LIVE.RIGHT.NOW, An 8-Day Self-Examination Course


What does "living right now" mean? 

  • Releasing outdated, negative ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you; 
  • You are the power in your world which means you have the power to choose how you react to life; 
  • Utilizing the gifts, talents and abilities on a consistent basis that make you unique;
  • If you don't like what you are experiencing, create something else.

If this is not happening in your life, now is the time to start.

Welcome to the 8-day self-examination course, LIVE.RIGHT.NOW.

Everyone has an idea of what their ideal life should look like. The problem is - most of us are not in pursuit of it and we don't know how to create it.

Because of life circumstances, many of us are stuck in a life doing what we have to do, instead of our highest hearts desire. It may even seem like an uneventful journey. We see our life passing by and we have no control over it. The sad reality is that many of us experience less and less satisfaction as the years go by.

This online course is the encouragement you need to jump start your efforts to start a new path of awareness and discovery. By taking small transformative steps, you can live right now in the moment. By implementing a plan you can move from where you are to where you want to be. It's that simple. With the right motivation, you can start today!

LIVE.RIGHT.NOW is filled with implementable assignments that'll have you engaged and ready to make changes in your life.  The lessons include:

Day 1 - The Self-Examination

Day 2 - Where Do I Go From Here?

Day 3 - Taking Immediate Action

Day 4 - Make it Fulfilling

Day 5 - New Belief Systems

Day 6 - Habits Fuel Your Beliefs

Day 7 - Work Less, Achieve More

Day 8 - Conclusion

You'll also receive the following goodies to help you jump start your dream:

  • a motivational MP3 word for the day;
  • the downloadable lesson to insert in a binder
  • a certificate good for (1) 45-minute coaching session that you can use at any time;

How will you access this course: 

  • The LIVE.RIGHT.NOW online course can be accessed and received through a password protected online site once you establish a password. The host professional platform that I use is called Coursecraft. After you sign-up, you'll receive on the first day an action item that will promote action on your part in a specific lifestyle area. The goal is to awaken your need for change. You are responsible for your change and development and your completion is dependent on your time and availability.  However, I would encourage you to thrust yourself into this - because YOU are the key denominator in changing your life; and 
  • Because this is self-paced, you have access to the lessons as often as you desire. Though there are 8 lessons, you can choose to read them all in one day, or once a day. Whichever is easy for you. Absorb the information at your own pace. It's up to you! 

About the Instructor:

Janice is a certified life coach, a master certified coach (MCC), self discovery coach and a board certified Metaphysician based in Wheaton, MD.

What is metaphysics? It is the ability to find out who you really are. It's about understanding that you can get what you want when you find it within yourself. It's about appreciating everything that God created. It is the ageless, immortal and living testimony of God's power working in you! And it's waiting to be awakened and discovered in a whole new way!  

Janice is at her best when she is able to see individuals fully engaged in what makes their heart smile – and that’s living in their purpose filled with passion. She is a writer, author of four self-published books, and an encourager who takes advantage of any opportunity to inspire others to live according to their true DNA code.

To learn more about what I do, please visit, for more coaching information and services.

Photos by Unsplash.