The Order of Mary Magdalene

The Order of Mary Magdalene / The Knights of Mary Magdalene

 The Order of Mary Magdalene / The Knights of Mary Magdalene

Founder Carol Ann Tessier writes...

"This attunement is really two combined, the Knights of Mary Magdalene and Order of Mary Magdala. The Order of Mary Magdalene's purpose is to honour and restore the Magdala, the Sacred Feminine, to her rightful place as part of the YHVH.

This Order is an esoteric order which studies the true teaching, mystical exercises, meditations and prayers of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. The Order also believes she was co-Messiah with JESUS and was a manifestation of Sophia, goddess of wisdom and Bride of God. God-the-Father and God-the-Mother both chose to incarnate the active principle of them upon the earth together in order to draw their created selves (us) back to them.

Mary Magdalene posed a threat to the Christian church 'authorities.' So high risk that they purposely labelled her a prostitute and covered up her role in Yeshua's life. She represents individually relating to the divine without the need for priests and donations. She represents sacred marriage and sexuality as opposed to celibacy and virginity representing sex is healthy not dysfunction and dirty. Mary Magdalene takes the teachings away from the few, the good old boy's network." 


1. Knights of Magdalene Manual from the founder Carol Ann Tessier.

2. Lost Bride Mystical Empowerment Manual by Founder Alistair Gordon.  

2. Sound cloud MP3 Attunement Meditations.

3. Chi Ball / Divine orb of light Attunement.

4. Certificate if requested.

  • This has been the most spiritually awakening experience! I highly recommended this course to anyone who’s seeking enlightenment on their spiritual path!! Thank you, Eloise!!!

    — Pencie Ryland
  • Order and Knights of Mary Magdalene This felt like an initiation into the order and Knights of Mary Magdalene. It was a beautiful day of healing and sharing. Eloise gave us a beautiful attunement and it felt very magical. Eloise is so knowledge on the whole Divine Feminine and she shares this information eloquently. We did cards, anointed ourselves, and journeyed deep inside really connecting with our own Divine Feminine. Learning how both parts the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine were feeling inside ourselves was very powerful too. Beautiful day and shared with fellow sisters. Eloise also provides a manual on top of the original Manual packed with information and tips.

    — Pippa Rose
  • I joined Eloise’s Magdalene Feast Day celebration 2020 where She offered a Knights of the Magdalene workshop and attunement that served me to deepen more explicitly into my relationship with this Brotherhood and order of the Blue Rose. I loved being in her class (as a teacher it is lovely – and important - to be a student as well.) Eloise is a friend, sister, colleague and teacher of the Rose Path. I highly recommend her work.

    — Holly Rhiannon - Awakening Avalon Temple

Reconnect with the Order of Mary Magdalene.

Table of Contents

Manuals Created by the Founders
Personal Preperation
Create a Sacred space to Receive your Attunement
Receiving You Attunements
What you need to do to become a Certified Practitoner and receive a certificate
Course Disclaimer
The Magdalene Healing® Mandala

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