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Covid-19 preventive measures, such as social distancing and self isolation, are affecting communities around the country and the world. We at Culture Bump hope that everyone is doing well and would like to share some modules of our new course to give people something interesting and positive to do during this time.

Spend some time bumping up your cross-cultural skills and see how you can make more positive connections with your family and community. (Parents, the course can also be used with Jr. High and High School students as well.)

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Unique Learning Process

In the world today, we are increasingly spending more time interacting with different cultures and people from diverse backgrounds, whether at work, school, or in daily life; however, we rarely think about increasing our cross cultural skills to meet these times in which we live.

The Toolkit for Culture & Communication is designed to meet this need in a fun, interactive way that not only deepens your intercultural understanding and knowledge, but provides you with the basic skills necessary to connect to anyone, no matter their background. Sound impossible? Culture Bump has been helping people for over 40 years to be able to find a connection - despite differing cultural, social, or political views. How?

          It begins from a different foundation which leads to a new way of looking at culture and people. 

The Culture Bump Approach does not teach general things about many cultures or detailed things about a few. It goes to the heart of cultural division - small, daily differences. The approach teaches us how these differences are not only the things that can separate us, but also shows us that, if viewed and handled correctly, can be the very things that lead to deeper connection. 

When you work through the Toolkit, you will learn how to take any difference from any culture, use it to grow a deeper understanding of yourself and others, and to dive into greater levels of connection with people anywhere. 

Flexible Learning

Culture Bump understands the life's time and money constraints can often mean the desire or need to expanding your cultural understanding get put on the back burn. That's why we made Flexible Learning so you can customize a learning path that fits your interests, schedule, and budget! With Flexible Learning, you get the core Modules (Perceptions Module and Culture Bump Module) in a bundle and can buy the Topical Modules separately. 

Core Modules: These 2 Modules (Perceptions Module and Culture Bump Module) will redefine the way you see to culture and introduce you to handling cultural differences using the Culture Bump Approach.

Core Modules:

Perceptions Module

Culture Bump Module

Topical Modules: These 5 Modules allow you to dive into certain topics, strengthen your understanding, and give you insight on how to use that information to impact your daily life. Mix and Match to build a learning path perfect for you.

Topical Modules List:


Cultural Values


Emotional Intelligence 

Cultural Adjustment

Full Toolkit

Like all the Modules? Then you can buy the Full Toolkit all at once. Click here to learn more purchasing the Full Toolkit: Toolkit For Culture and Communication - Full Toolkit - Individual Account


Multi-Media (Writings, Pictures, Videos, Audio Clips)

Easy to Understand

Interesting Activities 

Application Based

Interactive (Question and Answer Sections)

Great for Beginners and Cross Culture Pros

Customizable Learning (Flexible Learning)

Can be paired with an Instructors Account for Group Learning (Coming Soon)

Great for Individuals, Teachers, Groups, and Workplaces 


Build the Four Essential Cross Cultural Communication Competency Skills 

1. Understand Perceptions

2. Manage emotional responses in Cross Cultural Interactions

3, Understand how to have conversations for connection

4, Discover more about your own and other's cultures

Don't miss out
Learn to Connect Cross Culturally Today!

One-Time Payment

$29.99 once



Table of Contents: Core Modules

Module 1: Perceptions
What is a Perception?
Practice Identifying Perceptions
Perceptions and Culture Bumps
Module 2: Culture Bumps
Brian and Aziz: A Culture Bump Short Movie
What is a Culture Bump?
Learning about Observations
Culture Bump Trivia (Part 1)
Culture Bump Trivia (Part 2)
Your Culture Bump

Table of Contents: Topical Modules

Topical Modules are available for purchase at any time. Pick a few during your initial checkout, and if you find you want to learn more, come back at any time and purchase more. Topical Modules can be purchased here or within the course at the end of each Module. 

Communication Module

          The Message and the Meaning (Video)

          Communicating Across Cultures

          Different Styles of Communication (Video)

          Brian and Akira's Culture Bump

Cultural Values Module

          Introduction to Values

          Staircase and Roller Coaster Models of Cultural Values

          A Table of Cultural Values

          Valley of Values Clarification

Commonalities Module

          What are Universals?

          Types of Commonalities or Universals

          Identifying Universals

          Revisiting the Space Ship

Emotional Intelligence Module

          What is Emotional Intelligence?

          Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

          Final Reflections

Cultural Adjustment Module

          Letters From Katie

          The Adjustment Cycle

History of the Course

          First created in 2004, the Toolkit for Culture & Communication has been used in different programs to train thousands of business people, international students, educators, and various groups in dynamic face to face trainings. The new interactive online updated version of the Toolkit allows for successful cross cultural competency trainings to be accessible to anyone in the world. Culture Bump is dedicated to seeing people learn to understand their own culture and its effect on their interactions with people from different cultural backgrounds as well as discovering their common ground. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need. So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Send us an email at

Who or what is Culture Bump?

The Culture Bump Approach is a research based theory on what happens when differing cultural expectations bump into each other. Out of that research, various training courses have emerged to help others learn how to effective manage cross cultural situations and improve their connection to others no matter their cultural background.

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Learn to Connect Cross Culturally Today!

One-Time Payment

$29.99 once