Stained Glass Art Intuitive e-Course

Hi Everyone,

Let me tell you a little bit about my latest online course. The Stained Glass Art Course. This is my fourth online offering. A lot of you will already know my original Intuitive course called Serendipity. It is a lovely mixed media technique using stencils and translucent paint to create layers and depth. It has been shared by 100’s of students all over the world. Since then I have also created the Chakra Tree of Life and the Beyond The Veil online courses.

I am always looking to evolve my art practices and I tend to experiment with new ideas and techniques all the time. Last year I was working on a canvas and felt the call to try something a bit different. I have mainly steered away from using black in my paintings, but I had noticed other Artists using it , so I thought I would give it a go, using one of my BTV techniques. Instead of my usual white accent, I changed it to black. The painting took on a completely different feel from my other ones. It was quite striking and when I posted the painting on Social media you all loved it. Everyone kept saying it looked almost Stained Glass. From there I have taken that effect, enhanced it, made it look even more like a stained glass window, and developed my new Stained Glass Art technique.

NOTE: This is an Acrylic paint technique on canvas that is inspired by stained glass. It is not Stained Glass leadlight.

The Stained Glass Art Online course will commence in 5th June 2021

Investment is $335 AUD

The Stained Glass Art course will be fed out over 5 weeks with 6 months access to the videos and course content, in the same way I have offered my other intuitive workshops in the past. It is based a Two Day Workshop. Absolutely full of instructional videos ( 21+) and written content. You will see me create my painting from the beginning to the end.

As with my other offerings, I teach techniques that I believe the Beginner can create. I have lots of tips on getting images on to canvases without actually having to be good at drawing. But of course, those of you who would like to draw your own images can do that as well. No rules here. Everything is optional.

Once you enrol in the course, you will have a Private Login and Password. The first lesson will be released on the 5th June. Then a new lesson will be released each Saturday for the following 4 weeks.

You will then have full access to all the videos and content for 6 months. There will be a Downloadable PDF of all the content.

We will have a Private Facebook group where we can Share and discuss our journey. I will be available to give advice and any Tips in the group.

I have also written a beautiful new meditation for this course which will also be Downloadable.

For more details please click Link Stained Glass Art Course Info

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Opens on the 5th June 2021