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Hi All..Welcome to my Digital Dreams online workshop.  These lessons will focus mainly on the Ipad (Ipad 2 or preferably 3 and up) using Procreate and a few tutorials using Corel Psp for the PC (free 1 month download in link ). I have been creating or playing around with digital art since about 1997..maybe before. Of course the capability was nothing compared to what it is now. I used to just alter my art and make cards..but I never tired of doing it and have always updated any digital tools that I had.  So I guess you can imagine how thrilled I was when I got my IPad and looked at all of the available art apps that could be purchased.You know I bought them all the first day.  The cost is very affordable considering you do not have to keep replacing paints, inks, pencils and stamps. Like a kid in a candy store, for sure..!!

So I just want to say a few things about your own expectations in learning these techniques.  When you see my finished creations..they are usually considered complete after many hours, layers, fixes, and failures later.  Many people stop doing digital art because they think that after a few "steps"  the outcome should be complete..and when it looks very unfinished or like a "beginner" created it..they give up. Most of my pieces have hours of work over time.  For instance I may draw something on paper one day, add watercolor another, scan it into ipad or computer another day and then the imagination kicks in. That is where the real digital creating comes into play.  After experimenting (and erasing or reversing many many times) exploring different  brushes, tools, stamps, layers etc..not liking the outcome, and starting from scratch where the time goes.  Im telling you this because in the beginning, you will definitely not like many things that you create..but the magic just reverse, or delete and start waste at all....actually each time that happens you are learning and fine tuning what you do and dont like. It happens over time and it is all a part of your adventure and inner toolbox for continued success.

So just enjoy what you are learning, dont judge and let yourself just be excited and inspired to learn the techniques and use them to alter your existing work or create new pieces.  Dont forget..the ipad can be taken anywhere with every art supply you can imagine, neatly tucked inside..No mess!!..No clean up!!..Woot Woot..and no added expense..its like a travel treasure chest that fits in your purse..and never runs out of paint..!

Corel Free 1 month trial

free 1 month trial Corel PSP

Below are reviews from the students in this class

  • Over the years, I have dabbled in digital art without much success. A few months ago, someone recommended the iPad app Procreate, and again, I dabbled without much success. Then I took this class with the awesome Robin Mead and everything changed. Robin shares her long-term experience in digital art and makes very easy to find your way around the app and create wonderful artwork. Additionally, the online interaction with Robin and the other students has been a great boost to my creativity.

    You can see some of my digital artwork here:

    Geneviève Crabe

    Amaryllis Creations

    — Genevieve Crabe
  • I am truly enjoying this class and learning a lot! I really dig that the video lessons are broken up into "bite size pieces" that I can practice and then build upon. Robin explains the steps in a way that is easy to follow. I am also enjoying the FB group! So much inspiration and sharing - Robin creates a welcoming, safe space for us as we work at our own pace.

    — Trena Brannon
  • I was computer literate but not with Procreate. I downloaded the program over three years ago, but never had any success with making anything worthwhile despite the fact that I saw others doing it! Robin really explained the steps and I am making awesome collages, creating my own stamps, and generally loving the experience. I have also learned so so much from the other students’ work and their explanations of how they did their pieces!

    — Sharon in Atlanta
  • To potential Digital Divas,

    I just took the (Course Craft) Digital Dreams Online Class from Robin Mead Designs and it was Awesome!!! I have tried doing it myself but there was so much information to use it was overwhelming so I just put it off. Then I saw this class being offered and I jumped at it because it was reasonably priced and considered an intro course. From day One I knew that this class was for me. Robin makes it simple and approachable and she makes you want to just jump in and play with the basic tools. I have created such Awesome Digital Art. It has been a Blast! Everyone in her facebook group is very supportive also. We help each other out with other things we didn't know. I have had my Digital Art used in the Class Header 3 Times now. I was so excited to see it there, I took a screen shot each time and saved it in my photos. My husband is also using my digital art in his computer programs at work when he needs clip art to fill an area. People have been making wonderful comments about them all. They can't believe I create them with just my fingers.

    Thank you Robin for showing us that we can do it too!

    — Karens Art Nook
  • I have really enjoyed this class. When I began, I couldn't even open up the program, but now I feel like a pro! I very much appreciated your patience in answering all the questions. Thank you so much. I'd like to compliment you on a couple of things that I really like about your presentations.

    1) I very much appreciate the fact that you have only one lesson per video. I have gone back a couple of times to review the lessons and it's really helpful to have them one separate videos so I can review just what I need to. Also, I find it to be NOT confusing. If too much is presented in a video, I can get lost easily. You, however, are very clear.

    2) I notice in your later videos that you are adding a few written words on the screen for directions. I like that a lot.

    This class has made a huge difference in my quality of life. It's something I've always wanted to do but could not until your class. Your instructions were clear and you are always there to answer questions. Thank you so very much for putting this class together.

    It doesn't hurt that you are a natural teacher.

    — Byrd Tetzlaff
  • Jump at any chance to take any course with Robin Mead - especially her Digital Dreams course! I am still in the process of completing her Digital Dreams Class and already it has taught me so much and inspired me. Robin's teaching style is clear and concise. She is warm, supportive and funny! Even better she is always "at the ready" to provide feedback and answer questions. If you are interested in learning how to use Procreate and Corel to take your art into the digital realm, you won't find a better class to begin! Even if you are already familiar with digital techniques, I guarantee you will be inspired and learn something new!

    — Robin Broitman
  • After following Robin's work for a while and asking how she did her digital art, I was delighted to learn she was teaching a class on how to use Procreate. I had this app well before we started the class and seemed to only make childlike pictures. With lesson 1 Robin taught backgrounds and within one class of her instruction I was off and creating!! Each lesson is clear and concise and not too long. Just when you think there couldn't be another great technique to learn, you will be excited with each class!, I highly recommend this class to compliment any artist, beginner or experienced to add a new dimension to your work or if you are an avid photographer, you will get lot of use from this class as well. Well done Robin, this class was a huge success and something I will certainly continue to do. It is also a fantastic compliment to your other class Make Your Mark. Look forward to creating many more projects with your help.

    You can use my name if you like. Well done on this class. I think you have done a perfect job and it was definately worth waiting for and worth every penny xoxoxox

    — Michelle Maggs
  • Tremendous appreciation and hugs and gratitude for sharing all that you have and will continue to, Robin...this has been an amazing journey....thank you:)!

    — Shruti Dev
  • I finally finished the Procreate part of the class. I’m gonna work on the Corel vids soon. I LOVED the class and when my schedule lightens up , I will be looking to take more classes you offer. Thank you soooooo much, it’s opened a lot of options for me. I don’t have to travel with a studio, just my iPad now.

    I took the class, Digital Dreams, because I just couldn’t get the hang of Procreate. Procreate has been sitting on my iPad for years and I couldn’t figure it out. I’m walking out of the class with a working foundation of Procreate. Robin’s vids are easy to understand and takes it step by step. People learn differently and she covers the bases. The vids are broken up so that I could practice and get the process before I jumped to the next one. I am so glad I took this class, Robin made the class fun. The Facebook group is a hung bonus to talk and share ideas with the other students.

    The class is also a “ learn on your own pace” type of class. This summer for me has been rather busy, so I worked on the class when I had time. It still worked out for me well. So if you have an iPad or PC and interested in art…take the class, it’s awesome!!!!!

    — Moon Stumpp
  • This is something I always wanted to do. I knew it would be a great opportunity to take this class with you as a teacher Robin. I appreciate the fact that the classes are so well organized and easy to follow and that I can jump in when my life levels out a bit more. I admire and adore your work and I am thrilled to have these lessons available to me. I appreciate how much time you have put into them for so little cost simply for the love of sharing your knowledge with others. That is a great teacher I hope to be sharing what I have learned in the near future!! Thank You so much Robin💕

    — Kim Collister
  • Robin Mead is an amazing artist and a natural teacher who very clearly conveys both how to use the equipment and how to achieve her delightful artistic techniques in this introductory class. I am an older lady who, because of family obligations and illness, had not drawn a thing in about 40 years. I'm also no computer expert. I can email, navigate Google, and use Facebook. I purchased my iPad just for this class, and had to learn to use it as I relearned how to draw. Robin's extremely clear and friendly teaching style made this not only easy for me, but a lot of fun, too. Robin explains each new concept clearly enough that even I get it, and each lesson has the different concepts on separate videos, which makes it very easy to go back and review, a BIG plus for a double stroke victim like me with memory problems! I don't have to hunt through one long video to find the information I am looking for. Also, Robin is very quick to offer friendly and helpful responses online to any questions you might have. I keep odd hours and sometimes posted questions late at night, and while I did not expect Robin to answer until the next day, I was always surprised to immediately get a friendly response from a fellow classmate who knew how to help me. That was another great part of this class--the community of wonderful, creative people you get to interact with, all beginners like you. But the best part for me was getting me over my trepidation about creating art on a computer. One of my sons had bought me a Wacom pen and drawing tablet several years ago and has been nagging me to use them, but the idea of computer art was just too intimidating until I took this course. Another son bought me a beautiful giant set of soft pastels in a gorgeous wooden box, to tempt me into taking up painting again, which I also have been too intimidated to try using. I think I may give them a go, even though I'll miss having an Undo button. Thank you, Robin! You have made a HUGE difference in my life!! 💜💜

    — Linda DeBry Hough
  • I have had Procreate on my IPad for several years now. I really have not done much with it until I stepped into Robin Mead's new class. Robin makes what looks complex seem very simple. The lessons build on one another. Before you know it, you are creating wonderful things.

    I really love that Robin puts herself into the class and responds to everyone's work. To beat it all, you have Lifetime access !!! I am so happy I took this class and have just signed up for her new one !

    Best Joan

    — Joan Lull Shapiro
  • As someone who would have been considered "Digital Art Dumb", these classes have changed that. It is a wonderful course with clear instruction and demonstrations. Robin is always available and answers/helps with all questions. This is my second course I have taken with her and will continue to enroll in any course she offers. Don't hesitate!! You will learn so much. Thanks Robin!!! You're the best!!!

    — Ginny McCartha smith
  • Not disappointed in this class ...Robin is an excellent teacher and inspiration! I do not have an iPad or Corel but have been able to figure out how to use the class material in Photoshop Elements. This class is so much fun!

    — Sharon Denney Parcel
  • This was an amazing class Robin, being able to watch the videos when it suited my schedule and having all the other clever people's questions and answers to read and look back on was so helpful. Thanks for opening up a whole new world of possibilities to me, I just need to find a bit more time to play. Thanks so much ☺️

    — Nicole Peacock
  • Robin, this class has been one of the best things I've ever done. I have always been curious as to how digital art was done but was completely clueless . Your "intro" class has opened so many doors to our imaginations. That is why we have exploded so much art onto this page! I am so grateful that you offered this class and that I was able to be a part of it. I'm so glad you are still here to give us a hand when we need it & that everyone helps each other when we find something to share or when we need assistance. thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in to this class. You are a wonderful person & a great artist. I am honored to be a part of your circle

    — Carole Moore Thunderdance
  • I woke up thinking about how fun this class is. I truly appreciate your time and effort in stretching your comfort zone! Thank you Robin Mead

    — Karin Tintle