Hopefully you've looked over the Free Tutorials, and are ready to take the next step ~ and give it a try!  This free course is designed to introduce you to a FaithArt bible study, offering you a complete study experience from beginning to end. 

In this two-week FaithArt bible study, we will dig into the verses of Matthew 13:3-23; The Parable of the Sower.  We will learn what this parable means, how it speaks to us today, and what it calls us to do.  

You will learn the 3 steps of FaithArt bible study:

  1. Read and/or download & print the bible study and take notes (20 minutes)
  2. Download the schematic and follow video to create your journal pages (1-2 hours)
  3. Journal on your pages using writing prompts to guide you (20 minutes each day)

So pull together a few supplies and let's get started!  

The Sower
Week 1: Understanding the Parable
Week 2: Understanding our Call

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