An Invitation to Bring Art Outside

Prayer flags can be spiritual and purposeful, with great meaning or they can be just be for plain fun.  Movement created by the element of air and wind, an invisible force of nature.  

When we create there may be a deeper impression visually that we would like to emerge from our hearts and minds.  Functional or just visual the act to create brings a sense of magic and understanding of our world around us. 

Spring is a wonderful time to create prayer flags, they are made to hang outside for the natural world to see. As one creates with peaceful thoughts,feelings and good intention, these impression get passed on into your choice of materials, like stencils, stamps and the choice of color. 

Creating artwork to be hung outside in all elements is something that we may not think about.   We have learned creative artwork has to be functional or expensive and hung on the wall. The practice of creating within our lives has been done for so long and many cultures have inter-graded it  into their life and not kept it separate. I'm a firm believe in Art Saves of being a creative person doing creative things with our hands and hearts. Helping us connect by sharing our spirit with others in our life.

Healing and an attitude of letting go.  Knowing in advance that you are going to create something lovely to hang outside and allow the elements to be part of your creative act can be exciting for some but hard for others.  I personal feel it's adding to our connection to the world and the betterment of that. No matter where you are on you life path there are moments of letting go and moments of much healing.  Getting out of our thoughts and bringing them to good use in a creative act allows us to start healing.  

Using symbolism, visual meaning old or creating our own can be inviting and interesting.  Educating yourself on the meaning of curtain animals, color or shapes can help guide you to tell a story or send a visual prayer  out into the world again with greater meaning. In honor of the sand hill cranes I created a set of prayer flags using stencils, acrylics and art stamping materials.  The amazement of their in born knowledge of migrations just fascinates me. 

You might want to dig deeper into the meaning of Prayer Flags, Check out this Site Here- Traditional Prayer Flags-


Find images online and trace them on a piece of thicker paper and make a stencil, plants, animals, people and abstract designs, sky's the limit when it comes to find images and making your own stencils. 

Graphite tracing, in the course their is a  printable hand out for you to learn how to make a stencil from any silhouette. 


See what you have around house first.  I like to be resourceful with my supplies and creativity. Having limits does something to a creative mind and new inspiration can come from it. Not being wasteful has a larger impact on our environment then we think.  Even reusing old sheets or other materials for this outdoor creative project can involve the whole family or a community project.   

You will need a sewing machine...but they can be sewn by hand too, which can fulfill a need of touch in tactile ways.  Much like knitting, crocheting or mending. 

A fun art tool to have, is a Gel Press , it's a clear printing plate or see another well know company, Gelli Arts though you can do the flag with out them. 

They are fun to make too  Here's the link to make one at home. 

Knox Gelatin Plates   

 Watch how to make a permanent Gel plate on You Tube  

Everything and anything goes on a prayer flag

I've taught the art of making creative prayer flags as a class and workshop in the past and here are a few of my student's flags. As you can see ribbons, threads, fibers and wonderful printed patterns were brought to surface of the sheet material and made into colorful flags. 

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What do you do with old Prayer Flags?

What they do with the Tibetan Prayer Flags when they become to torn and broken they burn them. Where by uses another earthly element to the process and cycle.