Delve deep and work with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua.

Welcome to this Divine opportunity to raise your soul up to another level of love and light.

This package includes the beautiful Magdalene Divination Booklet which will be posted to you. Plus a recorded Visualisation and Meditation to download here, as well as, 'food for thought', in as much as you are invited to develop a new positive habit health plan. 

All this will transform and nourish your heart, mind, body and soul. It will grow your golden Goddess 'glow' and uplift your life.

Your life is no doubt unfolding as it should in so much as whatever you have experienced thus far is absolutely meant to be and you will have learned much from it.

Thing is we can employ the benefits of what we have learned to take us to new experiences in fact a rebirth if we understand what is actually happening.

This is where Magdalene and Yeshua's words come into play. They are deep, they are profoundly powerful and when you couple them with the other contributors here, such as Mother Mary, Grandmother Anna and Magdalene's daughter Sarah as well as Isis and Archangel Michael then you and I both know, you are in great hands. Their words just flew off my keyboard here as indeed these ones are doing, right now.

As I write this it is September 2019 (updating March 2020). Many of you that I speak to and work with are saying that, like me,  you are in the midst of a huge transition. You have been deeply frustrated at the same old, same old stuff going on and on. Although you have been successful with what you were doing and being, or maybe not, you know that you are in the midst of a huge transformation. We all are! It is  planetary with humanity at the same time, in synch.

Awesome, uncomfortable times!!! As chaos seems to be the name of the game with biblical experiences of famine, flood and fire not to mention pestilence, and now a pandemic, centre stage. How can we hold our centre and alignment to both the Goddess Mother Earth and the Universe at the same time? Good question and one we will answer in this course. 

SO! How can we stay calm in the midst of chaos?

I have a suggestion.


This little Mary Magdalene Divination book, with its infinite integral wisdom from many Ascended Masters, is here for you at the right time in the right moment. 

It offers soul comfort and spiritual sustenance along with the meditation/visualisation that we give you as well as other materials. 

Also learning to use a clean diet will help as your body is crystallising and your requirements for physical health alter. 

Your LIGHT  body too is nourished by new regimes that need to be incorporated into your daily routine.. 

Your Mental and Emotional bodies will also thank you for ever as they too find the peace in the energy and vibrations of the words as written and downloaded from the Christed Ones. 

When you take your time to feel into the book, you become aware of it, living and breathing beside you. The love of All that Is, is held in this small book.

I hope you will decide to order this beautiful book with it's accompanying downloads soon as I only have a limited number due to an overprint when I put the set of cards out.

I am delighted to say the cards sold out very quickly and there are none left however you don't need them - the books are the key to all  - - - there is the blessing!

Offering this to you at a much reduced price as well - a little book with a huge message of LOVE!!!! PLUS a relaxation and healing meditation along with a visualisation of how your life can and will be -  all Indispensable at this time. This and 2 other sets of spiritual work to complete to bring inner peace, calm and purpose to you at this time of turbulence on Earth. Are you ready to step up??? I hope so...see you soon....

Sending you and yours much love and heres to a healthy and happy transition.

Patricia x

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Table of Contents

# 1 Using the Magdalene Divination booklet.
#2 Creating a healing plan
#3 Your daily relaxation and rejuvenation
#4 Visualising your new life and story
What is next?

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