8-week Foundations 101

Welcome to our online parent education program! Our signature approach is rooted in Dr. Hartman's trademarked Attachment-based, Mindfulness-oriented, Developmentally-supportive Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy Model. This means... we promote parenting that is kind yet firm, hands-on yet hands-off, authoritative yet collaborative whereby parents learn to be not only the loving and attentive parents kids/teens need, but the essential coaches their child/teen needs to shift from struggle to success. In short, it's 'therapeutic parenting'.

Our current offering pertains to PARENTS WITH AN ANXIETY-PRONE CHILD/TEEN, which we believe everyone must learn (because ahem... anxiety permeates every challenge kids/teens encounter!)... coming soon will be our online courses for the child/teen with Impulsivity, Executive Functioning or ADHD Issues!

When parents learn to outsmart childhood anxiety, their kids/teens become equipped for anything life brings them!

Parenting is hard work...

...but now there's somewhere to go with your frustration and questions! 

  • Tired of the anxiety about your child's anxiety, that 'not knowing if you're doing it right' feeling?
  • Would you like your child to happily cooperate when you ask?
  • Want to find the right things to do to parent your unique (and anxiety-prone) child well?

  • Now you can struggle less and enjoy parenting more... and feel like you got this! 

This online parenting class supports you right where you are in your parenting and gives you the right tools to move things forward. (it's the Conscious Ally Parenting way!)  

​With this course, you’ll change your parenting...

...and your life, and forever improve your child's life by learning:

  • How to set up a receptive learning environment for your child/teen (that turns them toward you as their teacher)
  • How the brain works (and I promise, if you’ve never learned directly from me, you’ve never learned this material… and that’s a BIG CLAIM!)
  • How to teach your child/teen how the brain works and in a way that moves them into positive action
  • How to get your child/teen to think differently & get healthier with their view of things
  • How to use this Foundation to then launch into the next level of Conscious Ally Parenting (where the positive change happens)

Disclaimer: This is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for therapy. A pre-requisite to starting this course is to view the video 'when you/your child need a therapist, the types of therapy to choose from and where to find those resources locally'.

Tell me more!

Based on the 'Coach' mindset you learn in the book, our online program equips parents in the fundamentals to become the leaders that's needed to move their child/teen into a receptive learning zone... we liken it to power-steering. Remember back in the day when you wanted your car to go left, you had to put 'muscle' into getting the steering wheel to turn the car? Well, our model takes the 'muscle' out of getting your child/teen to learn from you.

In 8 Lessons chalk full with mini-video tutorials,  Dr. Julie explains and models our approach, giving real life examples of parent-child interactions to illustrate its power to unstick the stuck so that the parent can effectively teach them healthier skills for managing adversity. Parents are guided through the videos and course materials in short segments that allow them to fit the program into their busy lives. Videos are combined with both our community-based and private 'VIP' course members Facebook 'forum', where participants get questions answered by Dr. Julie and experiences are shared among the students.

Our 'Foundations Program' is completely self-guided: part independent study and part online 'forum' whereby participants choose to interact with Dr. Julie via Facebook as much or as little as needed to transform the lessons into practice with their child/teen. Kinda like college (but virtual) - your pace, your life.

What's included?​​ ​

  • 8 specialized lesson plans, each including easy-to-use video segments to watch at your own pace (often several times... we have parents listen to them in the car!)
  • Plenty of time to digest materials, review videos, and get answers to your individual questions
  • 2 Facebook communities for support and interaction with Dr. Julie to help keep the course material relevant and engaging

How do I get started?

First, watch this short video!

"Here's my story... I get it! We're parents... and our kids/teens need us to learn this stuff! 

Next, get Dr. Hartman's book! Get your free PDF Download or buy for $9.99 on Amazon(for the busy parent - only takes 1 - 1.5 hours to read from start-finish!) 

One-Time Payment

$800 once

Payment Plan

3 payments of $275/month
  • I'm relieved to finally know what my child/teen needs from me when they're anxious! Before, I felt lost most of the time about how to help her... but after learning these lessons, I know my role, I know how to BE what she needs and I have that 'sleep-at-night' confidence that at least now I know I'm on the right track... Dr. Julie's teaching style is relatable, clear and I'll definitely be coming back for more! I'm telling everyone because let's face it, anxiety is everywhere these days!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you've enrolled and paid, we hope to be able to give you access as long as we can (months? Years?)! One of the hallmarks of Conscious Ally Parenting is the 3 views and knowing that anxiety often returns in some way, shape or form... so we want you to be able to dip in and out of this class whenever it's needed across time. However, we can't control everything and there are some circumstances when we'll need to alert students of an end date (for enough time for them to review). So devour it all in one weekend or take things slow. It's your choice!

What if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

Well, I would be sad. But if you're really unhappy with the course, just email me within 10 days to get a full refund.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Best way is to use our Facebook communities - I tend to respond quickly.

What is the investment for this course?

$800 (price will increase to $1100 Jan 1st!) or $275 paid in 3 installments.

Is Dr. Hartman my therapist if I join? Is she providing me and my child therapy in this course?

Nope, nada... no way. She's a teacher in this course. You are a student in this course, just like as if this course was about underwater basket-weaving. If therapy is indicated, review the Prerequisite videos for more about when to seek therapy, types recommended therapy and how to find a professional in your hometown.

Will you give me the proper codes for insurance reimbursement?

Our online education program is pure education, not therapy service, not teletherapy... so no insurance codes.

Will you talk to our family therapist so she knows about the course?

Consulting with therapists, Pediatricians, etc is not part a common part of an educational environment. You're welcome to invite your therapist (or anyone, really) to check out our Conscious Ally Parenting website ( and/or read my book to get a sense of this specific parenting methodology. Meanwhile, I often give professional talks or workshops to schools, therapists, etc so if you know of a professional who may be interested in learning more about me, my online parent program, their welcome to email me ( to coordinate.

What is the difference between the benefit of this course and 1:1 parent consultation with you or one of the Mindful Resource Center (MRC) Clinicians?

There are 2 types of 1:1 parent work - (1) parent education (i.e. with Dr. Julie) and (2) parent consultation (i.e. with your child's therapist). Course supplies something that the 1:1 sessions don’t... the course is more general, foundational and at the risk of sounding redundant, the fundamentals ‘beneath’ the more customized, individualized stuff that you get in 1:1 work. And because of our ‘lifetime access’ intention, it offers a way for you to revisit the Foundational material regularly to keep your skills and therapeutic approach ‘on target’ across time given how complex childhood anxiety can be to parent. Meanwhile, individual, customized parent education and consultation is highly valuable (and necessary) in some circumstances, for instance as part of ongoing child/teen therapy or when the online parent program isn't enough or when you're at a phase of life that involves adding a more specific 'program' into the Foundational work (i.e. our 18-month launch plan to college). The Comprehensive Approach usually involves both the online program AND some degree of separate personalized parent consultation/education 1:1 work.

We've already been learning from you (or one of the Mindful Resource Center (MRC) Clinicians, will this just be a repeat?

The online parent program provides MORE of the 'macro' or overarching education needed to become an effective Conscious Ally Parent. Think of it like this: our online courses are like taking cooking classes, you'll learn and practice the fundamentals such that you then have what you need to either dig deeper into cooking Chinese or Italian recipes or later 'specializing' in a type of cuisine. The educational platform within parent consultation or parent-child therapy (whether taught by us or not) is like teaching you how to cook one or two dishes. Meanwhile, when it comes to many mental health needs in our youth, learning the Conscious Ally Parenting Approach in our online parent program positions parents to BECOME WHAT THEIR CHILD NEEDS for mental health support such that the child is then better positioned to internalize the value of and methods for supporting their own mental health across time.

Will the other students in our class have kids the same age or is it a wide range of ages?

Our class includes parents with kids/teens of all ages (you may be in a class with parents who have a 4 year-old, a parent with a High School Senior and a parent with a 10 year-old... and you may be the only one with a Middle Schooler. Our experience is that when parents effectively use the our Facebook classroom and 'office hours' to post their questions, struggles and successes, the multiple ages are an asset in developing the Conscious Ally Parenting Approach.