Goddess Initiation

What is this Course all about?

Overcome Fear

Strengthen your spiritual connection

Allow yourself to enJOY!

Center yourself in the heart

Release Trauma

Awaken your authentic Feminine Power!

Unfold your psychic gifts

Integrate your inner child

Establish healthy sexual connections

Live your passions

Embrace your purpose

Trust, Feel & Experience more!

Be the Queen

Master your Reality!


The Feminine POWER Mastermind is a 10 months Online-Programme with 10 Archetypal Feminine Powers from the Tantra Tradition. They are forms of the Goddess Kali - who is transforming the world in 2020 powerfully. 

The programme acts as a catalyst to overcome your deepest fears, as well as your most limiting beliefs, which hold you back from living your full potential - and from manifesting the world you wish to live in!

The Feminine Power Mastermind opens the doors to reclaim your true feminine power from fierce to gentle, from gracious to wild - to step into your biggest gift - YOU. It supports you to get rid of distractions, strengthen your spiritual connection, master abundance and manifestation, embrace your true passions, heal your inner child and balance negative and positive emotions! It brings clarity like not other programme, as it combines Eastern and Western psychology, spirituality and material life into a transformational Self-Realization Course.

Based on Archetypal Soulwork and Parts Work from Western Psychology using spiritual Eastern Tools, this mastermind is a powerful way to integrate parts of the psyche, which have been suppressed and hidden for too long. Women have been unconsciously denying their greatest gifts in patriarchal societies, out of fear for being 'exposed' for what in reality is a blessing to the world. 

Hence, the programme is not easy, in fact it is challenging. It will bring up a lot of inner barriers and protective mechanism for not showing up as who you truly are. But, it holds a mirror in front of yourself every time you step into these practices. And it´s absolutely worth it! 

After completing the 10 months you'll be clear and relaxed about WHO YOU TRULY ARE, trusting that this is your time to be wholly & holy YOU, comfortable in your own skin, following your intuition and proudly showing up with your gifts in this world ~ because you are a blessing to everyone of us.  

We will work with movement, shamanic journeys and personal development to overcome:

• procrastination

• family conditioning 

• childhood wounds

• limiting beliefs

• negative emotions

• inner toxic masculine and feminine battles

• shadow aspects of self

• unhealthy relationship patterns

• people pleasing

• and much more...

lead by Anna Sofia, Master Healer, Movement Facilitator & DJ.

This course is a deeply transformative, eye opening and creatively designed for awakened women to connect with the Divine Feminine Nature - to apply these tools in everyday life, for:

✔︎ fulfilling work

✔︎ healthy relationships

✔︎ emotional & mental wellbeing

✔︎ instant manifestation

Each video was filmed in a power spots in India and in Bali. The videos are a transmission of this energy. Each Souljourney was channeled in meditation in a cave in the Himalayas and is a transmission of different frequencies of the Divine Feminine. 

All the techniques have been studied, taught and proven effective over more than ten years by working with hundreds of people in India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Germany, Spain, Indonesia and Morocco.


What's included in the Course?

✔︎ 10 Feminine Embodiment Practices • Videos 

✔︎ 10 Guided Archetypal Souljourneys • Audios

✔︎ 10 Written Mindset Assignments • PDF's 

✔︎ 10 Deepening Practices & Rituals 

✔︎ 10 Playlists, one for each Archetype 

✔︎ Private Facebook Group for Sharing & Support 

✔︎ Weekly Coachings with Anna, Intuitive Coach & Clairvoyant Healer

✔︎ Lifetime Access to all Content 

✔︎ optional upgrade to a Coaching Package at bonus price


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999€ in March 

1299€ afterwards

March 2020 - December 2020


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It's a transformational journey

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"Dear Anna, I've just finished the goddess initiation (finally!). As a yoga teacher I took this training for inspiration and knowledge. I found much more than I expected and I see myself calling all those different goddesses for guidance. 

I deeply thank you for your amazing work that I can tell comes from your heart.

Love & Light" - Emilie (FR)

"Anna, I'd like to thank you for this really sweet course. It was a very interesting experience which I really appreciated, even though it wasn't easy sometimes. Well, that was part of the journey. At the end of every week I was already looking forward to what would come up the following week. I liked all parts of the workshop (body practices, meditation, the questions, the altar) and the way you put it together made sense for me. I learned more about myself and about parts in/of myself I didn't get in touch with so far or rather in a different way or more intensely. In that way I learned new ways how to access and uncover some of my so far 'hidden' parts. Also I'm able to observe more and transmute attitudes and feelings more often in a more constructive way. Thank you very much!" - Stephanie (GER)

"Hi Anna, thanks so much for a great course. Also, I’m truly grateful for the private sessions I had with you. It has all given me a lot of insights and things to work on going forward. All the best for your retreat in Morocco and perhaps see you again in Rishikesh if I decide to return :)” - Anna (SW)

"The course is AWESOME!
Goddesses are cool!
Each week I had a new realization as the goddess seemed to be aligned with my life. 
Thank you Anna your incredible!!! <3" - Rebecca (AUS)


Meet Your Facilitator

Anna holds a powerful space of presence in which transformation happens naturally. She guides people to find their power within and live their full potential. Her ability as a psychic and master healer is to mirror and bring to the surface what is ready to integrate - shadow and light. Her work includes shamanic earth and light energies, tantrik tools, DNA activation and living from an expanded state of consciousness in everyday life.

She has spent numerous years in the Himalayas meditating in a cave and learning from an ancient sage as his only disciple. Several months Soul searching in the Sahara desert and 17 years on the path of Eastern Wisdom, Earth Healing and Body-Mind-Connection.

Through two Kundalini Awakenings she was called to transmit the messages of the Divine Feminine to the world. Her wish is that everyone allows their dreams to manifest, so that they transmit Joy and Harmony to the world.


Who is this course for?

You are a meditation practitioner and want to go deeper into tantrik principles You've done yoga, meditation and women's circles, but feel called to go deeper and include tantrik principles and meditations into your practice. You are interested in the secret teachings of India and and how to use spiritual practices to unlock the power of the subconscious mind.

You are a yoga & meditation teacher and want to enhance your skills with Hindu Goddess wisdom

You have gotten your certificates and want to learn new tools to refresh your classes, take a playful approach to movement and intuitive flow, plus learn about ancient yogic practices anchored in the Divine Feminine, Tantra and Self-Inquiry.

You have a deep interest in the ancient wisdom of India
You are interested in the wisdom, ancient traditions and Tantrik practices of Mother India and the Himalayas, so that you can tap into your full potential and connect to a tradition that is still alive, helping you to uncover the life force within.

You love to dance, move, meditate and feel your Feminine Energy
You love to feel your body, express yourself freely and allow energy to flow where it most needs to go in every moment. You are well connected to your emotions, listen to your intuition and love to discover your feminine nature and all the ways the Divine expresses herself through you.

You are called by the Divine Feminine and want to awaken Kundalini
You have heard the name come back to you again and again. You are feeling called to attend women´s circles, read about feminine archetypes and had some direct experiences with the Divine Feminine, energy cursing through your body, dramatic life changes that lead you to question everything or visions that you'd like to understand, integrate and explore more deeply. You are ready to take the next step and integrate everything that´s coming up for you. Welcome home!


Join Now

999€ in March

1299€ aftwards

March 2020 - December 2020


Join Now
Connect with your Feminine Essence

Payment Plan

10 payments of €139/month

One-Time Payment

€1,299 once

One-Time Payment + 10 x VIP Coaching

1 payments of €2,997/month

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'm here to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at