The 2021 Reconnect Conference - A 5-Part Webinar Series

For many of us, times have been more difficult than ever.  The losses seem to be beyond what we can count and there's been no time to address them.  As a result, we've been short, we've felt burnt out and we've been angry.  Simultaneously, this dynamic increases the distance and hurt between us.  It's time to reconnect, time to breathe life into ourselves, our homes and our relationships.  

Andrea Boweya, Clinical Counsellor and Consultant Vidoll Regisford and I facilitated 5 sessions in this healing experience on June 19th.  Conference participants shared that the content, presenters and overall experience exceeded their expectations and described it as the best conference they've attended all year.

The 2021 Reconnect Conference focused on helping us learn to face our challenges with the courage, confidence and the kind of grace that fosters healing.  We are glad that the 5 sessions were recorded for you and are featured here as the “2021 Reconnect Series”.  Your ability to address unpleasant and hurtful interactions with care and competence will be augmented each time you review this material.  

Session # 1 - Facilitated by Coach Drew -"How to leverage the pain of Loss and move forward into healing"

This was a privileged and humbling moment of sharing about grief in an environment with those journeying through grief of various kinds.  The common experience of feeling disoriented and how to get grounded was tabled as well as how to access internal resources and some key strategies to define and take your next steps.

Session # 2 - Facilitated by Coach Drew and Dr. Vidoll Regisford - “How to go from Pain to Purpose”

In an interview style conversation, Vidoll and I discuss trauma and how to move forward with a vitalized life after trauma.  Vidoll shares a new definition of trauma and the concept of Life Mapping in a way that is so clear and tangible that all participants felt a true sense of excitement and gratitude for hearing it.

Session # 3 - Facilitated by Coach Drew  - “How to love ‘Em when you don’t like ‘Em”

The reality that being different often leaves people feeling at-odds with each other gave way to the beautiful opportunities we all have to truly value the other person and their perspectives.  We looked at alternative ways to see and experience conflict.  Not only are some key strategies shared to increase patience and affirm the other person on a daily basis, we also walked through the 4 steps you can take bring healing to the hurt caused in conflict.

Session # 4 - Facilitated by Coach Drew and Andrea Boweya - “How to transition out of Hurting in our relationships into Healing”

Andrea brings a totally different perspective to understanding the opportunity available to each of us when we find ourselves triggered and hurting.  The difficulty of understanding where to start the journey of healing is made clear as is how to increase the love in our relationships even in the face of hurt.

Session # 5 - Facilitated by Coach Drew - "How to cultivate calm and confidence in yourself and your child who experiences intense anxiety"

The final session of the conference shared a reality about experiences of anxiety that will help us to understand why daily investment and attention to the language we use is the best way to support long term change in our children’s ability to manage anxiety provoking thoughts.   Learn the language to avoid, the language to use and why.  As a bonus, you’ll appreciate how healthy ways of thinking and speaking builds esteem in our children as well.

These 5 sessions will benefit all who invest the time to watch and listen to them.  

This content is truly life-changing!  

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