PEACE - Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence

Welcome to the PEACE course 2021

The PEACE - Peace, Empowerment And Cultural Emergence course is one of 3 modules for discovering and deepening into the Cultural Emergence toolkit.

This module focuses on the practices for the Nourish & Empower phase. It gives us the opportunity to deeply connect with ourselves, each other and the more than human world. It is an experiential, interactive journey to finding peace and empowerment within ourselves. We can carry these tools forward to emerge a peaceful culture in our own lives. We could also name it a retreat or an experience. 

Cultural Emergence is a toolkit for expanding our positive impact in the world. It is designed to support us to bring about fertile emergence in our own lives, in our groups and communities and take this into the wider world.

Our course vision is

* To create a peaceful culture in our lives

* To learn, experience and embody the Nourish and Empower phase, practices and principles of Cultural Emergence

* To Nourish and Empower ourselves as change makers, and enable deep connection to ourselves, each other and the land to bring us into a state of fertile Cultural Emergence.

Find our more about Cultural Emergence and get copies of Looby's book Cultural Emergence here

Practical information

The course material will consist of videos and activities with a forum for sharing reflections, comments, stories and questions. This forum will create a rich source of connection and emergent wisdom from the group. We want this to be an embodied, integrated experience for everyone, so each lesson will have a home play activity and/or some reflective questions for you to go away and try in your own life. There will be the option to form self-organising peer support groups.

There will also be 4 group calls on 25th March, 8th April, 22nd April, and the 6th of May at 6-8pm UK time. (If you can't make all of the calls that is OK).

The material can be covered in an hour or 2 each week, and then the time you take incorporating the activities into your life and sharing stories is up to you.

Enrollments are open now, and the course material will be available from 15th March. We will close enrollments on 23rd March.

There are 3 modules for Cultural Emergence. I am a great believer in non-linear learning so these modules can be taken in any order. It is useful to have done the taster course to give an understanding of the premises. This is a short course that can be taken alongside the PEACE course.

We hope to offer the PEACE course again in the Autumn. The CEED (Cultural Emergence Effective Design) course will run from May - July. The ACE (Activating Cultural Emergence) course is open for enrollments at any time.

Meet the team

Looby Macnamara and Jon Young will be your lead facilitators through this journey. We will be joined by a team of support people who are in the middle of a year long facilitator training. There will also be some special guests during the course. Also helping behind the scenes with admin, is Emma - who will be answering your emails if you have questions. You can contact her at

Your facilitation support team is Kate Gathercole, Regina Paul and Lukas Knopp.

How we have benefited from Cultural Emergence

During the PEACE course we will learn

• how to use the Cultural Emergence toolkit in our own lives to become more intentional in making our relationships kinder, more connected and truly regenerative.

• how to integrate the principles and practices of Cultural Emergence into our everyday lives to empower us to make changes

•deep nature connection practices to enhance our well-being

• tools and principles for creating an active practice of Peacemaking in our lives, for ourselves and our relationships

In this video the team share some of the ways in which they have benefited from the toolkit and from being part of a Cultural Emergence learning community.

A culture of participation and exchange

We are keen to make this course accessible to people, and acknowledge that this is a challenging time for many people, and even without COVID there are many inequalities globally and with different demographics. And we also know that there are people out there who have a healthy financial flow and can direct some of that towards the work we are doing and to support others to be on this course. A face to face course would normally cost hundreds of pounds, but we can offer it for less because we don't have venue and food costs.

We are therefore offering a sliding scale, please choose whatever sits well within your financial means (you can also choose increments within these suggestions).

£50-100 supported by the community rate

£125-175 standard rate

£200-275 community supporter rate

£350 for those feeling able and willing to give extra support (with this extra money we can offer more bursary places and support the facilitators).

Bursary places - we are also offering some places for free, for people who can't afford the £50 rate. Particularly for those in majority world countries, youth, single parents and anyone else who is really keen to engage but struggling at the moment. Please reach out to Emma if you would like to join on a bursary place -

Table of Contents

Welcome to the course
Tea Break Chat
Introduction to Cultural Emergence
Introduction to the Nourish & Empower phase
Connection practices
Introduction to the 8 Directions, Archetypes & Attributes
Connection to ourselves
Connection to each other
Connection to the More than Human World
Core Routines of Deep Nature Connection 1
Growing Ropes
Group call 1 - opening circle
Prep for call
Group call recording - opening circle 25th March 2021
Trust & peacemaking
Introduction to this set of pages
Building Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

The course will be focused within the timescale of the group calls - from 12th March when we open until the 6th May. The material will be available to you beyond that, but the forum will be monitored by the team until the end of May.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at