Resident SLi Facilitator

What is the School Leader Inventory (SLi)?

The School Leader Inventory (SLi) is a suite of resources with a research-based framework that defines 6 dimensions of effective school leader behaviour. It is delivered through an online diagnostic that benchmarks an individual leader's responses against scores from over 600 other school leaders to create a unique profile report and action plan. 

The SLi helps to develop a shared vocabulary for leaders and ultimately build internal capacity in a school through an associated toolkit of tools, techniques and strategies that support ongoing professional development, self-evaluation and school improvement agendas. 

What is a Resident SLi Facilitator?

A Resident SLi Facilitator is a member of staff in a school who has completed this program and been trained to: 

  • Understand the School Leader Inventory (SLi) framework
  • Use the online diagnostic
  • Interpret the profile report generated by the online diagnostic
  • Plan appropriate developmental pathways for individual leaders and teams 
  • Deliver the core techniques and strategies identified in the SLi Toolkit. 

By training as a Resident SLi Facilitator, you will have all the knowledge and tools required to integrate and embed the SLi into your leadership practices across the school. The aim is to build capacity for leadership development and behavioural change in your school. 

Overview of the program

The program is delivered entirely online and includes video, audio, downloadable materials and case studies. A full Facilitator Handbook is supplied and you will have access to a range of additional material and resources (downloadable PDF format) on completion of the program.

Module 1: The SLi framework
Module 2: The SLi diagnostic and report
Module 3: Balancing performance and well-being
Module 4: Toolkit and planning for performance
Module 5: Toolkit and planning for well-being
Module 6: Facilitating the SLi in your own school

A selection of PDF books and flashcards are included in the price and are available to download at the end of the program to support ongoing CPD in your school. The total value of this BONUS CONTENT is over £75 and it is included free of charge!

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Understand the structure of the SLi Framework.
  • Know how to introduce a leader to the SLi and how to facilitate their completion of the online SLi diagnostic.
  • Understand how the SLi can support a leader's performance.
  • Understand how the SLi can support a leader's well-being.
  • Be able to interpret an individual leader's SLi report and action plan.
  • Be able to interpret the different profile charts presented to a leader.
  • Recognise the most relevant techniques to support a leader based on their profiles.
  • Have experienced, and know how to deliver, the core techniques in the SLi Toolkit to support a leader's development.
  • Have access to a bank of additional developmental resources to use in your own school for future CPD, leadership development, self-evaluation and school improvement activities.


One-time payment

£279 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of £140/month
  • Excellent (5 stars)! The course is very well organised, comprehensive and clear. The resources are really useful and will help me to introduce new ideas to the leaders in my school.

    — S.E. (2021)
  • The best professional development you could ask for as a leader! The SLi is a game changer for schools wanting to develop and sustain their leadership capabilities.

    — M.W. (2020)


One-time payment

£279 once

Payment Plan

2 payments of £140/month

Still got questions?

How long do I have access to the program?

Once enrolled, you will have full access to the content and materials in the program for a period of 12 months. You can also download materials and save them for future use if you wish.

Can I get my money back if I'm unhappy with the program?

It is really important to me that you are happy with the program and I would rather give you a full refund than be disappointed with the outcomes you achieve. If you decide this is not the right program for you, simply let me know within the first 10 days and I will give you 100% refund and we can part ways amicably.

What can I do with the SLi after I am trained?

As a resident facilitator, you can use the SLi in your own school to support leader development, team development, performance management and other in-house CPD programmes.

If you wish to use the SLi as a trainer, coach or consultant with other schools or agencies, please get in touch and we can discuss the best way for you to do this with access to additional materials and resources.

I still have a question - how can I contact you?

I take pride in supporting the growing SLi facilitator community so am always happy to answer any questions you might have. If you have any further questions please email and I will reply as soon as possible.