Early Mathematics - Jan 2020

This course is designed for practitioners working with children on a daily basis. It will also be of interest of parents and those with children in their family or those interested in mathematics and Early Childhood Education.

This in-depth course delves into the foundations of mathematics in the Early Years.
Linking theory to practical activities and the curriculum, the course is intended to support practitioners working with children on a daily basis.
Practitioners will understand how to support children moving from the very start of their mathematical journey through to the expected outcomes for the Early Years.

Whilst this covers Birth-End of Reception, the majority of the content is aimed at those working either across the entire age phase or 2-5 year olds. The content on under 2s is limited and practitioners might not get as much use out of this course.

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Table of Contents

Early Mathematics
Quick note on the Curriculum
Pre-number skills
The power of schema for maths
Principles of counting
Developing rich language
Keeping it real
The fiveness of five
Problem solving
Books for maths

Frequently Asked Questions

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Don't miss out
It's the best course ever