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Awakening + Embodied

Awakened + Embodied: A course in Leadership Transformation 

The world is aching for your gifts to be shared out into the collective. More to the point, you are feeling this deep desire to truly step into this leadership role, fullyAnd this feeling within yourself won't go away. The truth is, your vision needs all of you onboard, standing strong behind the mission. It doesn't want wobbling, flip-flopping energy. It desires the best of you, an inner mastery of leadership skills to be intuitive, easy and accessible. 

You can take 394845 courses in strategy for your vision, but unless you step into the container of the deeper, inner work, the subconscious mind will stop you at every corner. The unhealed and unspoken stories will remain your biggest energy leaks and old patterns that have kept you at bay before will continue. And that's not what you came here to experience. No more starting, retracting and stopping and doubting if 'it's going to work'. No more building a vision only to burn it down to the ground or continue holding yourself back from unearthing it in the first place.

The truth is: You would NOT be called to this work if you were not ready to embrace, heal and expand your authentic self out into the world. 

You have a f*cking amazing vision. It's come to you because the collective needs it; Your guidance, your purpose, YOU. All of you.

This course gives you the guidance to become the leader that your mission requires of you. Through the process, you gain a confident and clear voice for your work, so that you can create programs that light you up, work in your magic and get paid. 

So many times I see new entrepreneurs (and even seasoned ones!) trying to solve the wrong problems and spending $$$ where they don't need to. Taking a course for effective marketing strategies won't do a damn for you if you haven't got the skill of tuning into your OWN intuitive marketing abilities. Our marketing works only when our whole being is 100% behind the process, and not because someone told us we 'had' to follow their steps. Marketing should feel expansive (and a little edgy!) Your inner leader wants a process that guides you straight to what you already know and calls you out when you're playing small, hiding and holding your genius back!

Some of the HUGE gaps I see in most courses that teach both business strategies and basic visioning are this:

>>Trying to teach the business strategy without spiritual mindset and basic foundations of inner leadership (so you end up NEVER being able to actually apply the strategies and are left believing something is 'wrong with you'. You NEED someone to catch you in this pattern and give you the leadership tools!)

>>Sharing the spiritual teachings without practical ways to apply it in real life and real-time in your vision. (What does 'unattachment to the outcome' ACTUALLY look like when we are launching a new program? Or getting our first client?)

>>Courses that are spiritually watered down and don't speak directly to your own relationship with God, Source and Creator. Your alignment in faith can quantum leap you when you make that connection between Source and your vision. 

>>Courses that might teach you HOW to get your vision off the ground but not actually learn to manage it once it's flowing. THIS is where so many of us lose our footing, retract and seemingly go back 10 steps. We need to learn how to HOLD vision not just create it.

>> Courses that are trying to cram waaaaaay too much in a short period of time, not giving you the deep container and space you know you need to have the inner transformational experience required for your vision to evolve


Awakened + Embodied is a 6 Month Container for my Spiritual BossBabes ready to fully transcend into and LEARN confidence, clarity and trust so that you can unleash your Intuitive Leader within.

I know you want the inner work. I also know you want to T.R.U.S.T that it will lead to practical application for your actual vision! And I LOVE that this is part of your desire because it takes the actual application of the learning to truly embody it #nextlevel. 

You are a visionary with a f*cking powerful idea and we get to put this into action and make it happen during our time together. The work is: Experiential, Spiritual and Practical; You will get actionable steps and results through spiritual healing and embodiment work. You will learn how to bring your work out into the world, hold the momentum of creation and expand it out. 

I've invested in programs like this and didn't get the results, I'm hesitant to try again.

First of all, I am sorry you had this experience! I know how frustrating it is to feel that disappointment and not let it scare you the next time you want to invest. And the truth is: There are SO many teachers and coaches out there, some of which are not properly trained or are teaching/coaching at a level they have not yet mastered. I've taken on-going professional development courses over the last three years, have been a certified teacher since 2006 with OCT, and am currently obtaining certification in 5 Modalities as well as a certified Succes and Life Coaching course. These are not just $19 Udemy courses, these are deeply immersive trainings! I take my course work seriously and I expect the same with my clients. If you show up for our sessions open and ready to take action and share your truth, you WILL experience the shifts within your self AND your vision. If you know that inner leadership is the KEY to moving your vision forward.

You mentioned part of the work is practical application of the transformational work. What does it actually mean? Can you give me an example?

GREAT question. AND, one that I would definitely ask! So many times programs are vague about this which doesn't always build trust in the coaching+client relationship! So, here's what I'll share for this: Each session will end with an action piece for you to focus on before the next call. It might be taking the inner work we've done on our sacred core values, for instance, and learning how to turn that into a strong social media post that builds organic and meaningful engagement. Learning how to master the tools we have to share our work out into the world is key! Certain exercises we do naturally lead to different applications for your vision. Money mindset work is also a HUGE part of the process. We work together on building programs that match your desired income goals in a way that feel aligned and on-brand for your unique blueprint. There is a process for this you get to learn!

I'm a little hesitant to commit to 6 months. Do you have anything that takes less time.

I get you! I also have some inner battles with commitment. Here's what I've learned over the years. My group programs that go for 4 months always have sisters that re-sign for another round. Not because they didn't get the results they wanted but that they see how EASY it will be for them to stay in the work with the right support and hit their goals faster and with more ease. And to be honest, commitment is such a relative thing. We are committed to so many things in our lives that do not serve us (carbs and sugar anyone?! lol) this process is simply asking you to commit to what WILL serve you and has a time of 6 months.

Do you offer payment plans?

Always. Payments can be stretched over time to give you more space in your budget.

Is there a bonus for Paid In Full clients?

Heck yes there is! You get a bonus month of coaching to support you even more :)

I'm soooooo dang into this, can we chat?

Yeppers. It's important that we have a conversation to make sure this program is a good fit for you. I would NEVER want anyone to sign up for something that isn't going to support them in the best way. Please book our BreakThrough Call with this link

  • Leanna is such a powerful leader in our online space. During our time together, Leanna guided me to a deep truth and through fears that were holding me back. She generously and lovingly held space for me to unfold and unravel stories I was telling myself and mirrored for me spaces in my energy where I needed help recognizing my truth. Working with Leanna is so loving and authentic. If you're wanting a container that's full of depth, truth and space to unravel, this is for you

    — Brittany Zeman, NLP Coach + Online BossWitch

What you get

Here's the Nitty Gritty, down-and-dirty deets of the program: You get just want you need, no extra fluff to bog you down (because, hello! #Overwhelm). My motto is "Less is MORE". We focus on the right things, not all-the-things.

>> Weekly calls, so that you get specific coaching, teachings and time to implement the learning so that you can experience the shifts into clarity and empowerment that you came here to get. 

>> On-going Voxer Access, so that you have extra support in between calls for those 911 moments or just the need for connection that we all experience. 

>> Curated meditations, recorded affirmations and specific trainings (i.e. Morning Alignment Practise) so that you have on-going access to tools and resources to begin rewiring our beliefs so that they support our path to our desired reality. 

>> Monthly focus goals and exercises to support your growth, so we can track and monitor our development 

>> A private course link with Lifetime access to all the materials and recordings, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with staying 100% on top of the homework 100% of the time, and when you need to touch back to the teachings after we are done the program. 

Everything is organised into one place for you. Easy peasy! 

You know the work you want to get out into the world requires you MASSIVELY uplevel your own spiritual development and leadership within.
This program is specifically designed to give you this essential spiritual experience AND to build the practical foundation that your mission+vision requires. If you show up for the calls, implement the homework when it’s given to you WILL experience the shifts you need to get to have the life + business you desire. The work is powerful and life-changing. 

It's YOUR time and you know it deep in your bones, girl! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever! Once you've enrolled and paid, you'll have access to the course material for as long as you need.

I still have a question, how can I contact you?

I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have. Book your free call @ OR Send me an email at


6 Month 1:1 Coaching 

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