Intentional + Intuitive Goal-Setting

The winter 2021 self-paced and group coaching version of this course is now full. The self-paced course option will remain open. I have tentative plans to open the group course again in Sept. or Oct. 2021.

Are you tired of feeling like a passive participant in your own story — but aren’t sure how or where to start building an authentic life that you love?

Want to conquer self-doubt and start taking action on your dreams, but need guidance and encouragement? Looking for support and useful strategies to better understand yourself, and gain confidence that the life you dream of is one you can create?

Then my course, Intentional + Intuitive Goal-Setting, is for you. I’m Catherine, a writer and life coach whose expertise is in helping people discover who they really are, what they really want, and then take the actionable, practical steps to start making it all happen. I’m an expert in intentional living, and I want to help you mindfully and authentically take actions to build a life that reflects all of your potential and capabilities.

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Testimonials for Intentional + Intuitive Goal-Setting

"I think I’ll look back on this course as a turning point in my life. A lot of that is the commitment I made to myself when I signed up (pats self on back). I got so much out of it because I put so much in (and was able to put so much in because I literally had nothing else to do (shower, see friends, volunteer) - thanks, pandemic). But I was able to follow through because of the high quality of the process, flow, materials, and support you poured into this course. I’ve recommended the concept and this specific course to many friends - I hope they join future cohorts, and have a similarly impactful experience as I did. I think everyone can benefit from being in the driver’s seat of their own lives."

"Catherine’s course is well worth the time and financial investments. I finally learned the tools to organize my thoughts and identify my values to create actionable goals—for now as well as the future. I don’t typically enjoy group calls and chat rooms, but the course community was super valuable in terms of sharing experiences and gaining insights. I already miss my cohort!"

"I took this course because I wanted to finally consciously determine my values in order to live a more intentional life. Did it meet my expectations? YES!!!! The homework “forced” me to sit down and do the actual work, adding structure to the thoughts that had been floating around in my head. Taking this course helped 2020 suck a lot less!"

"Catherine's coaching is both kind but firm, imaginative but realistic — she has a way of making you see something from a viewpoint that was absolutely staring you straight in the face but you were too afraid to acknowledge it; she has a way of inspiring courage in people."

"Your course was excellent. It really prompted me to do a lot of valuable introspection, and introduced some practices that I am still using in my daily life."

"Your course totally exceeded expectations. The structure and pace worked well for me, so it was relatively easy to invest fully."

Who is This Course For?

This is for the person who feels as if they don't yet truly know themselves but is ready to go on a self-discovery adventure. If you've struggled with perfectionism, people-pleasing, codependency, self-doubt, and wondering what you even want out of life and what goals to go after, this course will be a game-changer for you.

Through my process, you'll be guided into deeper self-knowing, get in touch with your intuition, learn tactics for overcoming perfectionism, and learn to trust yourself and your desires.

The people who will get the most out of this course are those who are looking to...

-Stop making decisions out of fear
-Overcome a sense of stuckness
-Move past feeling frozen by perfectionism from taking action
-Increase their self-trust
-Rediscover their intuition
-Learn tactics for overcoming self-doubt
-Discover their authentic values and inner guideposts

What You'll Get


Guided meditations to drop deep into inner knowing and get you in touch with your intuition
Customized workbooks and thoughtful journal prompts that will help you set your vision
Quizzes to discover your core values and goals
Instructions on how to create vision statements and boards
Step-by-step guidance on how to turn vision into actionable goals


Weekly 75-90 minute coaching circles where we will share insights, ask questions, and get coached by Catherine
Lifetime access to a Slack community of other students just like you doing this work


Understand yourself and your needs clearly
Have a clear, defined set of values
Create a vision statement and board that will inspire you going forward
Gain the confidence to make intentional decisions that align with who you are your core
Create 3-5 values-aligned goals with guidance of how to turn them into actionable steps
Feel like you're on a path in creating your life, not just letting life happen to you

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The Modules

Each week, you’ll get access to a different lesson with a different assignment on the following themes:

Week 1: Envisioning your perfect day and accessing core feelings 

Week 2: Clearing space to let intuition come in

Week 3: Tracking time, money, and attention

Week 4: Discovering core values 

Week 5: Relearning how to dream big

Week 6: Developing your unique goals and taking aligned action

Week 7: Creating your vision statement and vision board

Week 8: The 90-day goals plan, and reflection

How it Works

The course has lessons to go through once a week for 8 weeks. For these weeks, Catherine will walk you, via the modules, step-by-step, using guided meditations, journal prompts, quizzes, self-reflection, and assignments, to help you get in touch with your values, your desires, and to create the self-trust you need to live authentically. 

By the end of the course you’ll have discovered your 5 true values; created 3-5 values-based, authentic goals along with an intentional vision board and vision statement; have an actionable plan on how to move forward with your goals; and most importantly, finally really know what you want out of life and how you’re going to get it.

The Group Coaching

Here's where the rubber really hits the road; in this version of Intentional + Intuitive Goal-Setting, you also have the option of joining Catherine weekly for 75-90 minute coaching calls. These calls will blend a mixture of coaching, accountability, guidance and community to help you accelerate your learning and insights.

Coaching calls will be held on Zoom and recorded so you'll always have access to the playbacks, even if you can't make it live. 

The Winter 2021 cohort will be doing calls at Sunday 1pmET weekly, starting February 7th 2021 and ending March 28th 2021. Replays are provided in case you cannot attend one or more of the live calls.

Group coaching is right for you if you thrive with community, accountability, and some extra attention; we also use the group calls to explore roots of perfectionism and the inner critic, so if those are areas you are looking to overcome, the group will be wonderful for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?


Should I take self-paced or the group coaching?

It depends! I'm partial to the group because I believe we can go deeper into your self-discovery, and I will also be teaching about blocks like perfectionism, overcoming shame and fear and more around goals on the calls — plus you will get 90 minute group calls every week, a new group of friends, and life-time access to my private Slack community with dozens of other like-minded women working through their perfectionism and sensitivities, just like you.

The self-paced is probably your best bet if you're not sure you'll have time every week to devote to the modules, and would like to work through this alone or at your own pace over time.

Remind me again what I get if I do the group coaching?

8 60-90-minute group coaching calls A community of nearly a dozen like-minded people to share your insights with Direct access to your course peers and Catherine via a private Slack community A deep sense of healing, in my opinion. If you struggle with perfectionism and vulnerability, I challenge you to try the group coaching course. Allowing yourself to share insights and be witnessed by others in a loving space is very validating, affirming, and just plain cozy and sweet. The groups are very gentle and nourishing.

Will you open the course for enrollment again in 2021?

Yes, the self-paced version will be open again come late Spring 2021. I will likely do just one more group coaching version of this in fall 2021. I must admit I go where my heart leads me in my business and don't operate by a very set schedule, so if you are interested in this course and it's been calling your name, definitely take it now in case I don't run it in the future.

How much time should I expect to dedicate to this course?

If you join the groups, our calls take 60-90 minutes once a week. Outside of that, and for the self-paced version, you can expect to dedicate 2-3 hours a week on assignments, journal prompts, and more, for 8 weeks. Most assignments are a sit-down-and-do-in-an-afternoon-or-evening kinda assignment, but a couple of weeks (clearing space and tracking) involve smaller daily tasks throughout the week.

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

I encourage you to contact me with your concerns. There will be no refunds for this course, but I am open to feedback, insights, and what you felt did not meet your expectations.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at

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