Indigo a gogo 2... Out of the Blue

I am so pleased to offer you the long-awaited sequel to my Indigo a gogo course, which I’ve structured as a 3-day self-paced online workshop.

Out of the Blue is an expressive drawing and painting course designed to give you the opportunity to develop abstract work from your imagination, the process or your preferred subject or starting point, all the while leading the way, naturally and methodically, from initial drawings to fully realised paintings.

From first studies created with dry media we will layer up the materials and approaches in a way that will guide you gently through your ongoing investigative process. You will build up a series of studies, paintings and collages that will culminate in a final piece, while also providing the stacks of work and inspiration from which you can develop a body of work.

As Carolyn Roberts says:

    “If the first course (Indigoagogo) was the warm up, then Indigoagogo Out of the Blue is the main event.
From delving into the history of our fascination with all things blue, to a quick ‘chemistry’ lesson on how our favourite indigo/chunk is made, this course follows on from the first, taking us from mark making through ‘ripping & joining’ to look at our work with fresh eyes, utilising the full range of the indigo…fabulous!!”

I designed the first course as a fun investigative workshop, encouraging you to discover the unique qualities of the indigo chunk all wrapped up in my exploratory teaching style. This sequel pushes the possibilities of the blue into the full colour spectrum. I continue to encourage play and curiosity with a set of exercises and a carefully selected combination of materials. From charcoal, graphite and chalk through to inks and watercolour, this mixed media approach, when combined with an insight into my personal creative process, will gently encourage you to dig a little deeper and increase your awareness of the possibilities just waiting to be discovered.

With the opportunity to purchase various kits of the Wallace Seymour materials that I work with in this course, you too can be seduced by the alchemy…

I was so inspired by the gestural work that was created by so many people in response to my first course that I invited artist Liz Ackerley to contribute to this sequel. She has produced an inspirational film with insights into how the indigo has influenced and enhanced her own approach to mark making, specifically on location, and as she says:

      "I originally signed up for Janette’s first Indigo Course and loved it. I was so inspired by the way we were encouraged to explore the media and get the most out of it. But in this second course, Janette takes things to a whole new level. She generously shares exercises to enable you to transform your ability to use indigo alongside other media in your work. She introduces inspired techniques to enable you to have fun as well as digging deep and getting the most from the materials. Janette’s creativity and ability to facilitate your explorations shines through. Most importantly, this course goes beyond techniques. Having watched Janette’s rigorous and creative approaches in the videos, I am left with a renewed enthusiasm for my own subject matter with lots of ideas stimulated through the explorations she let the magic happen!!"

You will be able to tap into my wealth of painting and teaching experience, which is revealed in the full-length demonstration painting films and ongoing reviews. Having worked through the entire course myself, filming every stage and thought process as I go along, this experience has actually given me a group of studies and ideas for developing my own body of work beyond this course.

Out of the Blue incorporates the indigo from the get go. We will work through a series of guided exercises, layering on the other materials with an increasing awareness of the ongoing conversation that is arising out of the process. Literally from ‘the grounds’ up, I will encourage you to become more attuned to what is evolving as you progress through the course, and then how to run with your results.

Working with a loose nod to landscape , my ‘reaction to abstraction’ approach will lead you to fully explore the art of composition and help you realise a body of strong authentic work.

           Observe, sense, act, react, create and reflect… repeat...

So, join me on this magical alchemical mystery tour and commit to a creative journey with an awareness of subject, materials and yourself.

Let the conversation begin...

Janette Phillips 2021

Kit A

What will you discover?

  • The origins of indigo
  • A little bit of science and history around the colour blue
  • Insight into the development of the Indigo chunk
  • To work both expressively and with intention
  • To work freely with dry media
  • To work expressively with wet media
  • To experiment with both wet and dry media
  • To explore the unique properties of the indigo pastel in combination with inks and watercolours
  • To play and respond to prompts as you extend your mark making
  • To tune into your own creativity
  • To review your work to help you develop it further
  • How to generate a body of work from a single starting point
  • The benefits of using grounds
  • the best way to mount and frame these pieces
Part 1 Welcome...
Welcome to Indigo a gogo 2 - the sequel...
Art Supplies
Wallace Seymour Art Kits
1.2 Settling in...
Blue is the Colour...
Where does this beautiful Indigo blue come from?
Q&A with Wallace Seymour
1.3 Limbering up...
Are you ready?
Warming up with your dry media
Extend and Reflect
1.4 Taking A More Fluid Approach...
Get into the flow with wet and dry media
Rip it up and Start again...
1.5 A different perspective
A Shot of Inspiration from Liz Ackerley
Part 2 Into the Mix...
Creating Mixed Media 'Stacks'
2.2 From the Ground up
From the ground up...
2.3 Rip it up and Start Again
Taped off, an investigative half hour...

How long will I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the lessons for the 12 month lifetime of the course up to the end of February 2022 so please feel free to devour it over a day or to take your time. It's your choice!

Do I need to have done the original Indigo a gogo course first?

I recommend that you do as that course demonstrates what you can achieve with it on its own terms. This course then builds on that with a mixed media approach.

Do I need to be an experienced artist to do this course?

This course is suitable for all artists who are open to working with curiosity and a willingness to play and explore this versatile new material in combination with other materials.

Where can I get hold of the Indigo and the Wallace Seymour Art Kits

I have stock available for you to purchase direct from me. Detials of the kits is at the end of the Welcome section within. the course. Please email me at to place an order. This includes p&p in the UK. I have sent this out all over the world - so if you are not based in the UK please ask me for the postage rates to your country.
You can also buy it from in Glasgow and online.

What materials will I need?

Indigo and other drawing stones / Charcoal - various thicknesses /
White chalk / Rubbers - putty and/or plastic / Ink and watercolour paint / white gouache Pencil / pencil crayons / Paint brushes - various eg ; from rigger to 4” decorators / Mark Making tools - dip pen, bamboo pen, sticks, feathers etc / Glue stick / masking tape 9 scissors Cartridge Paper plus any other surfaces and papers you would like to try out. / A Water Spray is useful / OPTIONAL Gesso or textured acrylic mediums to prime and prepare paper surfaces.

Can I share any content from this course with my friends?

As it has taken a lot of time to prepare this online course I would appreciate it if you did not share any of the content with others. All the information is for the sole use of the individual subscriber and not to be used in any form without written agreement from Janette Phillips. I am happy for you to share your work on social media but please tag me or give me a mention and do use the hashtag indigoagogo to spread the word!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

I am afraid that once you have accessed the course I am not able to give refunds. Your feed back is important to me though so do please get in touch if you have any problems.

How much time will it take to complete this course?

I designed this course as a 3 day workshop but you may want to spend more time on each section and make an exploratory week or two of it.

Is there a Facebook group for this course?

yes there is a private FB group for both the indigo courses. The link is on the welcome page.

Can I ask for your feedback?

Yes, do post your work in the facebook group for general comments. If you would like to book a 1-2-1 session then do get in touch with me directly.

Time to Indigogogo
Prepare to be inspired