7 Day Quick Start Guide to Build your Pregnancy Practice

  • Maybe you want to enroll in the Premier Pregnancy Practice, but you're not sure if you have the time or money to invest right now.
  • Maybe you know if you can just get started - you'll do great, but you just don't know where to start.
  • Maybe you just want someone to give you a boost and hold you accountable to take action for a short period of time.

This is the right place. There are 7 lessons (check them out in the Table of Contents) with 7 videos, 7 workbooks, and 7 mp3 files. No matter your preferred learning style, it's here for you.

PLUS - tons of bonuses to make it even easier to follow through and see real results.

As with all of my course, you will have lifetime access to all of the current material AND any additional materials that are added throughout the year!

Table of Contents

Day One
Day One - Setting the stage (video and workbook)
Download the MP3 for lesson one
Day One assignment
Day Two
Day Two - Sciatica; a real pain in the butt (video and workbook)
Download the MP3 for lesson two
Day two assignment
Day Three
Day Three - Help! I can't stop vomiting (video and workbook)
Download the MP3 for lesson three
Day three assignment
Day Four
Day Four - Meralgia Paresthetica - WHAT?
Download the MP3 for lesson four
Day four assignment