A Marketing Tool for New Notaries (Verbiage Email /Letter)

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Marketing your Business w/ a Simple Tool

Simple, but impactful verbiage to introduce your product and Services as a Notary Public doing General Notary Work or Loan Signing Agent Services. 

Objective: To achieve market growth and Market penetration by creating or formatting a simple, yet effective marketing tool(s) which may be used by any Notary Public/ Loan Signing Agent.

Methodology: To reach the objective, a sample format document(s) outlining marketing verbiage and/or approach(es) will be used parallel to the 4Ps of Marketing (already incorporated). This tool will serve as as marketing tool for seeking leads and/ or to promote one's services as a Notary Pubic doing General Notary Work, or Loan Signing Agent work.

Outcome:  What could I learn?
At the culmination, you should be able to format a relevant, inclusive, impactful marketing tool to disseminate such by whatever means necessary (E-mail, Letter, Postcard, or rework verbiage into a prompt for phone call use) to seek/reach prospective clients in the Notary Public field as a way to introduce yourself, your services and gain clientele.

ONE TIME PAYMENT Don't miss out
It's the best course ever

Disclaimer: This is for information purpose and it is not intended to, or replaces any legal advice. We are not Attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas & may not give legal advice or accept fees for LEGAL advice. If you need assistance with document preparation seek the assistance of the appropriate entity licensed to do so.

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First Things First
Lets Collaborate!
Lesson # 1 Marketing Tool
Video- Entering Existing Market
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