Lineage of the Holy Sophia, Lover of the Lord & Eternal Devotee to the Great Goddess who sustains All Life. Jedaya is a passionate tantric priestess of the return and RISE of the Sacred Feminine. A Priestess of the Womb and a Midwife for Women's Empowerment. Her soul mission is to create and nurture everything that is Sacred for the new paradigm shift and New Earth. 

Read More // Herstory

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