Look into your heart. 

Do you KNOW there is more for you in this life? 

Are you ready to shake off the inertia and step boldly into it? 

The process won’t be easy...

but it WILL be worth it. 

It's time to EMERGE


Lay claim on the ultimate freedom and lasting fulfillment that is your birthright as a human being.

Guided in Collaboration by

Natalie Backman + Danielle Graham

Danielle Graham

Danielle Graham is meditation and Yoga Alliance Registered 200 Hour Yoga Teacher (RYT-200). Now practicing for over ten years, Danielle is committed to creating and offering spaces for rest and (un) doing. She is equally committed to creating and teaching in spaces that are diversely represented, universally accessible and inclusive of all people of every hue and body type. As a meditation and yoga instructor, Danielle’s teaching centers around practices of stillness that include meditation, yoga nidra and restorative yoga. She is a strong advocate of rest and stillness. She is in private practice which is located in the Fairhill Partners Building and also teaches at Abide Yoga, both in the Larchmere neighborhood in Cleveland.

Natalie Backman

My relationship with yoga spans nineteen years and I've been devoted to sharing the teachings for the last seven. In that time, yoga has grown from a purely physical experience to a holistic reintegration with my heart. It has become a means for mental clarity, emotional stability, a life's purpose, and spiritual path. As an initiate of the Sri Vidya Tradition, I am profoundly grateful to belong to an unbroken lineage of Tantric Yoga devotees, reaching back several thousand years.

A 500-hour Experienced Registered yoga teacher and YACEP, I remain a lifelong student. I follow, primarily, the teachings of Sri Vidya according to the Himalayan Tradition as shared by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD.

I share a modern approach to Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, interweaving Vinyasa Krama, Yoga Nidra, Mantra Japa and Meditation. Devotional Practices and embodiment work with Divine Feminine and the Mahavidyas is becoming increasingly significant in my personal practice as well as in how I teach. I teach only what I have embodied through practice, as I gain the power of transmission. I guide with the intention to help you not only strengthen and purify your body, calm and stabilize your mind, release self-limiting behaviors and beliefs, and manage your vital energy, but most importantly, to facilitate the sweet remembrance of your sacred Self.​

Founder of Imagine Fest, Co-Founder of Sakti Rising, Co-Host of the sun, the moon & the Truth podcast, Co-Teacher for Embodied Sakti 300-Hour YTT  

Certified Yoga Nidra Guide + Certified Vishoka Meditation Teacher

Beginning January 2022

Endeavor on a 6-month journey of transformation from breakdown to breakthrough.  

With Tantra and yoga as our guides, we will traverse the trials and tribulations of the mind in search of the secret of the Yoga Sutra: the everlasting joy awaiting you in the cave of your heart. 

EMERGE is taught in three stages...

  • Stage I : EXONERATE your mind  Restore your mind's pristine nature through Sutra 1:33 
  • Stage II : EMBOLDEN your heart Through trustful surrender, remember the joy inherent to your heart, and delight in the experience of life 
  • Stage III : EMBODY your soul's purpose Guided by ancient Tantric wisdom, identify your soul's desires and let them unlock your unique purpose - that which propels you to truly thrive

Freedom + Fulfillment

This transition is the calling of our time

Are you ready to move away from fear and limitation - toward freedom and fulfillment?  

Are you ready to let go of your victimhood and become the hero of your story, instead? 

Are you ready to claim your birthright: a peaceful mind, joyful heart, and unique purpose in life? 

Okay then, let's get to it. 

We are looking for twenty brave souls ready to step into the fullest expression of themselves. The journey will be intense, transformative, and deeply nourishing. The teachings and practices are directly inspired by the Yoga Sutra as shared through the teachers in the Himalayan Tradition. 


  • EMERGE is open to aspirants anywhere in the world.  
  • We are seeking twenty participants to devote themselves to this process.
  • We will meet via Zoom. 
  • All group sessions will be recorded, and private sessions can be scheduled to your convenience.
  • Sessions will include asana, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra, study of the Yoga Sutras + ancient Tantric texts, and a massive amount of self-inquiry.  
  • There will likely be laughter, tears, and everything in between.  
  • Be prepared for a bumpy ride. 
  • Trust that every struggle is worth the joy waiting on the other side.


Stage I : EXONERATE your mind

Sunday, January 23rd 9am-2pm : Kleshas, Samskaras, Vasanas + Vikalpa 

Wednesday, February 2nd 4pm-5pm : Community Check-In

Wednesday, February 16th 4pm-5pm : Community Check-In

Sunday, February 20th 9am-2pm : Sutra 1:33 - Chitta Prasadana + Sankalpa

Stage II : EMBOLDEN your heart 

Sunday, March 6th 9am-2pm : Sutras 1:26-1:30 - Trustful Surrender

Wednesday, March 30th 4pm-5pm : Community Check-In

Wednesday, April 13th 4pm-5pm : Community Check-In

Sunday, April 24th 9am-2pm : Sutra 1:36 + Devotion to Your Inner Radiance

Stage III : EMBODY your purpose

Wednesday, May 11th 4pm-5pm : Community Check-In

Sunday, May 22nd 9am-2pm : Dharma - Your Soul's Purpose

Sunday, June 5th 9am-2pm : Seva - Selfless Service

Wednesday, June 15th 4pm-5pm : Community Check-In

All Times are Pacific Standard Time

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Required Reading

The Secret of the Yoga Sutra SAMADHI PADA 

by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD


The Four Desires

by Rod Stryker


  • Yoga Mat + Props
  • Journal you can devote to this journey
  • 10-pound sandbag or bag of rice (you'll find out why...)
  • Meditation cushion or pillow 
  • Eye pillow or scarf to cover your eyes


EMERGE is an investment of $1,108

A monthly payment plan is available of $190/month 

*this includes $5 extra/month to cover fees

$108 is reinvested into our Scholarship Fund

Scholarships are available, please contact us directly to apply 

Apply for a Scholarship

Preview the Journey

Welcome to EMERGE
Welcome to EMERGE
EXONERATE your mind
Sutra 1:33
From Animosity to Friendliness
From Cruelty to Compassion
From Jealousy to Happiness
From Self-Righteousness to Non-Judgement
EMBOLDEN your heart
Santati - Continuity
Advaita - Non-Duality
Vishoka - Joy Beyond all Sorrow and Pain
Bhakti - Devotion
EMBODY your purpose
The Four Desires
Drafting your Dharma Code
I can, I will, I must - Crafting a compelling Sankalpa
Conflicting Desires


How long do I have access to the course?

Twelve Months. Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material to process at your own pace over the course of our time together + six additional months. Ideally this will encourage commitment, while allowing for extra time to process and digest, if needed. Each module, along with the support materials, will be posted to CourseCraft within 24 hours of our live sessions.

Do I need to register for all three stages?

Yes, this is a complete process. Commitment is very important for genuine transformation.

Is there any other way for us to stay connected over the six months, outside of the live sessions?

Yes, there will be a closed social network we can utilize to stay in contact with one another. There will be one scheduled 'office hours,' in which you can join to check in, ask questions, and reconnect with the group. You will also receive one private session with me during Stage III.

Please explain about the scholarship opportunities.

If you feel called and compelled to participate in this course, but do not have the financial investment available, please let me know. If the desire and the commitment are there, the means will be there, as well. Together we will find a way.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?

I'm very happy to answer any questions you might have. Send me an email at