The Premier Pregnancy Practice ™ ELITE

Curious about what the Premier Pregnancy Practice can do for you?
Watch this video to see what this brand new doctor was able to accomplish in less than 6 months of opening her very first practice!

Is your dream to own a Premier Pregnancy Practice? What's holding you back?

Here are the common stumbling blocks that my clients reported BEFORE we started coaching together; even if they were "certified" or trained in Pregnancy care.

* Lack of confidence * Feeling alone * No good resources * No personalized attention * Fear of judgment * Feeling "stupid" for not knowing the answer * Stress

Dr. Karen, just wanted to say wow...I've learned so much and I'm only into the 2nd module. This is the stuff we need to know in everyday practice! I could listen to you all day long!        ~ Dr. Katie Gelesko Stull

Joining the Premier Pregnancy Practice ELITE Family will give you:

*Live feedback without judgment or fear
* New knowledge
* Refinement in your techniques and case management
* Depth of knowledge-immediately. You'll be practicing as if you have 25 years of pregnancy chiropractic experience
* Increased your status in your community as "THE" Pregnancy Doc
*1:1 Coaching calls AND live, video interaction while you care for your pregnant and postpartum patients.

This class has been phenomenal so far. Thank you so much Karen Gardner Richter DC!              ~ Dr. Katie Samsel

I am currently accepting 5 new members at this time.

Option #1 (Best value)

$3,597 once

Option #2

10 payments of $370/month

Hi Dr. Karen, ,

Hope you're having a wonderful new year. My wife and I are really enjoying going through your modules. The information is so well organized and applicable. Kudos to you!
Thanks for all you do.
Yong Gu Kim 

Are you ready to be THE Pregnancy Chiropractor in your town?

Option #1 (Best value)

$3,597 once

Option #2

10 payments of $370/month
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One on One Mentoring Calls
Group Coaching
Module 1 - Intro to office Procedures, Consultation, Exam, Care Plans etc.
Office procedures, Consultation, Exam, Care plans and more.
Sources for this Module
Bonus Materials
MP3 Download of Module ONE
Quiz Module One
Module 2 - The 5 Neurological Complaints of Pregnancy
Neurological complaints of pregnancy.
Bonus Handouts
MP3 Download of Module TWO
Quiz Module Two
Quiz Review

How long do I have access to the materials

You have lifetime access to the materials as long as your payments are up to date. Once your account balance reaches zero - you STILL have lifetime access to the courses.

What happens if my payments are not up to date?

If you choose to pay in installments, but your payment is denied (credit card # expired, etc) you will not be able to access the course content until your payments are up to date. Once they are, you will instantly gain access to everything again.

Is this a subscription?

No way. You may choose to pay for your tuition at once, or pay in installments. If you chose installments, you only pay until your balance is zero. Then there are no more payments after that.

What if I need one on one coaching? Is this part of the program?

YES! When you join the Premier Pregnancy Practice - ELITE, you will have several one on one coaching calls included in the program as well as weekly group coaching calls.

Plus, there's always the option to add more 1:1 coaching (at a discount) at any time.