The Ramos Clearing Technique

Power of Mind in Self-healing

Many of us understand that our mind is creative and our thinking is responsible for what we experience.

So why is it that we are still stuck in lack, suffering from poor health, debt, little time and unhappiness?

The fundamental beliefs we have about our self are what manifest in our experience. So, if lack is what we experience, then lacking we must be believing our self is.

Yet, A Course in Miracles (ACIM) tells us that we lack nothing and are everything.

What if we could truly believe this about ourselves? What if we could know with certainty that our true nature is one of abundance, health, joy and inner peace? Our experiences would have to reflect this thinking.

So what stops us from accepting these idea as true now?

It does not matter if they are contrary beliefs, past childhood traumas, self-criticism or culturally learned ideas of limitation, they can all be healed and released

The Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT) shows you how you can heal your mind of all negative and non-serving thinking.  It is the mind that made it up and it is the mind that can undo it because it has never been disconnected from the Truth.

The Light of Truth is within all of us and is the power that corrects our thinking. In our willingness to look at where we have misjudged and misperceived ourselves, we open the door to miracles which correct the error in our thinking. What results is healing. The miracle and the healing that results witnesses to our divine perfection. 

If you are ready to heal and willing to know your divine perfection, This course is for you and offers:

  • Two flowcharts based on the principles of A Course in Miracles (ACIM), to learn and follow a mind process to release any type of fear or negative emotion.
  • A third flowchart, the Ramos Clearing Technique (RCT), to address any type of belief, upset, block, resistance, conflict, suffering, pain etc. and bring them to the Light of Truth for healing. This requires self-muscle testing.
  • How to notice when your attention is not in the present moment and use the RCT flowchart to bring it back.
  • How to tell when you are disempowering your mind by making other things causal and creative.
  • How to find the ideas you have given the title of a mighty standard, or false idol, with power to judge you and "make you" into something that is inferior and lacking.
  •  How to use the RCT surrogately with those that cannot communicate verbally to help them with their healing.
  • Tips on using self-muscle testing to find hidden beliefs that get protected through polarity reversal, dissociation, and the splitting of our attention.
  • It also shows you how to test if your chakras and meridians are blocked and how to unblock them.
  • With practice the RCT will help your mind disidentify with your ego, body, and separate will self-concepts so that you can recognize your Oneness with all of creation and with the Source of all Life.
  • This course uses video, audio, and powerpoint presentations to maximize your learning.
  • All future updates to the RCT Flowchart will be available to you through this course with no additional charge.
  • Money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with this Course, you can ask for a refund within two weeks of purchase.

Disclaimer: The purchaser of the Ramos Clearing Technique Course must take complete responsibility for their use of the ACIM  and the RCT Flowcharts. Please consult with a licensed medical provider if you have any concerns, Eloisa C. Ramos is not a licensed health professional. This Course is provided for educational purposes. It represents the good faith ideas of its founder, Eloisa C. Ramos.