How to Overcome Stress, Anxiety & Other Challenging Emotions


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Your inner dialogue is the blueprint that constructs your life.

Are you satisfied with what you’ve built?

Feelings are the roots of our lives. And how we deal with the challenging ones—anxiety, stress, self-doubt, and pain—will absolutely determine the quality of those lives.

Yet, most of us were never taught how to effectively deal with tough emotions. As a result, many will avoid the necessary but sometimes uncomfortable “inner” work by escaping into social media, food, work, shopping, drugs, alcohol or simply staying glued to our devices. The result? Short-term pleasure, but at a precious long-term cost…

Unaddressed feelings are like termites that slowly but surely destroy our emotional and spiritual “home.”

This course is a guide to master your life from the inside out— with detailed steps for how to do just that. 

Just as you’d never expect to have a healthy, fit body without exercising, you can’t expect to have a healthy emotional, mental and spiritual self without practice. 

In this course you'll learn: 

  • The “Inner Workout”—with exercises and schedule—necessary to increase your mental, emotional and spiritual strength
  • How to become your own therapist, armed with the actual format, questions and practices I use with my patients
  • A road map to master life’s toughest emotions with intention, clarity and ease
  • Strategies to becoming a loving self-observer—able to experience your thoughts and feelings with acceptance and detachment

Life should be about love, connection, growth, contribution and fun. Let this course be your toolbox to constructively address and overcome life’s most difficult emotions, so you can access life’s greatest joys—and access the “Extraordinary You” you were born to be.

    Be Your Own Therapist.

    With Love from Me to You...

    Dearest You...

    My deepest reason for writing this book and creating this course is because I am constantly reminded of how much anxiety, pain, confusion, sadness, and fear exists. 

    I believe that if people had a system to address these uncomfortable feelings in a healthy way, then they would engage with the world with more ease, intention, and love.

    This course outlines a formula to be your own therapist.

    I've been using these techniques successfully with hundreds of clients for the past 13 years. Since I can't see everyone individually, I wanted to give you the process to use for yourself!

    From my heart to yours, 


    Satisfaction Guaranteed.

    This course is based on the book,

    "Extraordinary YOU: Master Your Feelings, Master Your Life."

    Be Your Own Therapist.

    Table of Contents

    Lesson 1: Human Doing Vs. Human Being
    Lesson 2: Why are Feelings Important?
    Lesson 3: Our Inner Road Map: How to Navigate Inner Space
    Lesson 4: Emotional Practice: Self-Love
    Lesson 5: Spiritual Practice: Mindfulness
    Lesson 6: Cognitive Practice: Be Your Own Therapist
    Lesson 7: Self-Care Practice: Your Inner Workout
    Create Your Plan
    Concluding Thoughts

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