The Premier Pregnancy Practice - Practice Building Edition

The Premier Pregnancy Practice experience is for:

  • Chiropractors who currently have the technical skills for adjusting pregnant women. This is not about technique. If you'd like to learn technique as well, then the Premier Pregnancy Practice - ELITE is better suited for you.

The Premier Pregnancy Practice - Technique Edition is for Chiropractors who want:

Strategy: The marketing secrets you need to build, grow, and perfect a sustainable pregnancy practice with plenty of cash flow. (No more going broke in the summer and around the holidays.)
Coaching: Support from me to help break through any limiting beliefs that pop up along the way. (Hustle got you here, but the right mindset will get you there.)
Systems: Precise and concise systems and operations to keep you on track and laser focused on results. No more guessing about day to day tasks or promotions. "What's next" is already laid out for you.
Community: A community of chiropractors who will share what's working for them. (Taking bigger leaps will require a stronger "net" from people who know exactly what you're going through.)

Dr. Karen has been in the trenches, where you are now, and made it to the other side...TWICE!  She can honestly tell you that it is very difficult (not impossible, but difficult) to do this alone...

...and if you're still reading, you already know that. 

This type of conversation happens in our group regularly...


12 Lessons  -  you will also receive templates for EVERYTHING. If I talk about a care plan - you get one. Testimonial form? - it's all yours and all done for you. There are too many to mention!!

IMPORTANTALL classes include the following:

  • 1:1 Coaching Calls (4 of them)
  • *Lifetime access to ALL course content and bonuses
  • LIVE group coaching calls (recorded for future viewing)
  • Members Only Group
  • Bonus Webinar "The Lazy Way to Build your Pregnancy Practice
  • Videos
  • Checklists
  • Forms
  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • PLUS 3 Complete and immediately usable PowerPoint Presentations containing nearly 200 slides! 
    • A healthcare class/workshop (88 slides)
    • A pregnancy Report of FIndings (30 slides) 
    • "Teaching Chiropractic to Professionals (64 slides)

We will cover such topics as:

Marketing, the easy and sustainable way, to quickly build up a large patient base. Everything is laid out step by step.
How to use testimonials THREE different ways to get BIG results and tons of referrals.
The best way to create fun and profitable events in your office to build and grow the practice you deserve.
How to stay in touch will your patient base and never lose touch - so no one falls through the cracks - even the new moms!
How to set up outside events easily and how to use these events to pre-qualify potential new patients.
Writing engaging newsletters, blogs and more to encourage sharing on social media and practice growth.
How do you get new moms back in the office after they deliver and how do you get their babies in, too.
Hiring and training the perfect members for your team to help you grow.
How to perfect a typical day in the pregnancy chiropractic office.
Going over daily, weekly and monthly checklists to make everything streamlined and efficient - no more guesswork.
How to develop lasting relationships with other professionals in your community. Lasting relationships lead to sustainable results and tons of referrals.
Using Social Media Magic to build your practice and your presence in your community for FREE.
**BONUS**Decluttering your office space (and head space) with automation and efficiency
And so much more!

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**NEW** Group Coaching
Lesson 1 - Marketing 101
Marketing 101
Bonus Materials Lesson 1
MP3 of Lesson 1
Lesson 2 - Fun with Forms
Fun with Forms
Bonus Materials Lesson 2
MP3 of Lesson 2
Lesson 3 - Funday Sunday and other Promotional Events
Funday Sunday
Bonus Materials Lesson 3
MP3 of Lesson 3
Lesson 4 - Simple Scheduling
SIMPLE Scheduling
Bonus Materials Lesson 4
**BONUS** Online scheduling 101