A Simple Concertina Book from A4 Paper

A 30 minute lesson with just a few materials!

This is a simple way to have fun with a small concertina format, and a few materials, as taught on Karen Abend's online Sketchbook Revival 2021. Every year I work with Karen on her Sketchbook Revival series of artists workshops. This is a fantastic sharing opportunity for artists and participants alike. Every day, for two weeks two artists teach mini lessons, these range from technical illustrations to mini concertina sketchbooks.

For many of us, staying focussed has been hard this last 15 months, so this is a quick 30 minute lesson, with many possibilities to experiment more. I have only used basic inexpensive materials, and you can adapt these and find interesting alternatives.

I have used dry materials, but you can make this booklet with watercolour paper if you would like to use wet materials.

It is a great lesson to do just to get back to being creative - without having to worry about 'drawing properly' or to do with children of all ages.

It is a 30 minute lesson, with ideas to extend it, and a printout to help you.

You have lifetime access.

You will need

A4 printer paper x 3

Coloured paper/ Patterned paper x 2

Magazines x 2



Glue Stick

Woody pencil or waxy crayon or lipstick!




Spare paper

Wax candle or Black/White oil pastel

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A 30 minute lesson with just a few materials!