Divine Guidance, Divine Direction & Divine Love - ebook

Well hello there!

In this ebook we are looking at ways to counter and deal with the current CV situation in a spiritual way with Divine Love at the helm. Herein is Divine Guidance, Divine Direction and Divine Love and Hope. Read and absorb the beautiful vibrations flowing through me as I write just for you

In the past year I am changed and transformed in so many ways I feel the need to share the new me to the new you that is reading this. 

I write this in the middle of the Lockdown here in Southern Ireland and I am glad to report it is having a great effect, the lockdown that is, with only 29 cases of the CV thing so far.

SO... How is it for you?. Is your life unfolding the way you hoped it would when you put together your new 2020 resolutions? 

When you put together your vision board or action board for this monumental year of change and transformation??

2020 has not disappointed so far has it? Change and transformation has arrived in spade loads!

Unexpected gifts have appeared through the pain of disease for many people. Man made or natural happenstance who knows however the sky is now clear! So clear, in fact, you can see most planets in the night sky easily without a telescope.  We are breathing fresh air and so are our children!

The human family are having their values re aligned, to the care of self and each other in a way that embraces the whole. They are learning to work from home and save on the energy bill of petrol and diesel. They are learning to look out for each other in the face of adversity. They are learning that ones health is the true wealth because no matter how much money you have you cannot buy health and happiness.They are learning to love and be grateful for their food, water and each other.

Again I ask, how is it for you? Has it been trying in the extreme to stay indoors on lock down without the ability to go out, exercise and go to the shops, meet friends for a  coffee and a chat? 

Do you feel discombobulated or have you learned through the years that the only true health comes from your ability to sit in silence, find your centre, ground and align with Earth and with the Universe so that the inner game is a rich one, yet at the same time peaceful and calm. It is not long before your inner landscape affects your outer world and your life takes off in many different, diverse and stimulating directions, as love opportunities abound.

Lets take a closer look at your individual bodies to feel into where you are at.

Physical: What is happening for you physically?

Has the rest from the daily commute  or dose of clients or work commitments been beneficial? Does your body feel that the pressure is off? Is it enjoying a well earned rest or are you one of the frontline working in a supermarket or a food bank, perhaps you work in a care home for the elderly. OR are you a health practitioner in a hospital feeling overstretched, overwhelmed and vulnerable with inadequate protection? 

Are you enjoying having more family around you, talking, sharing and chatting or is that an irritant? Are you missing your space? Are you managing to get enough food and supplements to make sure you stay well? Are you able to get enough exercise and are you able to chat to folks on the phone/computer.

Are you eating more? Do you reach for a bag of crisps or a biscuit to fill the gaps? Do you feel you are eating too much and worrying about your weight? Are there enough Netflix series, you ask yourself, to last for weeks to come? Write down whatever thoughts come up for you in your daily journal.

Mental: How has this enforced change in living affected you mentally?

Are you worrying about the spread of this disease, how it may affect you or your family. 

Are you constantly asking , "what if" questions and terrorising yourself with negative scenarios for you and yours? 

Is it making you feel more tired than usual? Do you feel you can cope well or not at all? 

Are you on your own feeling very lonely with no-one to reach out to?

Does the stress you feel overtake you? Zapping your energy? 

Do you get sucked into the Facebook chatter or Twitter talk? Ending up  giving your energy away on fruitless arguments and discussions- you feel drained, stressed. 

Did you know that stress is the chief culprit when it comes to compromising and depleting your immune system?

Emotional:  What fearful emotions are running freely through you causing anxiety?

Are you constantly and compulsively watching TV News and listening to all the reports about the epidemic? Are you reading as much as you can get your eyes on in social media and the media in general. A friend assured me very seriously the other day that they weren't over doing the news they were ONLY watching the Lunchtime, Teatime and 10 o'clock news daily. Not much then??????

Are you aware of the effects that this can have? 

The collective consciousness is heaving with fear around this situation and when you live on Earth as we do, know that simply by breathing, you inevitably take on some of the fear. 

Be aware and counter it with positivity and a higher vibration such as Divine Love. 

What you focus on is what expands in your life. So if you are constantly energising this CV then it will hang around so how about sending it Divine Love and simply asking it to leave the stage now. It has played its part in the #GreatTransformation, as I believe this age may become to be known as, in centuries to come.

Emotions like fear and anxiety can lower your immune system's ability to operate at optimum levels, it can cause depression as well. 

You may have noticed waking up with a horrible dull anxiety in your solar plexus as when you slept the effects of this fear came in to you. What do you do about that? I feel that you may have picked it up when you were out 'working' as a healer in the night.......make sure you ask for protection from Archangel Michael, most high, if you feel you go out and about. Also, it is so intense just now, you may simply pick it up anyway from the Collective Consciousness.

Let me explain the Collective Consciousness. The 'CC' is like an energy "bank" 

Think on the bank balance as this......Everything is energy and vibration, we are it and we are surrounded by it and 'in' it. Think on 'it' as a huge cloud that is listening and absorbing everything we feel and think building a balance of thoughts and feelings that we have contributed. It is absorbing the fear, panic and anxiety plus the negativity big time right now ergo it behoves those of us who are consciously aware of this to counter it by contributing as much positivity and love as we can. (There are millions of us working in this way to great effect).

The CC is there - not to be avoided, it hears us, it sees us and is listening all the time. We don't actively need to contribute, it just absorbs the energies we collectively and individually are emitting, equally, we don't have to draw down from it whatever is going on, it just comes into us. What goes up must come down ! 

Therefore we need to protect ourselves at a time like this more than ever to prevent the systemic erosion of our positive energetic systems. We are all transmitters and receivers, we are all energy!

Therefore it will serve us well to 'accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative' - somebody wrote a song about that in the 40's.


Our spiritual bodies are yearning to be seen and heard even more and the wonder is, with not being allowed out, most of us have more and more time to meditate, contemplate and reflect on many things, not least the value system that humanity had built up for themselves on the planet. It has all come tumbling down. What importance now do the car, the clothes or shoes, or make up you wear matter when you cant even go out for a cup of coffee.

It is all about building a wonderful, grounded yet spiritually connected relationship with your spirit and soul, with your beautiful self.

The answer has always been and still is going within to find your peace and quiet. The still point at the centre of your being where all is calm and all is quiet. This calms and disperses the noise of the busy life you lead or led. It just dissolves away as if it never existed. As you go there, to your inner sanctum, your inner temple, your Church of Divine Love within you become more and more aware of when your head becomes active and starts to rule once again. 

Staying in your heart is what your spiritual body, which is home to your God/Goddess self wishes to feel, see and hear.

I hope you have taken the time to tune in to your own bodies and check that they are happy and calm. Root out where work is required and make sure you heal yourself if you can and I believe we all can. If you need a hand then you and I both know friends, therapists and counsellors abound and you can get help. Reaching out is important.

Your Immune System

Is a magnificent thing, an entity in its own right and you can visualise it, send it love and light and generally care for it in a very real way. You can feed it with all kinds of naturally occurring 'good' things such as Vitamin C and extract of Elderberry. You can dialogue ith it to measure how efficiently it is operating and ask how you can help it. You can also take steps if you haven't already done so to simply eliminate stress in your life.

What is the main cause of your stress? Have you explored alternative ways of dealing with it, different ways to achieve your life goals or do you need to look at amending your life goals? 

Is your stress caused by your job situation? Have you looked at alternatives seriously? Have you spoken with your employer? 

Is it your relationship, is your partner taking equal responsibility in the relationship. Does he/she show up and take their share of the strain of day to day living. If not, now is the time to be speaking up and out for sure. Sitting on anything like that and staying silent is doing you a lot of harm physically and mentally. You need to choose to speak your truth. Yes it takes courage but when you do it, it is so liberating. You may fear your partner and if that is the case there are many 'bodies' in society there to listen, to hear and see you and assist you find a place of retreat. Don't stay stuck!

When you shift from a place of stress to a place of peace, inner and outer, your life will take off. Your blood pressure will normalise and all kinds of maladies will simply and miraculously heal and disappear. 

Shifting from stress to peace and talking about it is common place and there are no longer hangups surely about seeing a therapist or counsellor to help you with your life.

There are many hospital workers and medics who are very stressed at this time.

I would like to express masses of gratitude to all those who are in the frontline of this pandemic. We cannot thank you enough however remember you are not there to self sacrifice. Make sure you have the protective equipment you need, stand up, speak out -  shout out if necessary to be heard above the noise. You need the correct equipment to ensure your safety. You need to truly care for yourself first that is excellent self esteem. It is also common sense, you cannot really help others if you are not well and strong enough yourself.

Start with you and start now.

For many years I have successfully used positive affirmations to help build me up - accentuate the positive as I have said. The amazing thing is as you do this with loads of passion and love power you bring them alive. They come into being in your life and the negative weaker aspects fade away.

Simple statements such as 











Say these as often as you can think on them. Develop a positive habit of saying them at a particular time everyday. Morning is best  - sets you up for a positive daily experience.

Please feel free to visit my website and explore a range of positive online programmes designed and made with you in my heart and mind.

Bless you and yours

Onwards and upwards

Patricia xx

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