How to write an Effective Business Plan that works E-course

Are you Interested in the Business Plan Writing and Financial Literacy? Then this course is for you!
This course has been designed by  Award-Winning Educator and Author Samora O. Sobukwe. Sobukwe walk students step-by-step into the World of business plan writing and financial literacy. With every lecture, exercise, and activity, you will develop new skills and improve your understanding of business plan writing and business development.   
This course is fun and exciting, but at the same time we dive deep into the structure and techniques needed to start and operate a business.   

This course is packed with practical exercises  and quizzes that guide learning and comprehension. So not only will you learn the theory, but you will also get some hands-on practice building your own business model with our workbook the Top 12 Components of a Business plan.

Who this course is for:?

This course is great for youth ages 6 & up. All students who register for this course will receive the Free downloadable workbook the Top 12 components of a Business Plan. 

See What People Are Saying About our Course:

" My daughter took an entrepreneurship class with Samora Sobukwe 4 years ago and she is still bearing fruit from the experience! Samora met my daughter where she was, guided her through defining a thorough business plan that she was able to implement and supported her along the way; she always looked forward to having class. The online learning environment he created was encouraging and engaging and a perfect addition to our homeschool. As parents, my husband and I also appreciate that every interaction that we had with Samora was positive and affirming. Samora still checks in on our daughter; she has since created several business plans and plans to earn a business degree" 


"Thank you so much for providing such an awesome experience for the Innovators. Your seminars are first class"!!
Adrienne Starks, PHD Founder and CEO STREAM Innovations, Inc.

Cart (0)Samora Sobukwe is an Award-Winning Educator, Author and the Founder and Director of Unique Seminars which is a company that specializes in Business Plan Writing and Financial Literacy. ​He has authored the “Top Twelve Components of a Business Plan Workbook”, “Thirteen Valuable Lessons Two Parents Successfully Taught their Homeschool Children”, and “The Power of Planting Entrepreneurial Seeds in the Minds of Black Youth”. Over the past 17 years he has taught basic entrepreneurship principles, business plan writing, economics and government to youth in public and private education, led and participated in community-based projects, and served as Economic Development Coordinator for an international organization. Samora has participated in numerous conferences and workshops throughout the United States presenting on topics such as Economics, Business Plan writing, Financial Literacy, Goal Setting and Entrepreneurship. 

​He holds a BS degree in Secondary Education from Alabama A&M University, a Master of Teaching Economics (MTE) and Master of Teaching Entrepreneurship Education (MTEE) Certifications from the Council for Economic Education (CCE) and a Certificate of Completion to teach International Economics.