Chalice Well Essence Reiki Attunement

Chalice Well Essence Attunement

Chalice Well Essence Attunement is beautiful energy filled with love, self-love, love for others and for all. It was channelled by Reiki Master Ananda Jyothsana in 2012. The Chalice Well is found at the base of the Glastonbury Tor. According to legend, it sprung from the ground at the place of the Holy Grail. 

The well itself is thought to have been built by the Druids. The water that flows from there is reddish in colour and it has been claimed that it has magical properties.

In the manual to accompany this attunement, the founder explains, “Chalice Well is a gentle awakening! Stimulates love of self, love of others, love of the Universe. Teaches one how to give and receive love. Teaches the power of forgiveness. It assists to open the heart allowing emotional release. It helps to heal soul trauma. Clears and encourages a beautiful complexion.

Chalice Well Essence brings those mired, stuck or lost in the past into appreciation of life in the body. It Amplifies other modalities when blended with them. 

Clarity, It is a Core cleansing. It aligns us with the Earth’s rhythm and vibration. Supports self-healing of migraines, indigestion, foot ailments, workaholism and loss of interest in life.”

The energies can be used for self-treatment or healing others, both in-person or distantly.


1. Chalice Well Essence Original manual by founder Ananda Jyothsana.

2.Chalice Well Essence manual by Eloise Bennett. 

3. Sound cloud MP3 Attunement meditation.

4. Chi Ball / Divine orb of light Attunement.

5.Certificate if requested.

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Table of Contents

Manual By Founder Ananda Jyothsana
Manual By Eloise Bennett
Personal Preparation for Chalice Well Essence
Create a Sacred Space for Attunements and Healing
Receive Your Chalice well Attunement
Journey around the Chalice well Gardens
How to Attune Others
Lesson Disclaimer
Zoom Replay 7th July 2020

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