The 30-Day ROAR Campaign and Day Retreat

Welcome to the 30-Day ROAR Campaign! 

This is the premiere launch of something that will change your life.This is the 30-Day ROAR Campaign and it's FREE!  Yes, 30 days to get on-board with your dreams, desires and vision for your life. It all starts with ROAR! 

I believe we all need to strategize and prepare for the outcomes we wish to see manifest in our lives, whether it's for next week, next month or next year. When you have a vision and a plan to carry out something phenomenal in your life, it's important to follow through each step of the way.

The 30-Day ROAR Campaign will assist you in the small things we all have to deal with in life like being content, finding time to strategise your next move,  mind focusing, spiritual objectives, mapping out the plan and path to get there, living boldly, and so much more.

This dynamic program combines self-engagement with the online e-course module to give you a reflective experience. ROAR operates on a 30 day cycle. Meaning after you register for coursecraft, every day you'll receive what I call "powerful pushes" into your sweet spot. 

If you decide that you need more of a push, ROARCoaching. is available to you as an additional option. Coaching is a viable tool where change happens in your life because it calls you higher. Everything that you need to transition is already on the inside of you, the coach helps you to release it and bring it forth! 

With Roar Coaching you'll receive (2) 1 hour one-on-one personal coaching with me either online through a zoom presentation or by telephone. You choose the format that's convenient for you. During our personal coaching we'll discuss: 

  • How your internal mind stops you; 
  • Getting masterful; 
  • and anything else that might help shake up the greatness in you! 

And then to top this experience off, come celebrate with me at a ROAR Day Retreat. Yes, you'll be able to spend a day with me and guests to fortify your experience. The goal is to lock in your resolve to take it higher - so we'll have a time when we'll have a celebration dance, we'll have prayer to activate your resolve, we'll eat to live and much more.  For those who sign up they will receive a ROAR certificate at the end of the campaign. Retreats to be determined at a later date based on the cumulative guests who take this course. 

Who Should Take this Course?

If you are in your 20's - you need a road map. If you are 30 years old and you want to continue on your journey with strategic precision, this is for you too. If you're in your 40's, 50's and beyond, you certainly need a compass to map out the second phase of your life. This course is for you if:

How Will the 30-Day Campaign work?

  • The ROAR campaign can be accessed and received through a password protected online site once you establish a password. The host professional platform that I use is called Coursecraft. After you sign-up and make payment, you'll receive on the first day of the challenge an action item that will promote action on your part in a specific lifestyle area. The goal is to awaken your need for change. You are responsible for your change and development and your completion is dependent on your time and availability.  However, I would encourage you to thrust yourself into this - because YOU are the key denominator in changing your life; and 
  • A lesson will be sent to you each day for 30 days. 

I have 2 things I want to ask of you during this campaign: 

(1) Trust that God has so much more for you - allow this process to work for you with God, my help and your commitment;  

(2) Every day you wake up, say yes! That's it. Give yourself permission to grow and change for the better. 

About the Instructor:

Janice McMillian is a Certified Life Coach Trainer and Master Certified Coach based in Wheaton, Md. She has twenty-five years of human resources management experience in the Federal government where she had responsibility for staffing, recruitment and career development.

She is at her best when she is able to see individuals fully engaged in what makes their heart smile - and that's living in their purpose filled with passion. She is an author of four inspirational books, one of which is "Unafraid and Fifty: Pushing the Reset Button on Your Life" published in 2013. She's a motivational speaker and encourager who takes advantage of any opportunity to inspire others to live according to their true DNA code.

You can learn more about products and services that Coach Janice offers at: