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The Place To Start When You Don’t Know Where To Start

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What Is #NakedForChange 101 (#NFC101)?

The reason you think you can’t is the reason you should – Kyle Cease

Do you feel stuck in your work or life? Does your current state make you feel anxious? You know change is needed for your happiness, but fear and lack of clarity has held you back.

You long for a life with passion, meaning, and greater flexibility. But the idea of starting over is overwhelming and you're questioning your ability to make this change happen.

#NFC101 is the place to start when you don’t know where to start. It’s an action orientated, transformative, online program designed to empower you to start living a happy life on your terms.

I believe you want a trusted advisor and program to help you navigate the most effective route to personal and professional happiness, saving you valuable time and avoiding the cost of unnecessary mistakes. 

This program is a limited intake program, with only 30 places available to ensure a high quality experience for all participants.

Goodbye Stuck
Hello Happiness

Is This For Me?

This program is for curious beings feeling stuck in work or life but willing to invest and commit to learning how to make lasting change.  If you’re seeking to level up your happiness, #NFC101 is for you. 

Who It’s Not For?

Making personal change is hard work. Let’s face it… if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. It takes commitment, introspection, uncomfortable action and accountability.  I know from working with hundreds of kin, just like you, that the magic of lasting change happens when you learn to get comfortable with discomfort.  

If you’re not open to: 

·      straight talking, action based learning

·      doing things differently

·      eliminating the belief that you’ve tried everything before and it just doesn’t work for you

·      collaborating with like minds traveling the same journey

…then #NFC101 is not for you.

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Only 30 Places Available

How Does #NakedForChange 101 Work?

#NFC101 is a collaborative online learning experience that runs for four weeks. I keep it simple. #NFC101 is broken down into bite sized pieces so you can focus on one step in your journey at a time.  

There are four lessons to complete at a recommended pace of one per week. Each lesson is supported by an action sheet. These action sheets offer you simple ways to use what you’ve learned in real life. I’ve also included a list of  amazing resources to expand your personal development.

I am all about helping you to embed the happy change you seek, so I take things one step further by providing you with:

·      Office hours.  These are two live one hour online sessions (in weeks 1 and 3) where I will personally answer, via live calls, any questions you have about what you’re learning.    

·      A Community Of Like Minds.  Upon enrolment, you gain access to the collaborative #NakedForChange private Facebook Group, which includes not only current students but Alumni. This is a supportive place for you to share your discoveries and seek feedback. I am very active in this space and regularly contribute to conversations.

·      Accountability Coaching. A twenty minute one on one coaching and accountability session with me one month after completion of #NFC101.  

·      Surprise Live Interviews.  I like to share my friends.  So I bring in a few diverse rockstars during our time to share their #nakedforchange stories and tactics via Facebook Live.

For a more detailed overview of #NFC101 and the program content take a look at the program outline here.

I recommend carving out two hours per week for your #NFC101 journey. I have found that two hours is the amount of time that has proven most effective for graduates.  

However, I appreciate that everyone learns at a different pace so don’t stress if you don’t get through everything in four weeks. You have lifetime access and you can continue your journey whenever it suits you. You can also come back and retake lessons if you need a refresher. Take a look at We’re With You For Life below to find out more.

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#NakedForChange 101

What Will I Learn?

We are here to kick start happy change NOW.  #NFC101 will teach you how to:

  • break happy change down into bite size pieces, reduce overwhelm and increase the motivation to start now
  • create the headspace to explore what makes you happy
  • make fear your friend and positively shift your attitude towards failure
  • evolve your personal purpose and let it guide you toward the change you seek
  • let go of the need for perfection and learn the magic that lies in getting comfortable with discomfort 
  • gain clarity on what happiness looks like for you in the next year and use it as a north star to guide your decision making 
  • identify the gaps and opportunities that exist between your current reality and your happiness and turn that into a plan of attack 

Find Your Happy Here

What Impact Will #NFC101 Have On Me?

Upon completion of the #NFC101 program you will have:

  • Greater clarity on what makes you truly happy and how it can be leveraged to curate a life you love
  • Confidence in your ability to make impactful change
  • Self satisfaction in knowing you can face fear and leverage it to your advantage  
  • Support from myself and a peer community to reduce the overwhelm associated with making change
  • Greater resilience to manage when things don't go according to plan
  • A toolkit that will consistently serve you in any change you seek to take on; now or in the future.
  • A concrete master plan to a happier life
  • Greater happiness knowing you’ve made the first step

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Only 30 Places Available

What Do Past Students Have To Say?

  • I wanted to thank you for supporting me to be part of the program and for providing such a structured yet flexible approach to tackling change. I feel like the tools and resources you have given me will stand me in good stead and I love how wide their application will be from professional challenges to personal ones.

    For me, the amount of content per week was really manageable - there was no fluff or BS - it all cut right to the chase and was really valuable. I loved the tech platform itself that you used, the weekly emails, and how responsive you were on Facebook and via email. I also devoured a lot of the additional resources and appreciated the recommendations!

    I certainly got a lot out of the course and will continue to revisit my plan on a page and happiness statement on a regular basis. I’ve also found that little phrases and ways of thinking have already seeped into my daily life and I’ve used them to support others (telling them that I got them from you of course!).

    — Carmen
  • I loved that it was a weekly thing and it wasn’t so demanding that I didn’t have time to listen to the lessons and look at all the extra tips you gave us (Ted talks, blogs etc) whilst still doing the weekly activity plan. I loved that it felt like I wasn’t alone doing it and that you were there in the background to help if needed. Even though you weren’t physically with me when I was doing the program it felt like you were close at hand if needed but all of it was so well explained and thought out that I didn’t feel like I needed that much help, more just the time to do the self reflection and get going with my action sheet. I also loved the Facebook group.

    — Olivia
  • Penny helped me ask the right questions. I found that she could help me look at obstacles/ challenges from a totally different perspective. Her program provided the structure and support that i needed in order for me to explore my challenges and fears. I found my contact with her has provided inspiration and forward momentum in my own activities.
    The program has given me tools which will continue to help me navigate my future. Thanks so much Penny.

    — Anna
  • You've helped in ways I didn't expect, I am getting more comfortable with the uncomfortable and I like the way you've helped extend my thinking. This has been the next step in determining what my priorities are and how to find a way for my work to align with them. I have and am still finding in the program incredibly thought provoking and ever inspiring. It's not overwhelming and it's not stressful. Penny's enthusiasm is a motivating factor and her interviews with women from her network have really opened my mind to ways of thinking I had not tapped into for a long time.

    — Hillary
  • Thanks Penny for the wonderful, inspiring and motivating course!

    It’s helpful to hear that you have to believe in yourself, get something positive out of your mistakes, reach out for help and enjoy the journey.

    Thanks to the program I took a step back from my busy life, took the time to reflect, reorganise, dream, write down my goals and start over with new energy and optimism.

    — Susan
  • I found myself living my life for others and not myself. This course helped me to refocus on what is really important to me. I'm excited about the changes I'm going to make.

    — Dimity

Goodbye Stuck
Hello Happiness

What Is The Happiness Guarantee?

Customer happiness is my number one priority. That's why I only offer #NakedForChange programs that have been tested and proven to create happy change.

I love what I do and seek to make the lives of my students happier. I am not in the business of taking money from people who don’t believe they have received value from their investment. 

I will happily provide you with a full refund for any program purchased if you believe you have made 100% commitment to the program, undertaken all of your homework, yet feel I have fallen short on my promise to you.

I’m With You For Life

I love my students and seek to support their ongoing development. Once you invest in a #NFC101 program, you have access to it for life. As long as I offer that program, it is yours to access. You can retake the program at any time. You will also gain access to ongoing updates and additional resources as I evolve the programming based on feedback from past students.

You will also be given Alumni status upon program completion. This provides you with lifetime access to the #NFC Facebook Group, which enables you to benefit from ongoing conversations with new students every time the program runs and in between.

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#NakedForChange 101

What’s The Investment In My Happiness?

The #NFC101 program is jam packed with valuable tools that support the creation of happy change and has a market value in excess of $999.  However, I am on a mission to teach 100,000 women by 2020 how to nail their happiness, so it’s important to me that I provide a program that is accessible and affordable to those who commit to making change.

$199 is all it takes to secure your spot on the #NFC101 program. 

Now is your time to put this stuck feeling behind you and take the first step towards happiness on your terms.

Goodbye Stuck
Hello Happiness

What Happens Next?

Once you've enrolled, you will receive your login details along with a welcome email confirming the next steps. When you login to #NFC101, you will find the Welcome lesson waiting to greet you, along with a bonus Intention Setter action sheet.  

On the official program start date you will receive details of your first lesson via email in your inbox. Each Monday, for the following three weeks, you will receive details of your next lesson in your inbox. Or you can login every Monday and make a head start on the new materials.

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Only 30 places available

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work for me?

I have witnessed the material in #NFC101 impact many lives and create greater happiness. Experience tells me that if you create the space, commit to learning and the action required to complete #NFC101, then you will move closer to your happiness.

The tools, insights and actions I share have enabled me to exit a successful executive career and curate a life driven by purpose and passion. #NFC101 has worked for me and many others. I am certain it can work for you too.

I am a firm believer in the impact this program can have. Therefore, I offer a Happiness Guarantee. Scroll up to find out more.

How do I know I'm ready?

Ask yourself… if nothing changes in the next twelve months and your life stays exactly as it is today, how will you feel? If the answer is… I can’t bear the thought of it, #NFC101 is what you need now. Don't wait for the perfect plan because I can tell you it doesn't exist. The clarity comes in taking action.

Remember the longer you wait, the longer your happiness will take.

How do I know that I can trust Penny Locaso to deliver?

I am a whole hearted, renowned change expert with almost twenty years of experience in supporting people like you to make happy change in their lives. This is the work I love. In the past twelve months alone, I have enabled greater happiness in the lives of over 1,000 change seekers across the globe.

I have been published and quoted in the likes of Huffington Post, Daily Mail UK, SmartCompany, Conscious Magazine, StartUp Smart, Smarter Magazine, The Age, Womens Agenda, The Sydney Morning Herald & NZ Entrepreneur.

Is it worth the investment?

Ask yourself… how much is your happiness worth? Can you afford to spend more time feeling stuck, unhappy, and overwhelmed? I know when I left my old life behind, I felt sick, exhausted, and burnt out. I had a nagging sense that I was simply surviving rather than living it. This program is everything I learned in my journey and through assisting many others with their happy change.

I am absolutely confident that #NFC101 will create happy change beyond your investment. I so strongly believe in the transformative nature of this program that I offer a Happiness Guarantee.

I will happily provide you with a full refund for any program purchased if you believe you have made 100% commitment to the program, undertaken all of your homework, yet feel I have fallen short on my promise to you.

Do I have the time to do this?

Your happiness matters as does the wellbeing it provides. If you feel stuck now and do nothing, how do you think that feeling will evolve over time? What further impacts will it have on your current level of happiness and wellbeing? Two hours a week is a small gift to yourself to create the space for the things that matter in your life. I challenge you to find the time and create the focus to enable happy.

How will I stay accountable and on track at the end of the four weeks?

Once you complete #NFC101, you will have your follow up accountability and coaching session with me along with ongoing access to the #NFC Facebook Group. This peer learning space is a great way to continue your journey and post your challenges and learnings as they come up.

I have another question how can I contact you?

Something burning that hasn't been answered here? Email me directly at

Goodbye Stuck
Hello Happiness

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