Early Maths In Nursery

This course is a module within 'Purposeful Provision.' It acts as a standalone module however it would be beneficial to view other modules. It used to be called 'Early Maths' however I have since made a lot of changes and updates to it.

This in-depth course delves into the foundations of mathematics in Nursery. 
Linking theory to practical activities and the curriculum, the course is intended to support practitioners working with children on a daily basis.
Practitioners will understand how to support children moving from the very start of their mathematical journey through to their exit into Reception.

Please note there is a forthcoming separate course for Reception. I did not intend to separate Reception from Early Years in any way, however the content is huge in Reception and had to be placed into a separate course. 

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Table of Contents

Early Mathematics
Changes to the EYFS
Skills and Knowledge progression
Schema and Scheme
Early Maths skills
Shape 1
Developing rich language
Principles of counting
Principles +
Shape 2
Keeping it real
The fiveness of five
Problem solving

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Don't miss out
It's the best course ever