Making beautiful letters - a modern calligraphy workshop

Have you ever wished you could write a beautiful script? Do your gift tags need to be prettier? Or are you looking for a new hobby - something affordable, a little challenging and really rewarding to learn? If you're creative and ready for a new adventure, Making Beautiful Letters is for you!

My online workshop is for absolute beginners and it's really easy to get started. You'll learn the tips and tricks of modern calligraphy at your own pace, with a new tutorial delivered by email every week.

You will need a calligraphy pen and pointed nib, ink and some quality printer paper to get started. I use a Speedball Oblique penholder, Nikko G nib and Sumi ink on HP laser paper - there are links to buy all of the above at the bottom of this page including a 10% saving on my modern calligraphy kit, which includes all of these, a brush lettering pen (which you'll need for tutorial 5) and a 36 page inspirational book!

The workshop is based around 6 video tutorials of calligraphy demonstrations, tips and advice. Each video is around 5-10 minutes long. Every week you'll receive a new video, which comes with practice worksheets for you to print.

We begin with the basics - how your calligraphy pen moves and writes. Then we look at a lower case alphabet, then we learn capitals. I'll show you how to plan the layout for a short quote, how to change the style of your calligraphy with different letter shapes and joining strokes. I'll introduce you to brush pen lettering, and tell you which inks and papers I use for more colourful and experimental calligraphy projects.

By the end of the 6 week workshop you will know how to write a beautiful modern calligraphy script with a traditional dip pen. You'll be ready to develop your own lettering style, and you'll be writing and framing your calligraphy quotes to hang on your walls!

Basic supplies for this tutorial:

Speedball oblique penholder* | Nikko G nib | Sumi ink 

and for Tutorial 6: Tombow dual brush pen

*Left handers can also try a straight penholder. It's always worth trying both, even if you're right-handed. I advise right-handers to begin with the oblique holder, and experiment with a straight one after a couple of hours' practice.

Available from:

In the UK... (recommended for fast delivery) (for Tombow markers)

In the US...

Most pointed nibs will be fine for this workshop - I use the Nikko because it's great for beginners, but if you have a pointed nib already you should be fine. 

Likewise with inks - your local art shop is likely to sell calligraphy inks, and any black ink such as 'Calli', Winsor & Newton calligraphy ink or Indian ink will work well.

Save 10% when you buy my modern calligraphy starter kit, which includes a 36 page book full of exercises, examples and beautiful illustrations to inspire your calligraphy journey! Quote the code BEAUTIFUL when you order online at

Your FREE Christmas printables!! 

I've included two FREE Christmas printables with the course - they can be used to:

- make a special Christmas card

- print, frame and decorate your home for the festive season

- inspire your calligraphy practice! From Tutorial 4 onwards we look at different script styles: this is a lovely, stretched organic lettering which will challenge your new skills! 

When you sign up, just select these as add-ons and you'll be able to download them for FREE!