Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki

Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki

Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki

Do you need a little sparkle in your life? If so Aprodite shining Star Reiki is for you!

Venus Aphrodite is one of my favourite goddesses and my journey with her deepend when I lived on her beautiful Island Cyprus. I connected to her at her said birthplace Petra tou Romiou, (Aphrodite’s Rock) and the many temples dedicated to her.

I have been guided to share the Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki to support people at this time.

Learn how to work with the Goddess Venus Aphrodite to Raise your vibe and bring some sparkle and healing into your life. 
Shining Star Reiki was brought forth by the founder Maria Joao Sereno in 2009. It was passed to me by Ishtara Rose here's what she shares about this form of Reiki.

This reiki brings in this aspect of MM/Aphrodite Venus and the 8 Star to align us to Feeling Truly Beautiful within. It is truly the most beautiful reiki and it really works! If I feel a little down in the dumps and bring this in, it instantly reconnects me to my inner beauty of the Goddess within me.

In the Way of the Rose, I teach the words that Mary Magdalene always shares with me - that all we need to do to save the world, is to love ourselves. Deep inner self- worth and self- love is the most important thing. 

In this Reiki yo,u may like to use the mantra "TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL IS TO BE BEAUTIFUL" and place it around your house and feel it as you read it. For your inner beauty derives from Goddess Love. True beauty is not about what you look like, or what weight or hair colour etc you have! It is about holding a charisma, an oneness with Goddess within.

Whatever the shape or size of this or that, all women, are beautiful! All wombs are sacred! I particularly love this reiki too because it aligns you to the STAR OF VENUS.

This is the star that governs this Rose Temple. The Star of Venus is also known as the Star of Bethlehem or Star of Ishtar. It aligns to the 8. The 8 is a very feminine shape. We also see the shape of 8, the sign of infinity, as holding the vesica Pisces, the fish, the almond and the shape of the Amygdala (an anagram of Magdalena). So you will align with this beautiful symbol of 8.

I firmly believe that Magdalena was an aspect of Aphrodite and held her light as VENUS QUEEN OF THE ROSE and that Aphrodite Venus in much art is, in fact, a symbolic reference to Magdalena by artists 'in the know', always painted nude with long hair. 

For example, she is the mirror image in this sculpture carved in 1515 as above (now in the Louvre) to Botticelli's Aphrodite in Birth of Venus painting.

French royalty understood Magdalena as Queen of Venus and the Rose, hence their many pilgrimages to her caves. When I ask MM she replied "We are all one and the same indeed. We are the Mers, we are all of Her Light and we are all of the waters" And she comes in now with the Gold and she says that we are all Queens of Venus and the Rose. It is just that we forgot. She invites us all to rise up and remember now who we are. It is time. It is time to remember Her.


Aphrodite Shining Star was founded by Maria João Sereno (Brigitt). "In Greek mythology, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty and sexual rapture. Love and beauty are ideas essentially connected, and Aphrodite was therefore also the goddess of beauty and gracefulness. 

In many ways Aphrodite surpassed all other goddesses, she received the prize of beauty from Paris; she had further the power of granting beauty and invincible charms to others. It is said Aphrodite could make any man fall in love with her by them just laying eyes on her. Aphrodite was associated with, and often depicted with the sea, dolphins, doves, swans, pomegranates, apples, myrtle, rose and lime trees, clams, scallop shells, and pearls, but the swine was prohibited.

"The energy of Aphrodite can help you in several ways: 

Rejuvenate; Increase the physical and inner beauty, become much attractive; Increase your self-esteem; Increase your sex-appeal; Attracting the attention of others easily; Shining in the middle of a crowd.


1. Aphrodite Shining Star original manual by Eloise Bennett.

2. Aphrodite Shining Star original manual by Maria João Sereno.

3. Aphrodite Shining Star distance Attunement via Distance Chi Ball and sound cloud transmission.

4.  Certificate and lineage if requested.


  • Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki Eloise’s course was really informative and explained in detail the basis of the course, how Aphrodite is such a powerful goddess who can really help bring more spark into your life. Eloise also explained the history and stories and how they interlink with the other Goddess and Divine Feminine. Eloise gave us a beautiful attunement which was very powerful and healing. On top of the original manual, Eloise provides a comprehensive manual and guidance too. Since doing this course myself self-confidence has increased and people comment that I look different, probably as I feel beautiful inside. Thank you, Eloise.

    — Pippa Rose
  • Eloise radiates the power of the Divine Feminine with ease and grace. Whether she holds the space in person or via the technology of Zoom, the magic begins. I am incredibly honoured to be part of her sisterhood and inspired by her light, which has created a wonderful circle of divine feminine and masculine love. She facilitates the journey to discover Aphrodites path with gentleness, integrity and discernment. I am truly grateful to be inspired by Eloise on my own spiritual crusade.

    — Wendy Ellaway

Table of Contents

Manual By Eloise Bennett
Personal Preparation for Aphrodites Shining star Reiki
ATTUNEMENT ~ Aphrodite's Shining Star Reiki
Self Healing with Aphrodite's Shining Star Reiki
Next Steps with Aphrodites Shining Star Reiki
How to become a Certified Practitoner & receive your certificate
Your Professional Healing Practice
Aphrodite Shining Star Reiki Manual By the Founder

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