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I'm excited that you've made the investment to change your focus and zero in on what is important to you.  There's no better way to do that then controlling your mind focus.  Why?  Because it is the central control system to how are body will operate.  A powerful quote by Mike Murdock says, "If you win in your mind, you'll win in life.  Lose in your mind, lose in life."  That pretty much sums it up regarding why this course was designed. 

The Mental Workshop includes: 

  • A 45-minute free personal assessment; 
  • A 3-part coaching matrix - Refocusing Your Mind Coaching.  Each part will target 3 areas that control your mind's focus. The Mental Workshop includes a live coaching webinar for each part and the online lesson and fieldwork. (coaching days are determined in advance)

Part 1 -  Your Mind Needs a Focus  

Part 2 -  Your Mind Needs an Instruction                                                    

Part 3 -  Your Mind Needs an Example

This is the season to control your destiny through what you can focus on and implement.  Critical to your output is the ability to bring forth the very thing that is lodged on the inside of you. I'm here to help you bring it forth.  The Mental Workshop is designed for you if you need to refocus your attention. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is each part in this online course?

Each part will include a lesson and the corresponding course worksheets for your review and action. I've created each part to provide short spurts of information to help you grasp the information easily. Dedicated time spent on each part will depend on your investment towards reaching your goals. Remember, you get out what you put in.

How will this course be presented?

This course comprises 3 parts. Each part will be expressed through video, audio and worksheets. The goal is to keep you engaged, empowered and ready to take corresponding action on what you've learned.

Will this online course really help me to refocus my attention?

If you are willing to make the investment and the time to shift from where you are and concentrate on what you want to do, then yes, this course will be valuable to your success.

Is coaching available with this lesson?

Yes, coaching is available. We will meet for a 45 minute assessment of where you are prior to jumping in to the course. During your involvement with this course, I am available for 15 minute coaching chats to help you work out things that have you stuck.

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