Be A Beacon Start Up

Do you really want to create a business that not only will have success but be developed to start making money right away? Be A Beacon Start-Ups will help you develop the perfect business structure, marketing and strategy to not waste time, money and energy on creating a business that will never make money or be successful. 

Our course will take place in a designated Facebook Group that you will gain access to shortly before the start date. We have a new cycle every month. When you sign up you will receive information on where to start to prepare for your upcoming classes! 

In this Facebook group, our fantastic coaches will be there to help and guide throughout the process. Also this will allow you to see which coach you really like to work with in a large group environment. 

We look forward to helping you take the first step and develop your business! 

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Table of Contents

Your Business Idea
Know Your Business
Name Your Company To Convert Sales
The Right License & Ein
Insurance & Certifications
Tag Line & Mission
Your Website
Setup For Success

Frequently Asked Questions

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