Integration of Collage and Mixed Media

Layers, Mediums and Collage Papers

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Falling in love with the art making process is what this online course is about.  We all wish that we can see it and make it just like we see it but that doesn't happen very often. So we have to learn, make mistakes, learn more and build on our own experiences. I've broken down the process I work with in easy steps. 

Practice and exercises will be encouraged through out to learn how to layer all the different art mediums.  Working with the Tack Iron or a house iron you will fuse collage papers scraps that are coated with gloss medium to a watercolor paper substrate. The building of the layers of Gloss Medium and other media will aid in the attraction to this way of art making. 

You will learn to listen to your own voice, when making choices about what you should do. You could be asking yourself, "do I like this, if so then lets keep this here." Or you might ask and find the answer to be no I don't like it. You will be reacting and responding to your artwork with action steps.  Choices can be overwhelming but freeing right along side, like a creative dance.  It's not easy to be in this process, it takes practice and a bit of slowing down to ask the questions. 

Areas where you find you are not happy with will help you work at see what you can do differently and fix it in so many wonderful ways.  We are working with design elements, like color, value, texture, shape, size and line.  

Our references are being pulled from an inner sensation of balance and harmony verses using an image or real reference as a subject matter. Though that can be done with collage this online course is not focusing on that. An image of an animal may slip in as we work through our final two projects. 

What you start with and what you end up with is a very intuitive process. The layers you start with end up being pushed back with another layer of art materials and collage papers. Each layer is building upon the other. We can't help but start to see the rich stories begin to be revealed.  

We will focus on the Cruciform composition which resembles a cross, this will have us working with the 4 sections called quads over the surface, lending itself nicely to our layering and integration. 

Most of the time we are by ourselves creating our art and we have to be able to make these choices for better compositions with in our work.  We can ask other peoples opinion but it's our work so why not get in the practices of the process of trusting our own choices.  

There are many downloadable handouts

Instructional Illustrated booklet downloadable

Video's I believe I have 20 video's in this course...processing through every aspect of the layering, integration of collage and mixed media. 

 Dream to Instruct 

8 x 8 

Collage on 140lb Watercolor paper

Watch the Slide Show

A quick slide showing the progress from start to finish allowing you to see how the layers are built up and what a final Integration looks like of collage and mixed media. 

PowerPoint Slide, 1:30 minutes long. 

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Table of Contents

Supply List
Collage Papers
Prepare-Coating Collage Paper
Exercise #1
Exercise #2 continue, 1 color with white acrylics
Exercise #4 and #5
Collage Exercises
Collage #6 Exercises
Exercise #7- Continue with Collage Papers
Exercise #3 Starting with Collage Papers first
Exercise #3A
Exercise #8 Collage Blocking and Glazing
Gathering all the Steps into one piece
Exercise #9 Visiting all the Layering steps
Exercise #10 Picking out the papers
Exercise #11 Collage,Glazing, Shadowing
Exercise #12 Many details
Starting with Collage papers First
Dragonfly Dance Part 1-3

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