Immerse in Self Love with this
Free Introduction
& 7 practical lessons

Please know that your levels of self-love can impact every area of your life, from your relationships, both personal and professional, to your health and finances. If you realise that it would be beneficial to love yourself more, but you’re not sure, on a practical level, how to actually do that – then this Soulmate Self program is for you. 

Here’s what’s included:

Your complementary introduction

7 practical lessons to practise and embody self-love in your life

Each lesson is simple and easy to understand and very easy to apply. As individual concepts, explained practically, they are profoundly powerful, by using the information in all 7 lessons, your relationship with yourself will be very positively transformed! These lessons come both as written, printable information and as audios that are yours to keep forever.

7 worksheets to accompany the learning

There is something really powerful about writing things down and working through the barriers you’ve had in place to falling deeply in love with yourself. Doing the worksheets also supports you in processing and applying the information, rather than just absorbing it.

“I love myself” & "I'm so beautiful" Affirmation tracks

These are from my 10-track cd “Positively Funky”. These affirmations songs are set to catchy music because the music uplifts and singing along bypasses unconscious resistance. You can check out the rest of the cd at

Not everyone in your life will understand this journey you’re on. Not everyone is open to talking about self-love in a positive and encouraging way. Please join my mailing list for inspiration and connection to a tribe of people who share, support and respect your journey.

Your investment is just AUD$147

This program is open for enrollment now. You will have immediate access to the Welcome Introduction and its worksheet. 

Lesson 1 - What do you call yourself?

Lesson 2 - How well do you know yourself

Lesson 3 - Be your biggest critic & most powerful supporter

Lesson 4 - Love & appreciation for your physical body

Lesson 5 - Love me tender

Lesson 6 - Loving yourself when you need it most 

Lesson 7 - Fertile ground 

Thank you for being here and sharing in this journey with me! Please  feel free to share with anyone you feel would benefit from receiving more love from themselves. 

Smiles from my heart to yours,