Spoonflower Step One: Uploading, proofing & selling

Designing fabric is a favorite daydream for many of us. I want to help make that daydream a reality for you

This class is what I would call my "Spoonflower 101" class. It is an introduction to all of the steps you need to know to successfully upload, proof and sell your first design. I will walk you through where to find the tools and options you need; explain some of the Spoonflower vocabulary, like Collections and Samplers; and give you all of the steps you need to get from daydream to fabric in your hands. 

No matter what you want to design, the steps for uploading and setting everything up on Spoonflower are always the same. That's what this class is about. I wanted to create a basic class that you can refer back to at any time. We aren't going to dive deep into step-by-step designing -- that's for future classes. But I will make sure that you know where to find everything, know how to fill in the blanks and have a workflow of steps from start to finish. I updated the class in February 2021, so there are new updated videos too!

Why is this class free? 

I understand that taking a class is an investment. You invest not only money, but time, energy and attention to learn something new. You might not know if you have the patience to design fabric. You might never have taken an online class before. You might never have taken a class from me before. What if you don't like it? What if the format doesn't work for you? I get that it's a lot of new things to try sight unseen. This class is also full of fundamentals. I don't want to have to repeat the same basic information over and over in future classes, so I want this to be accessible to everyone to refer back to.

So this class is my investment in you; it's your chance to check it all out. I hope you will LOVE it and come back for more knowing exactly what to expect. I am planning lots of future classes that all build from here.

What will we cover?

These lessons will walk you through designing and uploading a collection of fabrics. 

  • What is Spoonflower? If you haven't checked it out, I will give you an introduction to how it works and what to expect.
  • I will start with a simple two-color repeating design which I will upload so you can see all the steps. I will create this design with simple scanned cut paper. So you don't need to have Photoshop (or know anything about it) to be able to follow along.
  • I will talk about choosing a scale and a repeat style and how to understand what the preview is showing you.
  • Learn a simple way to do some color variations on your design, so you can create multiple colorways from the same basic pattern.
  • I will add all of the colorways to a Collection in order to make them easy (and cost effective) to proof.
  • Finally, I will show you how to make your designs for sale after you have proofed them so that you can become a Spoonflower Designer and qualify for the designer discount. Or you can choose to design just for yourself and keep your designs private. I will show you how to do that too.

Table of Contents

What is Spoonflower?
Making your first design
Uploading to Spoonflower
Creating colorways
Creating a Collection & ordering a Sampler
Check out your first fabric!
Making your designs for sale
Wrapping up
Bonus Lesson: New Update to PicMonkey

This class isn't like a TV show. It's not a 30 minute video that you sit back and watch. I'll be honest; I don't like those kinds of classes and I don't think they are the best kind of learning experience for everyone. 

So, this class and all of my other classes are going to be more like an interactive book. There will be articles, checklists and step-by-step instructions to read. There will be video clips where I demonstrate hands-on parts of the lesson. I will be showing a lot of computer intensive tasks, so there will be lots of screen capture, so you can see videos of my screen as I am working and you can follow along. There are even hands-on samples you can get so that you can see the same fabrics I am talking about and follow along with the lesson.

This "combo" format lets you customize and make the class your own. You can do it at your own pace. Don't want to watch the video? Skip it. Need to do it hands-on? Pop it up on your iPad and follow along on your laptop. Need to have me go over it again? Replay the video. You're more of a get-it-from-a-book kind of learner? Read the instructions in the posts. You can learn it the way that it makes the best sense for you.

About Becka Rahn

I have been a fan and designer on Spoonflower since I ordered my first design in 2008. I am the co-author of The Spoonflower Handbook, a how-to guide to designing your own fabrics, wallpapers and gift wrap using Spoonflower, and I taught a regular series of Master Classes at Spoonflower's HQ in Durham, NC. I have a degree in education, so being a teaching artist is one of my passions.

I am based in Minneapolis, MN where I work as a full-time artist and teacher. My art work ranges from novelty prints to gallery exhibitions. You can see a gallery of my work at my website, as well as links to my Etsy shops specializing in knitting puns and digitally printed accessories. I have received a number of grant awards for my work and I partner with many other arts and non-profit organizations to do community projects. I have served on the boards of directors of the Weavers Guild of MN, Hennepin History Museum and as the state rep for the Surface Design Association. I was also a 2016 member of the international Etsy Sellers Advisory Board. You can find me, all of my social media links, and more at my website:

I spend a lot of time thinking about pixels.

Technology, experience & pre-reqs

Technology: You can watch and read the class lessons either on a computer or iPad/tablet. To follow along and do the projects in class, you just need an up-to-date web browser and internet access. I recommend you do that hands-on part on your computer. A scanner is optional. No other software or equipment needed.

Skill level: Beginner. You don't need any special skills or experience for this class. You should be comfortable with computer basics like navigating a website and uploading a file. You don't need to know how to sew.

Pre-requisites: None.

Start here

This is your chance to check it out for free! We all like free stuff, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need and you can come back and refer to it any time.

I have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

Even though the class is available 24/7/365, please know that I am not online 24/7 and I haven't yet taught my canine interns to answer emails. I will do my best to respond quickly.

So how much does Spoonflower pay you to do this? Do you work for them?

Spoonflower and I are really good friends, but I don't work for them and I don't get any commissions or kick-backs for teaching classes that feature Spoonflower. We have worked together on many projects, including the Spoonflower Handbook, and I am a HUGE fan and Spoonbassador, but I produce, support and teach these completely on my own. All instructions and opinions are also my own; I don't represent Spoonflower in any official capacity. It's just me and a laptop in a tiny little studio in Minnesota.

  • Fun, informative, Becka Rahn is an expert in her field and has a passion to match! Great class!

    — student from a summer FACS teachers' continuing ed conference